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User reviews for the Radio Shack 15-2104 from Radio Shack.
Radio Shack 15-2104
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Average: 4.56/5.00
Median: 4.67/5.00
The economical Radio Shack 15-2104 is a six-device remote control that features dual-colored button backlighting, learning capabilities, favorite channel buttons and much more!
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Written by Sam Ley from St. Louis, MO.
The reviewer has used this remote control for 1-3 months.
Review 3 made on Monday May 12, 2003 at 12:41 AM.
Strengths:Very cheap! $9.97 on sale at RS (as of 05/2003)
6 devices
Nice soft feel and good rubbery buttons
Cheapest JP1 solution!
Weaknesses:Not as much memory as other models
Recessed P button makes programming difficult and shifted buttons all but impossible.
Review:I picked this remote up on a whim during a visit to RS for a serial connector. I had heard a bit about JP1 programming, and the general versatility of the RS remotes. I looked at all the models, and decided I didn't feel like spending 20-40$ for a remote. Thats when I saw a pile of 2104's on the clearance table for less than $10. I pulled one out and popped off the battery lid. Seeing the JP1 pins, I put it back together, and bought the remote. I was willing to spend $10 for another fun toy!

Also, the fact that both my TV (a very old, but high quality Sony video monitor) and my Panasonic VCRs didn't have remotes (I got both used, remoteless) was beginning to bug me.

Getting the Panasonic VCR, the Sony Video Monitor, and the Pioneer DVD player working was trivial, and used all builtin codes. I added some of the DVD player's additional functions through learning keys, and then used Advanced Codes (as described at to add the undocumented ability to switch video inputs on the TV to the S buttons.

The 'Home Theater' button is handy, which acts like a device key for your whole system. When in the Theater device, different button groups punch through to different devices, depending on your personal setup. So the DVD menu controls go to the DVD, volume goes to the TV, channel goes to the VCR, and play/pause/stop stuff goes to the DVD. You can do all but advanced stuff without having to switch device modes, which is handy.

Many people compare this to the 1994, but never having owned one, I can't say for sure what the differences are. However, one thing I can say is that for 10 bucks, this is a very nice universal remote, and a great way to get started with JP1 programming!
Quality: Features: Value:

Written by Nick from Tucson AZ.
The reviewer has used this remote control for 1-3 months.
Review 2 made on Friday April 18, 2003 at 5:10 AM.
Strengths:True Learning remote
Color coded backlight
Ghetto cheap price at 9.97
Cheapest JP1 interface capable!
Weaknesses:Limited mem for Learning remotes
Counter-intuitive to program
Recessed program button is a royal pain!
Not enough Keys.
Buttons are overly sensitive... requires you to really press hard sometimes.
Not omniscient....(sigh).
Review:This remote is outstanding for 9.97! I paid 15.99 at walmart for a dum non-backlighted RCA remote 2 years ago. Good feel of soft coated rubber. Not as heavy as the RS-2116 (but very close in capabilities to) You can't go wrong for a cheap 6 in 1 remote.

Finally figured out the learn function......

For those you haven't figured it out here are the steps to learn any key except (6 device keys, 4 macro keys, and power)

1. Press and hold the P button until it flashes red led twice.
2. Press numbers 975 to activate learn function
3. Choose the device key this will apply to ie:VCR, CD, TV etc....
4. Press the desired key you wish to program ie: Menu key or last button.... IF YOU HAVE DONE IT CORRECT THE REMOTE should now flash red very quickly (it is trying to learn ...)
5. Place the sending remote 2 inches from the 2104 IR and press the key of the desired function you want ie: INPUT Select. If the signal is received correctly it should blink twice to confirm the code has been learned. ( I always do it twice to be sure).
6. To end programming mode press and hold P til it blinks twice again -- Now test your remote.

7. You can add multiple keys by simply pressing the device key after every learned key. Such as VOL UP then vcr key, VOL DOWN then VCR key, Pause...... etc.
Quality: Features: Value:

Written by MattB from Michigan, USA.
The reviewer has used this remote control for 3-6 months.
Review 1 made on Monday December 9, 2002 at 4:47 PM.
Strengths:JP1 able with jumpers built in
number of codes built in
size / shape
High WAF (Wife Acceptance Factor)
2 color backlight
Weaknesses:poor magic button placement prevents use of shifted keys
small key labels
Review:I recieved the RS 15-2104 6-in-1 remote as a gift from my wife who wanted me to set up an Universal Remote that she would use to control our home theater. I dropped the product code from the remote into Google and found the world of JP1 programming. Needless to say I've been playing with JP1 remotes ever since.

The RS 15-2104 was to be a replacement for the hugely popular 15-1994 6 in 1 remote. This it does poorly and as such is looked down at as an inferior remote. I don't think this is the case. The 15-2104 is a very good remote, it just doesn't fill the shoes of the 15-1994 that came before it.

This remote includes a large list of codes to support multiple devices from DVD players to x10 home automation. I found basic out of the box support for all of my A/V equipment and, with the learning features, was able to program things such as audio codec switches with ease. Using the keypad, you are limited to 4 keys for macros, but with the JP1 interface, can program macros to any key, build new device codes, and countless other things.

I'm only going to hit on the things I see as low points in an otherwise great product.

Shifted Key support is basically gone because of the ressesed P key (aka Magic Key). Shifted Key support allows someone to program another fuction to an already used key by first pressing the P key twice and then selecting the key in question, much like "lowercase" and "CAPS" on a keyboard, same key, totally different outcome. The P key on the 15-2104 is set into the remote, making it harder to accedentally press I suppose, but impossible to use as the "shifter" as one needs to press it with something like a ball point pen to enable it. The RS 15-2116 8-in-1 remote fixes this.

Also, the 15-2104's key labels are quite small and do not light up when the backlight is activated, making it quite difficult to see what the key is if you do not remember it's placement on the keypad.

Other than those small issues, the Radio Shack 15-2104 6-in-1 remote is a very good product and I recommend it. Purchasing this remote may be difficult as Radio Shack seems to have dropped it from the Online Store, but you may be able to find it in your local store, most often listed for $19.99 US.
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