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Welcome to the new home page of Remote Central's exclusive video reports. This is where you'll find a listing of every video we've produced, from coverage of new universal remote controls at electronics trade shows to our "You Had To Know" documentary series.

The videos here are presented in MPEG-4 format and are available in several quality levels, from efficient low bitrate standard definition, to HD 720p and, occasionally, full 1080p.

Interviews from the 2015 show floor in Dallas, Texas, covering the latest gadgets, remote controls, and home automation systems.
Aaron Chisena demonstrates advancements to the Mirage audio system, a new keypad, Lutron Homeworks integration, and more!
Mike Everett updates us with the latest products from Pro Control, including 2-way drivers and Z-Wave.
Tim McInerney reveals the Savant Remote, a brand new full-featured handheld touchscreen control with easy setup.
Itai Ben-Gal from On Controls (iRule) introduces the company’s brand new hardware solutions, and then demonstrates the latest software developments.
Check out the latest at Crestron with Jeff Singer, including the TS1542 15” touchscreen, the TSR-302 handheld remote, new wireless fan control, RGBW lighting controller, a full range of LED lighting controls, and more!
Brett Stokke from RTI shows off the latest in control products, including the T3x handheld plus KX3 and KX10 wall-mount interfaces, Z-Wave dimmers, switches and modules, plus more!
Braden Cooper takes us around the CE labs booth, demonstrating the latest in digital signage technology.
The SnapAV crew takes us all around their CEDIA booth – including detailed introductions to OvrC cloud management, Araknis network products, Episode speakers, Luma surveillance, and WattBox power control.
Hank Eisengrein from URC takes us on a deluxe booth tour in two parts! In this second part, Hank introduces URC/LG LED lighting with Total Control integration, reveals Vivido Lighting control including the new TRF-ZW2 Z-Wave gateway, discusses third-party device integration including 2-way feedback from thermostats, security cameras, CasaTunes, Denon Heos, and Sonos.
Hank Eisengrein from URC takes us on a deluxe booth tour in two parts! In this first part, Hank introduces the Total Control MRX-8 system controller and TRC-820 remote control, demonstrates automation control via sensors, introduces the Complete Control MX-990 and CC Control App Bundle, and then goes on to give a complete overview of available Total Control products.
Eric Herdman from Core Brands covers both ELAN and Niles. He introduces ELAN’s IP video intercom and new door stations, covers device integration, and provides details on the gMV UltraMatrix HDMI audio/video switchers, and then finishes up with an introduction of the Niles Auriel multi-room audio system.
Will Price from Simple Control – formerly Roomie Remote – gives a hands-on demo of the company’s new Simple Control 4 app, including detailed program guide, in-depth network device integration including Amazon Alexia support, iOS 9 multitasking support, and more!
Paul Williams demonstrates Control4’s new security solutions, two new door stations, smart lock control from mobile devices, and then finally shows off a new grid view for My Music and My Movies tasks, complete with cover artwork.
Taft Strickland introduces the company’s new Ultra HDIP solutions for sending 4k video over standard CAT5 – along with simultaneous display of 4k video on 4k displays, and downscaled 1080p video on 1080p displays. Also shown are the new “flux capacitor” that adds IR capabilities to prior HD over IP models, plus their famous video wall and new video tiling devices.
Interviews from the 2013 show floor in Denver on the latest in remote controls and home automation systems.
Joe Andrulis presents what’s new for AMX, including the Enova DGX digital media switchers, the Alero audio amplifier, the Modero X series of desktop & flush mount in-wall touchpanels, plus the new economical Modero S series.
Itai Ben-Gal, CEO of iRule, provides viewers with a concise introduction to iRule’s IOS and Android-based control platform, along with examples of a few of the system’s advanced capabilities.
Company co-founder Jim Carroll takes us on a detailed booth tour, introducing the economical but powerful “Big Boy Automation” platform with SUR-0500 handheld remote, SmartLighting Wi-Fi, advanced climate control, power management & monitoring, plus the SmartLink HDMI to HDBaseT matrix switch series.
Jeff Singer shows off Crestron’s new wireless home automation capabilities, a home control app made for Samsung Smart TVs, along with a new series of in-wall touchscreen controls: the 5" TSW-550, the 7" TSW-750, and the 10" TSW-1050.
Mike Cain presents viewers with a run-through of the DemoPad iOS-based home control software’s features and capabilities, and then introduces their first hardware product: the brand new CENTRO 8 Control Processor.
Join Cat Toomey in a quick tour of URC’s CEDIA booth where you’ll learn about the Complete Control Android App, Sonos & Z-Wave integration, new TRF-ZW1 Z-Wave & MRX-4SEN sensor solutions, plus the nifty new Total Control TRC-1080 Wi-Fi Remote Control. And don’t forget the URC CEDIA party!
Pete Baker shows off RTI’s economical SURFiR Remote & RTiPanel solution, a brand new trio of hybrid hard button/touchscreen handheld controllers featuring the T2i, the T2x and the advanced T3x, along with the compact KX3 in-wall touchscreen.
Control4’s having their 10th anniversary! Come along with Paul Williams as he introduces what’s new: advanced lighting solutions including an adaptive phase dimmer, Nest thermostat integration, plus the new Wireless Music Bridge.
Joe Lautner from CORE Brands provides viewers with a concise overview of the latest ELAN g! control system innovations, including hardware interfaces, new partner integration, along with a quick demo of the system.
Will Price, founder of Roomie Remote, presents an in-depth introduction for the sophisticated iOS 7-based Roomie Remote 2.0, discussing setup and control capabilities, interface customization, third-party device integration and new gesture controls, along with demonstrations of advanced features ranging from the program guide to IP camera support.
Mike Everett previews the latest products from PRO Control, including the Pro.rfz Zigbee extender and upcoming Pro.zwi Z-Wave to WiFi adapter.
Company co-founder Jason Shannon introduces viewers to a powerful and economical universal remote control solution for Android tablets and smartphones.
John Milton introduces viewers to Bitwise Controls’ new products for 2013, including an RF-based hard buttoned remote, plus the “Location 2” app for controlling multiple systems remotely.
Chad Thompson from Logitech shows off the Harmony Smart Control, the Harmony App for your smart phone, the full-featured hybrid Harmony Ultimate, along with the Harmony Hub RF basestation.
Interviews from the 2011 show floor on the latest in universal remote controls and advanced control systems.
Hank Eisengrein, booth tour guide extraordinaire, serves up a feast of information on URC’s latest and upcoming products.

Here’s what you’ll see in this video: Complete Control MX-780 color OLED remote, MX-1200 hybrid color touchscreen remote, MXW-920 water resistant remote, PSX-2 Personal Server, SNP-1 Streaming Network Player, THZ-100 networked thermostat, TKP-100 in-wall keypad, TKP-2000 in-wall color touchscreen, TKP-7000 in-wall 7” color touchscreen, a variety of IP network cameras, HAI Security integration, iPhone, iPad and Android integration, Total Control TRC-1280 hybrid color touchscreen remote, cloud-based dealer programming, an introduction to URC’s commercial applications and, finally, the brand new TSP-2000 9.2-channel A/V processor. Oh, and don’t forget a look around URC’s annual CEDIA party!
Company president Matt Eagar presents the RedEye network-based control system designed for use with iPad, iPhone, Android and PCs, along with a quick demonstration of 2-way status synchronization between multiple control devices.
Jason Williams from Yale Locks & Hardware shows off their new Near Field Communication (NFC) residential lock system, which uses a mobile phone to hold and wirelessly transmit electronic door keys.
Paul Williams introduces viewers to the world of Control4 and presents the latest automation products. You’ll see the new 7” Portable WiFi Touch Screen and its unique video conferencing capabilities, new solutions for Andriod phones and tablets, new integration options for weather monitoring, video walls and conference rooms, and finally new 16 and 32-circuit centralized panels for IP-based control over whole-home lighting.
Joe Lautner offers a quick overview of ELAN's g! home control solution, including available control devices, programming and templates, plus a demonstration of the interface's capabilities.
Spend a few minutes with Mike Everett and learn everything you need to know about PRO Control's new and economical product lineup. Products covered include the PRO24.z and PRO24.r hybrid remote controls, the ProLink.z and ProLink.r smart processors, the ProPanel iPad/iPhone and (soon) Android software solution, plus the iPro.8 Companion Remote.
Jeff Singer introduces Crestron's iPad docking solutions and describes how the Core 3 UI interface is available on numerous third-party devices ranging from iPhones and Android tablets to Macs and PCs. Next, learn about the new Sonnex 48-channel multiroom audio distribution system. Then, see how older Crestron systems can be quickly and inexpensively converted from analog to digital video. Finally, check out the tiny TPMC-3SMD 2.8" in-wall touchscreen control.
Company president Itai Ben-Gal introduces the iRule control system for iPhone, iPad and (soon) Android devices, including the cloud-based programming environment with drag-and-drop 2-way feedback.
Pete Baker demonstrates the RTiPanel application on iPad and Android tablets, unveils the SURFiR Companion Remote, and introduces the new high-resolution KX7 in-wall control.
Bob Madonna shows off the innovative Savant Select, a combination iPod Touch and hard buttoned remote control designed for Savant Systems' Apple-based home control platform.
Mark Buster from BitWise Controls shows off their latest network-based automation controllers and demonstrates how the iPad, iPhone and Android-based user interface operates.
Otis Gates from Sony Electonics introduces viewers to the new Sony Tablet S running Android Honeycomb 3.1, describing its unique design, bundled applications and universal remote control capabilities.
Technology update interviews from the 2010 show floor on the latest in remote controls and control systems.
Hank Eisengrein gives you an in-depth look at some of URC’s latest Total Control products. Learn about the MRX-10 and MRX-1 network controllers, DMS-1200 multi-zone and DMS-100 single-zone amplifers, TRC-780 and TRC-1200 color remote controls, TKP-100 in-wall keypad, MC-73CB, MC-75CD and MC-70VC IP cameras, MFS-8 & MFSPOE-8 MAC filtering network switches and more.
Join URC’s Eric Johnson as he takes you on a booth tour to introduce the company’s new Total Control line of products. In additional to an overview of how the line will benefit Custom Installers, you’ll also see the SNP-1 network player, MRX-10 network controller, TRC-780 remote control, DMS-100 single-zone and DMS-1200 multi-zone amplifiers, plus the TKP-2000 in-wall keypad.
Come with RTI’s Pete Baker as he takes you on a complete booth tour. Learn about the company’s latest products such as: T2-C+ and T3-V+ universal system controllers, XP-3 and XP-6 central control processors, vIRsa Mouse, Apple integration via the RTiDock and RTiPanel, AD-8 distributed audio system, plus the Virtual Panel.
ELAN Home Systems president Paul Starkey introduces the g! control system and their new 2-way handheld controller, the HR2. Also includes a demonstration of the g! system's user interface.
Savant CEO Bob Madonna introduces viewers to his company’s unique Apple-based control system, discussing user interfaces, customization, home automation, lighting control, and VOIP capabilities. Also presented is a prototype of the Touch Remote, which merges an iPod Touch with a traditional hard buttoned remote control.
Mike Everett talks to viewers about the first batch of products from his new PRO Control line: the PRO-24.r and PRO-24.z remote controls, and the PROLINK.4 and PROLINK.z control processors.
The showcase for home theater, home automation and electronic lifestyle technologies.
CEDIA Expo's first year in Atlanta, Georgia brings us our most involved video yet, with in-depth interviews from four major remote control manufacturers talking about their latest and greatest products. Get insight into what's new and coming soon from URC, UEI, Philips and RTI.
Our video of CEDIA Expo's last year in Denver brings you four in-depth interviews with representitives from the biggest remote control companies, all talking about their latest and greatest products. Get insight into what's new and coming soon from Philips, RTI, UEI and URC.
Our exclusive CEDIA Expo 2007 Video Report gives you a taste of what it's like to be at CEDIA, as well as showing you the latest in remote controls and accessories. This year our report will inform you on over 15 new universal remotes, and offers 5 interviews with manufacturer representitives talking about their latest offerings.
CEDIA's first year the the beautiful city of Denver delivers some great scenic shots. We have interviews with representitives for the AMX Mio Modero R-4, Philips Pronto Professional TSU9600, UEI SIRIUS Conductor and the Logitech Harmony 1000. Plus see RTI'S T2-C, M2, URC & RC's bowling party and the ever-popular annual amp toss!
It's our first video in HDTV and CEDIA's last year in Indianapolis (for now)! See the AMX Mio Modero R-1, Niles iRemote, Philips Pronto NG TSU3500 and Pro NG TSU7500, RTI TheaterTouch T4, URC MX-900 and TX-1000, plus interviews for Harman/Kardon's TC-30, the Logitech Harmony 890 Pro, and URC's R5 and R7. And don't forget a great amp toss!
Take a tour of this year's CEDIA with Pop-Up video! See the Sony Navitus, UEI Orion and NevoSL, URC MX-950, MX-850, MX-650 and MRF-300, refined versions of RTI's TheaterTouch T3, T2+ and T1, Philips RC9800i, Logitech Harmony 676 and 680... plus the amp toss!
Our second video report at CEDIA (back in Indianapolis) delivers the Philips Pronto TSU7000, Harmony 659, early editions of the RTI TheaterTouch T3, T2+ and T1, URC's MX-3000, Marantz RC5400 and RC1400, the UEI Nevo... not to mention two remotes that want to go out in the pool.
CEDIA's only year in Minneapolis marks our first ever video report (ah, fond memories). You'll see the Philips Pronto NG TSU3000 and iPronto TSi6400, Harmony 768, UEI's first Kameleon, plus the oh-so-fun amp toss! Now if only the source footage wasn't so blurry...
Our documentary series is here to educate and entertain - learn about remote controls!
Learn about the manufacture of a high-end universal remote control in our exclusive tour of the Philips Pronto NG manufacturing facility located in Leuven, Belgium.
The show that brings insight into the latest trends and innovations that drive the custom electronics industry.
Our first time attending Spring EHX (held in beautiful Orlando, Florida), gives us a windfall of information on the latest remote controls. You'll get interviews for the Logitech Harmony One, Niles Audio iC2, Remote Technologies Inc. T2-B, Universal Electronics Inc. Nevo S70, plus the Universal Remote Control Complete Control KP-900.
The premiere showcase for what's coming out each year in consumer electronics.
Take a tour of the world's largest electronics exposition! See the TV Compass WiFi Universal Smart Remote, Sunwave's SRC-3060 and SRC-3200, the Philips Icon Remote, Soundgraph's iMon For All, the Remote Solutions TSR800, URC's color R70, MX-810 and an interview about the Universal Gamer, and many more models. Also see a huge selection of Windows SideShow remote controls!
Our second video in HDTV starts off with some beautiful night time shots of Las Vegas and moves into the Philips SRU9600, the Xantec XTR39, URC's MRF-500, MRF-400, KP-100 and RF series, the Thomson Wi-Q, plus an interview with Monster's Noel Lee on the AVL-300. And how about a touchscreen boardgame table?
Now re-mastered in high definition! See Las Vegas in all its glory... along with URC's MX-950, the UEI NevoSL, the Philips RC9800i, an interview about the Logitech Harmony 880, plus more. And let's not forget the wind-up remote and snowboarding in the desert!
This year's CES coverage includes Jay Leno, URC's consumer series, Harmony 688 and 768RF, Marantz RC5400, a remote control for dummies, the Sony AIBO, and a special appearance by Spongebob Squarepants.
See the sights, sounds and new remote controls shown at Las Vegas in our second video report ever! Features URC's MX-3000 and MX-800, Harmony 748, Proton iR-800, Sunwave SRC-3810 and much more!

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