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User reviews for the Firefly PC Remote from SnapStream Media.
Firefly PC Remote
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Average: 4.67/5.00
Median: 4.67/5.00
The Firefly PC Remote is a universal remote control for your PC. Gain wireless RF control of over 80 media and other applications on your computer system.
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Written by CollinR from Tulsa, OK.
The reviewer has used this remote control for 1-2 years.
Review 2 made on Saturday September 29, 2007 at 1:06 PM.
Also owned:Many, both IR and RF based. Hard buttons and soft.
Strengths:All the right buttons! < It's got everything you need on it.
Feels great in the hand.
It's RF at all.
RF range dominates all but the Gyration (x2 the $)
Looks decent enough.
Battery use is very good, I do several months between changes.
EventGhost has native support for this remote!!!
Weaknesses:The software that comes with it sucks, don't even bother with it.
No unlabled buttons.
Review:This is in my opinion the best remote for PC control available! However there is a catch, their software sucks. :( This is not a big deal, download a copy of the basic drivers from

Then go download a copy of EventGhost (OS remote software)

It will take you some time to set this up, however if you spend the time the results can be beyond anthing you may dream.

What I control...

Basically the entire PC client in my living room.
SageTV - My HTPC software of choice.
My auotmated lighting controls.
My spa in the master bath.
Restart any server in my system.
Kick hardware clients from system to free up tuners.
Completely control a hardware client, that only has an IR and TCP interface in another room, using EventGhost to transcode the RF from the FireFly to TCP packets sent over the network.

The reviewer in the article was conservative on it's range, mine works basically everywhere in my home and outside on my decks. If you have more then one EventGhost can identify them individually, so the one in the master bedroom doesn't also control the living room client.

You can stack complex macros in EventGhost, really Eventghost should get 80-90% of the credit, the remote does it's job well though.

In my opionion a remote should only be expected to feel good in the hand, not eat batteries, work where you want it. The signal it sends is then completely interpreted by EventGhost and thats what unlocks the doors to happiness.

Have no fear if you bought an IR based remote, EventGhost supports many of those too assuming you have an IR reciever on your PC.
Quality: Features: Value:

Written by Sir_Ned from Auckland New Zealand.
The reviewer has used this remote control for more than two years.
Review 1 made on Friday September 28, 2007 at 7:45 AM.
Also owned:URC3000 and now moved onto the MX500.
Strengths:Great little remote. Ideal for controlling the computer sitting in another room
Weaknesses:Beyond TV but there are ways around it.
Review:I was lucky enough to find someone selling this remote in NZ a few years ago. I had been looking for a remote that would control my computer while I was kicking back in the lazy-boy. It does everything I want so far.

Best way is to use this with Eventghost (free) or Girder (not so free) Tried both programs and both much better than the supplied software.

I use Eventghost and Zoomplayer which gives me great control and a good graphical interface for the TV.

No need to install beyond TV and could modify the set-up much more to your own liking.

Even she who must be obeyed will use it

If you have any questions I will be glad to help out where I can.
Quality: Features: Value:

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