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User Reviews Everyone has an opinion! Shopping for a new remote control and want to get past the marketing to see how it performs in the real world? Own a remote and feel like telling everyone why it's the best - or why it should be avoided at all costs? This is the place!

But before you begin, remember that this section is not a discussion forum - so if you'd like to ask questions or talk about remotes in general you should instead visit our message forums. Also, note that users are solely responsible for the content of their submissions. So go ahead and add your two cents worth... or just see what others have to say!

Users have submitted 2,344 remote control reviews:
Acoustic Research
Xsight Color ARRX15GBe the first!
Xsight Touch ARRX18G16 reviews
ATI Technologies Inc.
ATI Remote Wonder20 reviews
ATI Remote Wonder II1 review
Compaq iPAQ H3900 / UEI Nevo10 reviews
Crisp Solutions
UCommand 51529 reviews
UCommand 52510 reviews
UCommand 61610 reviews
UCommand 6263 reviews
Denon Electronics
Denon Aktis RC-800043 reviews
Elite Screens
ZR800D1 review
Evolve Communications
Evolve Guide Remote RD5000M12 reviews
Fobis Technologies
Weemote 2 for Kids2 reviews
Weemote dV for KidsBe the first!
Weemote for Kids8 reviews
Take Control TC100033 reviews
Take Control TC306 reviews
GE RM94925/62 reviews
GE RM949276 reviews
Jensen Remotes
Jensen JR-8001 review
Jensen SC-5904 reviews
Jensen SC-59511 reviews
Harmony 10007 reviews
Harmony 11004 reviews
Harmony 52016 reviews
Harmony 5505 reviews
Harmony 659 / H659 / SST-65989 reviews
Harmony 6703 reviews
Harmony 676 / H6766 reviews
Harmony 680 / H6805 reviews
Harmony 688 / H68813 reviews
Harmony 7003 reviews
Harmony 7203 reviews
Harmony 745 / H745 / SST-74529 reviews
Harmony 748 / H748 / SST-7484 reviews
Harmony 768 / H768 / SST-76832 reviews
Harmony 880 / H88046 reviews
Harmony 89011 reviews
Harmony 9003 reviews
Harmony One6 reviews
Marantz RC120011 reviews
Marantz RC200013 reviews
Marantz RC2000 Mk II12 reviews
Marantz RC32007 reviews
Marantz RC50007 reviews
Marantz RC5000i15 reviews
Marantz RC52004 reviews
Marantz RC54005 reviews
Marantz RC92005 reviews
Marantz RC95002 reviews
Millennium Enterprises
Home Logic UR3628 reviews
Home Logic UR3711 review
Monster Cable
Monster Central 1001 review
Monster Central AVL3002 reviews
One For All
One For All URC-108202 reviews
One For All URC-7800 (Cinema 7)24 reviews
One For All URC-8060 (Kameleon 6)6 reviews
One For All URC-87806 reviews
One For All URC-8800 (A/V Producer 8)17 reviews
One For All URC-8811 (Cinema 8)7 reviews
One For All URC-88203 reviews
One For All URC-8910 (A/V Producer 8)18 reviews
One For All URC-9800 (Home Producer 8)28 reviews
One For All URC-9900 Director (Mosaic)18 reviews
One For All URC-9910 (Home Producer 8)10 reviews
One For All URC-9960 (Kameleon)64 reviews
Pacific Neo-Tek
Palm: OmniRemote Software7 reviews
Philips Electronics
Philips iPronto TSi64002 reviews
Philips PHDVR8L2 reviews
Philips Pronto NG TSU3000 & TSU350029 reviews
Philips Pronto RU9408 reviews
Philips Pronto TS-100039 reviews
Philips Pronto TSU200052 reviews
Philips ProntoNEO TSU50052 reviews
Philips ProntoPro NG TSU7000 & TSU75009 reviews
Philips ProntoPro TSU600023 reviews
Philips RU88038 reviews
Pronto Professional TSU94002 reviews
Pronto Professional TSU96004 reviews
Pronto Professional TSU9800Be the first!
Pronto TSU9200Be the first!
Pronto TSU93001 review
Proton Communications
Proton iRemote iR8006 reviews
Radio Shack
Radio Shack 15-199441 reviews
Radio Shack 15-199511 reviews
Radio Shack 15-21043 reviews
Radio Shack 15-2107 Touchscreen9 reviews
Radio Shack 15-2116 LCD27 reviews
Radio Shack 15-2117 (RF)14 reviews
Radio Shack 15-2133 Kameleon100 reviews
RCA RCR860Be the first!
RCA RCU1000B39 reviews
RCA RCU10104 reviews
RCA RCU800MSL6 reviews
RCA RCU8074 reviews
RCA RCU81097 reviews
RCA RCU8112 reviews
RCA RCU90015 reviews
Remote Technologies Inc.
TheaterTouch M2Be the first!
TheaterTouch T1Be the first!
TheaterTouch T210 reviews
TheaterTouch T2+Be the first!
TheaterTouch T2-C1 review
TheaterTouch T31 review
TheaterTouch T4Be the first!
Rotel RR9696 reviews
Rotel RR9901 review
SnapStream Media
Firefly Mini PC RemoteBe the first!
Firefly PC Remote2 reviews
Sony Electronics
Sony PlayStation 3 Blu-ray Disc Remote Control2 reviews
Sony RM-AV200010 reviews
Sony RM-AV210058 reviews
Sony RM-AV25008 reviews
Sony RM-AV3000102 reviews
Sony RM-AV310010 reviews
Sony RM-AX14004 reviews
Sony RM-AX400010 reviews
Sony RM-EZ41 review
Sony RM-V210Be the first!
Sony RM-V310Be the first!
Sony RM-V402, RM-V302, RM-V202 & RM-EZ223 reviews
Sony RM-V502Be the first!
Sony RM-V609 reviews
Sony RM-VL100045 reviews
Sony RM-VL60030 reviews
Sony RM-VL6102 reviews
Sony RM-VL70022 reviews
Sony RM-VL7107 reviews
Sony RM-VL900102 reviews
Sony RM-VLZ620Be the first!
SoundGraph Inc.
SoundGraph iMON PlusBe the first!
Streamzap Inc.
Streamzap PC Remote11 reviews
Sunwave SRC-381010 reviews
Touch Squid
TouchSquid Remote App1 review
TouchSquid Remote Tablet2 reviews
Universal Electronics Inc.
NevoQ50Be the first!
NevoS70Be the first!
NevoSL1 review
Universal Remote Control Inc.
Complete Control MX-30009 reviews
Complete Control MX-350 "Osiris"6 reviews
Complete Control MX-4504 reviews
Complete Control MX-650 "Omega"2 reviews
Complete Control MX-8104 reviews
Complete Control MX-850 "Aeros"13 reviews
Complete Control MX-8801 review
Complete Control MX-900 "Genesis"18 reviews
Complete Control MX-950 "Aurora"8 reviews
Complete Control MX-9805 reviews
Complete Control TX-1000 "Medius"3 reviews
Digital R5010 reviews
Home Theater Master MX-100029 reviews
Home Theater Master MX-500157 reviews
Home Theater Master MX-6003 reviews
Home Theater Master MX-70043 reviews
Home Theater Master MX-8005 reviews
Home Theater Master SL-900018 reviews
R40 "My Favorite Remote"Be the first!
R51 review
R6 "Avex"Be the first!
R73 reviews
URC-100 "Unifier" & RF-1010 reviews
URC-200 "Automater" & RF-2015 reviews
URC-300 "Customizer" & RF-3012 reviews
WR72 reviews
Xantech Corporation
Xantech URC-28 reviews
Yamaha Electronics
Yamaha RAV-20003 reviews
Zenith ZEN5504 reviews
Zenith ZEN7802 reviews

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