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User reviews for the Harmony 670 from Logitech.
Harmony 670
RatingsReviewsMSRP (USD)
Average: 4.89/5.00
Median: 5.00/5.00
The Harmony 670, an upgrade of the classic 659, is designed specifically for DVR use and comes with many easy-to-use traditional hard buttons. It offers a black & white LCD screen, full EL backlighting, online setup, plus Logitech's activity-based operation with Smart State Technology.
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Written by joe01880 from Boston.
The reviewer has used this remote control for under 1 month.
Review 3 made on Thursday November 29, 2007 at 8:40 PM.
Also owned:Many
Strengths:Operates all my HT equipment.
Is wife friendly.
Is very easy to set up with the software provided.
Weaknesses:The buttons could be a little bigger.
The backlight needs to stay on a bit longer, if it were adjustable that would be great.
Review:Its a very nice product and is perfect for use with DVR/PVR such as those supplied by the cable companies and or Verizon including the Motorola 6416-2 and works all the features. Even the skip and replay buttons.
The activety buttons make it easy to switch between components in your system and turn on the correct ones for the task at hand. My 670 is doing the jobs of 5 remotes.
If i am to find fault with it at all it would be that the buttons could be a little larger as they are hard to see the fuction. The buttons are easy to learn reducing thet need for them to be larger.
The backlight could stay on a little longer as well as the small buttons are hard to read in low lighting conditions like those found while watching movies. Again the button placement makes them easy to learn so that problem may not matter in time but for the new user, it will!
At $99 from Amazon it qwas a great deal!
Quality: Features: Value:

Written by apinkel from Omaha, NE.
The reviewer has used this remote control for under 1 month.
Review 2 made on Thursday April 5, 2007 at 2:22 PM.
Also owned:Harmony 676 and 688, Radio Shack RS2116
Strengths:Very good button layout
Easy to use once setup correctly
Very flexible setup options
Feels sturdy
Weaknesses:Software should support option to easily reorder LCD options
Buttons are a touch too small
Review:I bought this remote as a replacement for my 676. I really like the 676 but the rubber/plastic used for the buttons seems to be breaking down causing an oily substance to build up on the internal button contacts. Buttons work intermittently when this happens and it requires me to tear the remote apart and clean the contacts. What a pain. I'm hoping the hard plastic of this remote holds up better.

Physical Design:

The layout of this remote is very similar to the 676 and adds a couple improvements largely borrowed from the 659.
-They've added labels to the hard activity buttons. I like this... people not familiar with my system can pick up the remote and figure out how to use it.
-They've gone to the hard plastic buttons that are slightly more elevated than the soft buttons on the 676. I'm hoping this leads to better reliability and it makes the remote easier to use by touch.
-They dropped the media button (which I'm happy about)
-The got rid of the replaceable faceplate and went to an all silver body. The body feels a bit sturdier then the 676. It is a little slippery.
-The center ring is more finger friendly then the raised ring on the 676.

I also had a 688 but it's molded together buttons were too difficult to find by feel and were difficult to press.

My only complaints with the layout of this remote are minor... I wish the sound/pic buttons were swapped with the buttons above them, and I do wish the buttons and remote as a whole were a bit larger.

Software and Setup:

I hadn't used the new Harmony software since they'd updated it last. I think the software and the code database have both been cleaned up quite a bit. I don't remember the exact differences but I thought the process was definitely an improvement. One difference I can think of is that they moved the reconfigure buttons option closer to the top level making it a one step process to get into this commonly used function.

The remote is still a little difficult for non-technical users but its getting pretty darn close to being ready for the average joe/jane.

Also, the codes appear to have been cleaned up... Yeah!!! As an example my Denon reciever used to list every input type on any denon reciever, it now only listed the inputs that my receiever specifically has. Very nice. This also helps bring it one step closer to making it easy enough to configure for anyone.

My one complaint that I've had since I've purchased my first Harmony is that they (STILL) don't give you the option to reorder items on the LCD screen. There is a third party plugin for firefox that supposedly adds this. If a third party can do this, why can't Harmony/Logitech?

In use:

I really like the layout of this remote in everyday use... the activity button labels, the slightly more elevated buttons that depress more positively, the transport controls being located almost perfectly for pvr use.

I've only had the remote a couple of days so I can't speak to the battery life. I'm guessing it will be at least as good as the 676 which typically went for 2-3 months on a set of batteries.

The backlit keys/glow feature and lcd work very well. LCD labels are a bit limited in how many characters can be used but it is easy to find workable labels.

The remote is a bit slippery, it has more of a glossy feel than the matte finish most remotes have. Easy to adjust too however.

Overall I'm very satisfied with the remote. I prefer it's aethetics and button layout and feel over the 676. At this point I give the remote a 9.5 out of 10. This may change depending on how durable it is for me but initial impressions are very favorable for me.
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Written by MSC from Atlanta.
The reviewer has used this remote control for under 1 month.
Review 1 made on Thursday October 26, 2006 at 2:26 PM.
Also owned:Harmony 520, Pronto TSU3500
Strengths:Easy Setup
Wife Friendly *
Nice Looking
Weaknesses:No RF
No Recharging Cradle
Review:I also own a 520 Harmony. I really like having dedicated activity buttons. Makes changing activities even easier than on the 520. I bought this remote already familiar with the Harmony software so setting it up was a breeze. The remote looks and works really good. I'm really happy with every aspect of the remote. The only 2 things missing that would make this perfect is RF and some type of charging cradle. If you want both of these, look into the Harmony 890. It's quite a bit more expensive though.

I purchased the 670 at Best Buy for $149.99 . Should be available online soon for less.
Quality: Features: Value:

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