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User reviews for the Compaq iPAQ H3900 / UEI Nevo from Compaq.
Compaq iPAQ H3900 / UEI Nevo
RatingsReviewsMSRP (USD)
Average: 3.63/5.00
Median: 4.33/5.00
Compaq's iPAQ H3900 series of Pocket PCs include UEI's Nevo remote control technology for full control of your A/V system. Works with up to 112 devices plus unlimited buttons, learned signals and macros.
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the Compaq iPAQ H3900 / UEI Nevo remote.
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Written by Torvald Rafteseth from Norway.
The reviewer has used this remote control for 3-6 months.
Review 10 made on Sunday March 2, 2003 at 6:14 PM.
Strengths:simple, intuitive interface make all my compoents work and i get a free PDA. why buy a crestron
Review:Wow, what a product. Easy to set up, easy to use, all my devices were already in there, so no learning needed. It's like a very high-end color remote, but you get it with the PDA. Well worth it.
Quality: Features: Value:

Written by Tommy Haupfear from Greenville, SC, USA.
The reviewer has used this remote control for 1-3 months.
Review 9 made on Sunday February 9, 2003 at 1:01 AM.
Strengths:Active Matrix TFT Screen, Learning Capability, IR Range
Weaknesses:In-depth customization compared to that of a Pronto TSU2000 or TSU6000. Hard buttons are not editable.
Review:I picked this PDA/Remote up from a co-worker who grew bored of it in just one week. That same amount of time has landed me a PDA with punch! I don't know what the other complaints are about IR range but my iPAQ 3950 operates all of my devices perfectly from the coffee table (10ft away) and its not even a straight shot. I've owned a TSU2000 so I'm accustomed to touch panels but its so much better to actually be able to SEE the screen (especially in COLOR).

My remote needs are pretty simple so I was happy with the included macro function but I will point out that you might want to try R/C software if you want to use CCF files from TSU2000/TSU6000. That level of customization also might warrant a dedicated remote instead of a PDA in remotes clothing.

You add in all that with the fact I can check email, play old skool NES, and play MPEG movies for under $400 and I'm a happy camper. Worth a look!
Quality: Features: Value:

Written by Kristian from Sweden.
The reviewer has used this remote control for 3-6 months.
Review 8 made on Wednesday January 1, 2003 at 11:25 PM.
Strengths:As a PDA the Ipaq 3900 is very good!
Weaknesses:Poor IR range, slow reaction
Review:I use my Ipaq 3970 daily, not as a remote but a PDA. Since I have a ton of remote controls I decided to try out Nevo for controlling my home cinema equipment. At first glance it was a very cool experience, it really worked. But after a few hours of testing I'm not very impressed. The IR range is terrible, I can't control my DVD since I can't point directly at it and I couldn't fully program my Denon reciever nor my Sony DVD-player which makes it totally useless for me. Still, Ipaq is a very good tool for a lot of things other than controlling IR-devices, that's why I give it a 5 in Value Rating. Better IR-range and a new version of Nevo and I'll try again :)
Quality: Features: Value:

Written by Al Dremstedt from CO.
The reviewer has used this remote control for 1-3 months.
Review 7 made on Sunday December 29, 2002 at 12:07 PM.
Strengths:Can't find any!
Weaknesses:Remote doesn't work more that 5ft unless you are directly lined up with the receiver.
Review:I bought this item yesterday and am returning it today. It worked fine with my TV, but when I tried to program my DishNetwork receiver into it, it wouldn't work. Finally, I got right in front of the receiver and it was OK, but if I got off to the side just a little, it wouldn't work. It also wouldn't work beyond about 5 ft. My original remote and a Home Theater Master universal remote will work from anywhere in the room, 25 feet it is not the receiver, but this remote.
Quality: Features: Value:

Written by Dale Huttinger from Simi Valley, CA.
The reviewer has used this remote control for 1-3 months.
Review 6 made on Saturday December 28, 2002 at 11:25 AM.
Strengths:Features, Nevo software. Easy to Setup and configure. Unlimited Macros.
Weaknesses:IR Distance for operating properly. Seems to be at over 5-6 feet the commands start getting missed by the equipment.
Review:I was given a Marantz RC5200 for christmas, this unit was very difficult to configure. The RC5200 crashed and locked up making me to have to take it back. After reading about the 3950 I investigated all the remotes. All the monochrome ones looked poor and were not very visible. Pronto at $399 and the RC5200 at $550 just seemed way over priced for looking like the old pong game compared to the 3950. Best Buy has the 3950 for $449. It took me less than 3 hours and m high end Yamaha audio, Dish network and Replay PVR were programmed and working! The color display is real bright compared to my wifes IPAQ 3765. Except for the range thing I love it. The 3955 is far smaller and thinner then the touch screen remotes out there now.
Quality: Features: Value:

Written by torvald42 from florida.
The reviewer has used this remote control for 1-3 months.
Review 5 made on Monday December 2, 2002 at 3:32 PM.
Strengths:Very comprehensive in database and functions--favorite channels, macros, learning, set up and customization
Weaknesses:I hope in the future the IPAQ will build in more Home Control hardkeys. Pronto has more.
Review:Overall, NEVO is a great application, and for less than the price of a Pronto, I get a nevo and a PDA. the iPAQ is also faster than the Pronto and the screen in absolutely incredible.
Quality: Features: Value:

Written by Wilhelm from Cologne, Germany.
The reviewer has used this remote control for 1-3 months.
Review 4 made on Sunday September 8, 2002 at 4:20 PM.
Strengths:Really greate Screen, great PDA, good learning
Weaknesses:IR-Range, directional, restrictive Software, useless standard layouts, very limited layout options
Review:After owning a 3660 with TV-Remote controller software I wanted an iPAQ with build in consumer IR. So I went for the 3950 with integrated Nevo.
Well, let's make it short:
Nevo is really useless in my opinion. It is very restrictive, I cannot see a useful application for the built in code library, because they never fit to my components and learning the codes is allways faster than trying to find out which built in fits best. And then there are the built in layouts. They allways lack some of the buttons you need and and on the other hand have many buttons that are not on you original remote, so what is the use of that. Additionally the IR is very directional. You have to point in the exact direction or it will not work. Not even with my Yamaha AX1 which is very sensitive and which I can control over wall reflections with my other remotes.
So I took my original TVRemote software but what a disappointment again. The 3950 has less than half the IR-strength the 3660 had when using the Irda. So this is useless even with an external extender.
I have to say the 3950 is worse for consumer IR than the old iPAQs ever were.
Quality: Features: Value:

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the Compaq iPAQ H3900 / UEI Nevo remote.
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