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User reviews for the Rotel RR990 from Rotel.
Rotel RR990
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Average: 3.67/5.00
Median: 3.67/5.00
The older RR990 from Rotel is a learning remote control with a backlit touchscreen display that can handle 8 devices.
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Written by Billymac from Boston.
The reviewer has used this remote control for 6-12 months.
Review 1 made on Sunday October 29, 2000 at 8:45 PM.
Strengths:All in one remote, One screen per device selected shows the correct buttons to use and makes it very easy to use for the non techno-gadget person. Auto Nite lite for viewing keys in darkness, macros for multi device programming, Beautiful design and well constructed, you can eliminate keys not needed on display to customize to your liking.
Weaknesses: I can tell you some negatives of the remote, it is a bit wide to hold and most difficult to use with one hand, it is also a bit heavy and is balanced very well but a tad heavier in the front. With the flat screen it is also difficult to tell what you are pressing without looking at the remote straight on and its best to use two hands to use the remote. It does not have a Satellite or DVD device so you will have to use one of two extra spare devices to program those into the remote, losing names and visable button features. This is a learning head to head remote so it does pick up all the codes, sometimes its tricky but it will remember. I have had a problem with the keypad overlay too, without being technical, the LCD display is at the bottom with a piece of glass in the middle and very thin double layered plastic touch membrane on top of the glass making it seem as your touching just the glass. Well this membrane can easily get damaged buy a sharp finger nail or some kind of impact on a crisp surface, this will make the membrane button stick and cause it to transmit a code or kill the batteries turning the light on at night. My remote would come on and go off all the time and I basically just aimed it at my TV screen and found out it was my number 4 button that was sticking. I massaged with my thumb the membrane to smooth out the problem and it seems to be working. If you drop the remote you can also break the glass underneath the membrane. Overall its a nice high tech remote, its packed with features but has a couple of small faults which can be overcome...
Review:The RR990 remote from Rotel is unique and elegant, it is full featured with many options, macros, button location etc... The remote has a very nice LCD overlay with changeable fields for each device selected. The LCD display touch areas information changes to the device you are using making seem to be one remote for the device you are using. It has a great backlit display which comes on only when its dim or dark in the room, the lights slowly fade out after a few seconds of non-use. Honestly I have not really taken advantage of the full features of the remote and have not programmed any macros as yet. Its high tech and everyone likes the LCD backround. Yet it does have some basicproblems that can be a pain in the neck
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