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Remote Central's extensive content can be also searched with three different in-house search engines that may provide more accurate results:

1. Search Reviews, News & Features
Search for .
Match of my search terms.

Tips: Select to match any or all words. Use an asterisk * as a wildcard. Add or restrict terms by placing a + or - before each word, or place quotes around "all phrases".

2. Search Downloadable Files
Find in
Search in all remote control file areas
Tips: This search uses many of the same capabilities as described for forum search, below. If you require additional information about file search options, please use the main file area search form.

3. Search Message Forums
Search for in
Look in and find posts
Show results as   Threads   Posts
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Find posts written by (exact)

All keywords required:
By default, all search terms are required to be in your results. However, you may add an "or" operator using a vertical pipe: |. So, to change from a search for color touchscreen requiring both color and touchscreen to appear in the same thread/post, use color | touchscreen and you'll get results with either word.

Put phrases in quotes:
Searching for "philips pronto" will only match that specific phrase, with words in that exact order.

Automatic word stemming:
The search engine will automatically include "similar" forms of words. For example, searching for learning will also match learn and learned.

Additionally, hyphens are ignored, so searching for tsu9400 or tsu-9400 will return the same results.

Prohibit terms:
You can prohibit a word by adding a - sign. Other words will need to be present. For example, to search for messages that must have the word timer and must not contain pronto, use: timer -pronto.

Select appropriate forums:
Narrowing your search down to a forum group or an individual forum can help the search engine return the most relevant results to your query.

Find messages by topic/title:
If you're certain that your search terms appear in a thread's topic, you can select to look only in "titles only". Otherwise, you'll get more matches if you search for "all text".

Return threads or posts:
Selecting to search in "threads" will search all of a thread's messages for your entered terms and will return only those matching threads, while selecting "posts" will return links to individual messages, regardless of the rest of the thread.

Find messages by an author:
You may limit results to posts written by a particular author. The search program will attempt to cross-reference the entered name with an actual forum account, so if a name is entered incorrectly or only partially you may receive unexpected results.

Searching by "post" will return all messages written by that author, and by "thread" will return only threads started by that author. If you would like to simply return all messages written by an author, do not enter any search terms.

Case insensitive:
It makes no difference whether you enter infrared or InFraReD as a search term.

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