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Universal remotes not only allow you to consolidate every one of your existing controllers into a single unit, but can also help tame the technological barrier of complexity that may prevent friends or family members from fully enjoying your home theater. If you have any questions or comments on one of these reviews, please feel free to send us a comment.

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Crisp Solutions UCommand 515
Crisp Solutions
The Crisp Solutions UCommand 515 is an economically-priced touchscreen LCD remote that can control eight devices. It features full learning capabilities, macros on any user button, an easy-to-read backlit screen and quick operation. Read more...
Crisp Solutions UCommand 525
Crisp Solutions
If your ideal remote includes a bright, backlit LCD touchscreen, full key learning and macros on any button, all rolled into a slim ergonomic design, then the Crisp Solutions UCommand 525 just may be the perfect match. You also get control of 8 devices, simple programming, quick operation and a built-in light sensor. Read more...
Crisp Solutions UCommand 616
Crisp Solutions
The Crisp Solutions UCommand 616 10-device learning remote control featuring an LCD touchscreen for custom button shapes, text labels and placement. The optional docking station and RemoteLink software lets you configure the remote on a PC. Read more...
- Also covered: UCommand 626.
Evolve Guide Remote RD5000M
Evolve Communications
Evolve's Guide Remote RD5000M is the ultimate accessory item to the professional channel surfer: it includes a free TV guide with program descriptions! Other tantalizing features include control of up to 16 devices, 32 macros, program and personal reminders and a backlit LCD screen. Read more...
GE Control Central RRC600
General Electric
The GE Control Central RRC600 was the first-ever universal remote control, released back in 1985. It sported control of up to 4 devices, a large LCD screen with changable labels, full code learning capabilities and plenty of hard buttons. Journey back with us! Read more...
Harman/Kardon Take Control TC-1000
Harman International Industries
The Harman/Kardon Take Control remote is sure to turn a few heads. Designed in cooperation with Microsoft, this ergonomically designed unit features a large backlit LCD screen, a selector wheel for scrolling through channels and menu options and large volume buttons. Read more...
Jensen SC-595
Jensen Accessories
The Jensen SC-595 pre-programmed remote features Radio Frequency (RF) transmission and a small transponder for through-the-wall control of up to 10 home theater components. It also features a unique button design and a large library of built-in codes. Read more...
Logitech Harmony 745
Logitech's Harmony 745 (formerly the Intrigue Technologies SST-745) puts a new spin on the traditional remote control: activities! Featuring a minimal number of buttons, the compact yet powerful Harmony merges all of your components into intelligent "activities" that include only the most needed functions. To top it off, you get a built-in TV guide! Read more...
Millennium's Home Logic UR362
Millennium Enterprises
The Home Logic UR362 remote control features 68 buttons, a backlit LCD screen, full learning and 20 macros at an economical price. A unique LCD labeling feature allows users to custom describe all hard buttons. Read more...
- Also covered: Rotel RR-969.
One For All Director URC-9900 Mosaic
Universal Electronics Inc.
The One For All Director URC-9900 (AKA Mosaic) is a 15-device remote control with a huge backlit touchscreen LCD display, full learning capabilities, gigantic upgradable built-in preprogrammed code library, macros on any button, custom button labels, pointing stylus and much more! Read more...
Philips Pronto TS-1000
Philips Electronics
The Philips Pronto TS-1000 touchscreen universal remote control feature a customizable graphical user interface, rechargeable battery pack option and the ability to add nearly unlimited devices, macros and commands. Read more...
- Also covered: Marantz RC5000.
Proton iRemote iR800
Proton Communications
Proton's iRemote iR800 is a combination LCD touchscreen and hard button remote control that can handle up to an impressive 16 devices. It also features super-bright blue backlighting, full learning capabilities, a nearly unlimited number of macros, 8 built-in timers, easy programming and much more! Read more...
RTI TheaterTouch T2
Remote Technologies Inc.
RTI's TheaterTouch T2 is an advanced PC-programmable learning remote control that features a backlit keypad and LCD screen, complex macro functionality, standard rechargable battery, optional RF control module with up to 60 zones, status sensing modules and a lot more! Read more...
Sony RM-AV2000
Sony Electronics
The Sony RM-AV2000 is a very affordable learning/preprogrammed remote with a huge LCD touchscreen and loads of features sure to complement even the most complex home theater. Read more...
UEI Nevo / Compaq iPAQ H3950
Universal Electronics Inc.
The Compaq iPAQ H3950 Pocket PC's remote capabilities extend beyond mere software. By incorporating Nevo technology, the iPAQ also gains stronger IR and a built-in code database. The Nevo will control up to 112 devices with an unlimited number of pages, buttons, macros and learned commands and has a multi-user/multi-room design. Read more...
Universal Remote's Home Theater Master MX-1000
Universal Remote Control Inc.
The Home Theater Master MX-1000 is a 12-device learning remote control with directional menu joystick control along with full customization and PC editing capabilities. Modify labels and buttons right on the backlit high resolution touchscreen LCD display. Read more...

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