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Wednesday July 31, 2013
I've just completed an update of our Toronto & Buffalo Area OTA HDTV Channel Map. It's been a few months since the last update, so there are new channels, subchannels added and removed, and information brought up to current. If you spot any corrections please let me know - they're all very much appreciated.

Also, although I didn't mention it, earlier this month I also updated our Rogers Digital Cable Clear QAM list. Alas, the number of channels available keeps dwindling, and the latest to get the Rogers axe are premium music channels - leaving barely more than a few radio stations.

If you'd like to talk more, visit our HDTV Forum!

Posted by Daniel Tonks on 7/31 at 9:58 AM
Saturday July 21, 2012
I've just finished updating the player software used on Remote Central's video section. This new version addresses some browser-specific bugs that I'd been noticing. I've also added a new feature that will allow all videos to play properly on iPhone and iPad devices without Flash (previously you would have had to click on the manual video download link).
Posted by Daniel Tonks on 7/21 at 10:28 PM
Sunday April 15, 2012
Once again, I've updated our Toronto & Buffalo Area OTA HDTV Channel Map with all recent changes. This includes removing obsolete channels, updating transmitter location information, adding a large number of Ontario-area digital repeaters, adding the plans of future stations, along with a refreshed reference map.

For more, see our HDTV Forum.

Posted by Daniel Tonks on 4/15 at 10:43 AM
Friday March 16, 2012
I’ve had a couple of reports from members of issues with the forum software’s “photo enlargement” function (click-to-enlarge oversized photos on a darkened background). Although I’ve been unable to duplicate the issue on my side, I decided to play it safe and have upgraded the plugin to the latest version available. Please let me know if you continue to experience issues.
Posted by Daniel Tonks on 3/16 at 7:52 AM
Sunday February 12, 2012
Updates have been made to our Toronto & Buffalo Area OTA HDTV Channel Map with all recent changes including removal of obsolete channels, updating channel plans, and a refreshed reference map.

For more discussion of OTA HDTV reception, see our HDTV Forum.

Posted by Daniel Tonks on 2/12 at 7:24 AM
Monday January 2, 2012
At long last, the forum’s advanced editor has been updated! Although it has continued to work... it hasn’t really been working perfectly. If you’ve seen all those forum posts that seem to start with a blank space – well, that was the advanced editor when used with Firefox. There were also some minor random bugs and problems. Read more...
Posted by Daniel Tonks on 1/02 at 8:23 AM
Monday October 3, 2011
Following this weekend’s major updates to our Toronto/Buffalo OTA HDTV Channel Map, I would also like to announce that our Rogers Clear QAM Channel List has also been updated with recent changes, including channel moves, station renaming, along with a few new additions.

This is a list of free channels that Rogers subscribers can receive using any QAM-compatible tuner (such as in most modern HDTVs), without the use of a Rogers digital box.

Posted by Daniel Tonks on 10/03 at 7:25 AM
Thursday September 29, 2011
In response to all of the emails (wow!) I've finally been able to update our Toronto & Buffalo Area OTA HDTV Channel Map. This includes the latest updates to all GTA channels after the analog cutoff on August 31st, plus updates to Buffalo and Rochester stations, as well as a refreshed reference map.

Almost every entry has been modified in some way, and as there was a huge amount of changes to incorporate please take the time to let me know if you spot an error or omission! Also, I would like to hear about any new digital repeaters in the area that haven't been included.

For more, see our HDTV Forum. Note: list updated again October 3, 2011.

Posted by Daniel Tonks on 9/29 at 5:55 AM
Sunday March 13, 2011
With our new file area program performing very well, I've finally been able to keep up-to-date with file area submissions. To that extent you'll find over 80 new universal remote control manuals as well as other new submissions in Philips Pronto, URC, RTI and Device Command Library file areas. To visit our completely enhanced and redesigned file area click here!

If you have something you'd like to share with the remote control community, please take the time to upload it!

Posted by Daniel Tonks on 3/13 at 9:06 AM
Saturday February 5, 2011
A few weeks ago I announced the launch of our completely new file area, and asked members to look around and test things out. After a number of bugs and other changes and improvements, things have settled down and I thought it was time to itemize everything that’s changed. Read more...
Posted by Daniel Tonks on 2/05 at 7:09 AM
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