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User reviews for the Harmony 1100 from Logitech.
Harmony 1100
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Average: 2.75/5.00
Median: 2.50/5.00
The Harmony 1100 updates Logitech's original 1000 model with a new look and an all-new graphical interface. Other features include a bright 3.5" LCD screen, optional RF basestation, a rechargable lithium ion battery and docking station, USB connection and control of 15 system devices.
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Written by mikelafrance from USA / Philadelphia.
The reviewer has used this remote control for 1-3 months.
Review 4 made on Sunday February 28, 2010 at 9:05 AM.
Also owned:Sony
Strengths:Good looks & my mother in law can operate it
Weaknesses:Limited icons for connecting other devices such as computer blu ray etc
Review:I received this for Christmas & is my 1st universal remote.

I have 7 devices connected to it. Once I compiled all model #'s from my equipment (sony receiver, tuner, CD, DVD, LG TV & blu ray, IR-543 X10 Command Console, Apple Dock for iPOD, Sirius ) it was up & going in no time but programming sequences was bit a time consuming mainly because of the learning curve.
Most homes these days have a PC close by so programming is not an issue.

I did experience most of the problems that were written about in other reviews. Tech support was pretty helpful in most situations. Write down your incident # in the event you have the same problem more than once. (trust me on this one)

After 2 weeks I realized that the RF extender is a must especially once you start creating macros. Who wants to stand pointing a remote till everything turns on. This should come standard with this pricey remote. I would also recommend this over an ir emitter being this is a cheaper method & requires no wires.

We spend a lot of time outside & with the RF extender this makes listening to the stereo much easier.

I have had the remote for 2 months now & am quite happy with it.

The icons that come with the remote are very limited. There are icons available online but I learned quickly on how to go out & get my own.
For instance: The Philadelphia Phillies broadcast on channel 17. I was able to go ch. 17 online, copy, paste & resize the icon that had a Phillies cap with the channel # that they use thru baseball season.

I would recommend this remote if you do not mind spending quite a bit of time in front of a PC programming & reprogramming & have good understanding of your stereo equipment & how you want it to work.

My whole family is able to use this with out any difficulty.

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Written by HDCowboy from Canada.
The reviewer has used this remote control for 1-3 months.
Review 3 made on Monday February 15, 2010 at 4:03 AM.
Also owned:harmony 520, 1000, 659, 720, rmav3000
Strengths:activity based, touchscreen coolness, size, rf capability, pc programability
Weaknesses:does NOT support 15 devices and multiple RF extenders. no ability to do sequence commands. remote FREEZES, requires battery removal and reboot. remote says it supports 15 devices and more than one RF extender but DOES NOT.... Price too high for this downgrade from the harmony 1000....
Review:listed in the weaknesses. I am with the first reviewer on all of his comments and then my own experiences... three 1100 remotes before I got a technician that believed me when I described the flaws.... they ran a simulation of my setup at harmony with engineering after lengthly tier two support time. then they found the problem too. said that they agree that the problem develops when the second rf extender is added to the profile...
Was able to get the remote functioning with 13 devices and two rf extenders but trust me when i say that is the limit... mine is now operating on the cusp of failure regularly... freezes up and requires the battery removed in order to reboot. custom programmed buttons may or may not appear on the screen different from time to time using the remote. same customer service issue with harmony as the first poster... auto email response and nothing further.

looking at the harmony 900 rf now, but it uses blasters instead of discreet emmiters... i wish harmony would fix their crap before sending out a new remote and letting us all hope the new one is better than the old...

I think i would like a pronto or RTI remote instead,

Quality: Features: Value:

Written by Kuttim from USA.
The reviewer has used this remote control for under 1 month.
Review 2 made on Monday November 2, 2009 at 1:47 PM.
Also owned:Harmony 8800, Harmony One
Strengths:Looks beautiful, responsive touchscreen, rechargeable, programmable via usb/web using extremely large database of equipment commands.
Weaknesses:Buggy. Commands drop out and return to remote randomly. Limited user design flexibility. Software does not match displays remote presents. To use RF features, RF extender is required. Should RF extender be used, every update to remote requires you update RF extender as well. PS3 adapter touted as compatible by Logitech does not support gamepad commands- They are shown in the manufacturers software, but will not load into the remote itself. Product support is terrible.
Review:I am using this remote with the following equipment- A Denon AVR-3808CI receiver, a Sammy UN55B8500 LCD TV, the Sony PS3 slim, a TiVo HD XL DVR, Motorola FIOS DVR, XBox 360, Wii game console. The remote is physically gorgous, the right size and shape as far as I am concerned. Programming is a slight hassle if you're updating, as you must start a new account and re-enter your devices, but no real big deal. The remote display is responsive, dimmable and backlighting is adjustable. Troubleshooting capabilities within the software are more extensive than I have seen with my previous two Harmony remotes, the 8800 of the One. It might be because I am using the RF extender, but there are options to adjust responsiveness that seem to help for difficulty with individual devices. All that is great but for one problem - the remote will drop commands it has been programmed to display from its screens at random. This is a problem insofar as one never knows if the command one is looking for will be there when one needs it. And, by the way, it may return the next time you look. This appears to be a problem confined to the touchscreen, but I have only owned this device for less than a month and have spent more time calling tech support that using it. Level 2 tech support has sent me an email acknowledging the problem exists, but cannot tell me when it will be fixed. They insist it is a firmware issue, and I really cannot tell if this is true. They have sent me another Harmony 1100 and I have the same problem with it, so I can say it is not a problem with the hardware in my particular unit. It seems to me if they know where the problem is, they should be able to fix it. They insist it is related to "the size of the user account". They suggest cutting down the amount of devices and commands, activities. Thier own software establishes limits that are in line with their recommendations. I have only ten devices being controlled, (their literature says it will replace up to fifteen remotes) and I have cut the used commands by at least 1/3 of that each device is capable of, but it still drops commands. To make it more frustrating, the level 2 tech support guy keeps calling me back with no new information, as I insist on responding to thier email incident responses. These responses insist they will consider the incident resolved if I do nor post further information within 120 hours (5 days). The level 2 says they really will not consider the incident resolved, it's merely an automated email system and they will continue to work on the problem. I respond that is fine, why can't they at least fix that- (the misleading email response), if it's not true- if they really don't consider it resolved, just send me an email saying it will remain open and I will be notified once they fix it. They refuse. This means my only recourse to check for a fix is to periodically hook it up to my computer, reflash the firmware and hope for a sofware update. Today I found class action suit info for the Harmony 1000 has been resolved. In the AV forums, some owners of the Harmony 1000 were complaining they weren't going to receive a Harmony 1100, but would get a 890 instead. To that I say, they don't know how lucky they are, a Harmony 1100 would be a step down. My problems are extended to both RF and IR commands. I have spent entirely too much of my life trying to get this thing to work and am looking into starting a class action lawsuit of my own for this device. Please contct me if you're interested. What good is a universal remote that has commands dropping on and off the screen randomly? Absolutely none, unless your idea of a good time is beating your head against a wall. Can't wait to see a review of this product on this site. BUYER BEWARE!!!!!!
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Written by johns 1100 from Augusta GA.
The reviewer has used this remote control for 1-2 years.
Review 1 made on Wednesday September 2, 2009 at 10:08 PM.
Also owned:harmony 676
Strengths:I spent a long time listing what I liked and got is great...square eyes helps to make favorite icons look great
Weaknesses:initial setup is tedious but support folks spend all of the time needede to help
Review:I really like my 1100. I paid much more than present day asking price but I still feel it was worth it. Everyone who has used mine thinks its incredible!!....The gentleman (person) called SQUAREEYES makes the decice extra special
Quality: Features: Value:

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