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User reviews for the Philips RU880 from Philips Electronics.
Philips RU880
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Average: 3.58/5.00
Median: 4.00/5.00
Available only in Europe, the RU880 is a pre-programmed and learning remote control with LCD screen, backlit keypad and directional pad.
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Written by Mr. Breaker from The Netherlands.
The reviewer has used this remote control for more than two years.
Review 38 made on Thursday March 30, 2006 at 12:41 PM.
Strengths:The Philips SBC RU totaly rules!
The rc has build in RF, that is handy to oparate devices in other rooms. The RF feature is also compatible with the Marmitek Power Mids and almost any ir extender!
Weaknesses:If you know how to program (learn) other rc, there are non!
Review:I own the Philips SBC RU 880 for at least five years now.
This is absolutely the most brilliant universal rc ever. I have had a lot of universal rcís, but non of them were as brilliant as the SBC RU 880. Every rc can be learned (ok, some are harder to learn then others, but I have never had an rc that couldnít be learned). The trick to learn an rc is that some times the SBC RU does not understand the ir code, because it is a high freq., all you have to do, is to press the key (off the original rc) very shortly (I am talking about a ten th of a second). You will see that the SBC RU 880 will display ok!

If you have learned an rc by pressing the key of the original rc very shortly, probably you have to keep on pressing the volume key of the rc to turn up the volume. If you have two universal rcís, then learn the learned code to the other universal rc and press the volume button a few times. Now relearn the SBC RU 880 with the learned code and you can hold down the volume button, to turn up the volume!

I like the SBC RU 880 so much that I bought another one (as backup), this was 4 years ago, I have never had to use it.

To bad the SBC RU 880 isnít for sale any more :-(
Quality: Features: Value:

Written by Uberdirektor from London.
The reviewer has used this remote control for 1-3 months.
Review 37 made on Monday April 25, 2005 at 6:39 PM.
Weaknesses:Many. Too few preprogrammed codes. Very hard to programme from original remotes. It keeps hanging and has to be reset by removing battery.
Review:I purchased this to replace mainstream modern unit RCs. Samsung VCR, Sharp DVD, JVC Audio, Samsung Cable and Amstrad Satellite and it only runs the TV and VCR with no problems. Everything else needs to be learned and then it hangs. Very disappointed and will ask for money back.
Quality: Features: Value:

Written by Verner Fortelius from Helsinki, Finland.
The reviewer has used this remote control for 1-3 months.
Review 36 made on Wednesday June 30, 2004 at 2:34 PM.
Strengths:Nice design, tactile feedback.
Weaknesses:Everything else.
Review:It's almost amusing how unstable this remote is. Trying to learn commands would crash it almost every single time, wiping the memory.

I suppose it could work OKish if one leaves the learning alone.
Quality: Features: Value:

Written by Mikko Tiihonen from Helsinki, Finland.
The reviewer has used this remote control for 1-3 months.
Review 35 made on Thursday June 24, 2004 at 7:49 AM.
Enough features
Learns everything
Weaknesses:Teaching a bit fiddly
Badly shaped directional pad
RF switches not available
Review:Bought my piece used for 40Ä, but this one is worth it's newprice also. Faceplate had some wear on it, but it was easy to remove and repaint it with blue to fit my room deco. With some effort (retrying, crashing) RU880 learned everything including Densen codes, despite what they say on Densen website. It also commands Philips RF mains switches and light dimmers, which regrettably are not manufactured anymore.
Quality: Features: Value:

Written by Sťbastien from Brussels.
The reviewer has used this remote control for more than two years.
Review 34 made on Thursday December 4, 2003 at 8:33 AM.
Strengths:What i love the most is the Shift key! This is just great to command the input of the receiver using for exemple S+TV or S+DVD.
Weaknesses:Hopefuly I read this web page before i started the programming. What a relief. Therefore i kept going and after this initial phase a bit though, the remote worked just fine
Review:This device is definitly a great value for the money. I use it for more than two years and i have never been obliged to go back to the original remotes of any of my devices. Highly recommended for people ready to face some frustrations (and greman talking) during the first two hours and lost of pleasure for years!
Quality: Features: Value:

Written by Lars Thomsen from Denmark.
The reviewer has used this remote control for 6-12 months.
Review 33 made on Wednesday September 17, 2003 at 6:48 AM.
Strengths:Nice, look solid, good finish and lots of features. Manual OK
Weaknesses:Not easy to program, demands patience to learn to program.
Review:I bought this remote approx 7 months ago, and after a fight with it in several days i almost have thrown it away.
After it has been stored in its box in many months i decide to try the net (WWW)somebody must have the same problems like i did.
After some search i found this homepage, and after carefully reading many of these descriptions i decide to give it another try = success.
At this time i wont give it away, the remote is very good many functions, macro great, and so on.
Some secondary functions i cant copy to the remote but its OK.
The most difficult HW is my Technics Receiver, but after many attemps it succeed also.
Quality: Features: Value:

Written by Alex from RF.
The reviewer has used this remote control for 1-2 years.
Review 32 made on Monday June 23, 2003 at 6:16 AM.
Strengths:can not learn
Weaknesses:Hard on programming,
Quality: Features: Value:

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