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Universal remotes not only allow you to consolidate every one of your existing controllers into a single unit, but can also help tame the technological barrier of complexity that may prevent friends or family members from fully enjoying your home theater. If you have any questions or comments on one of these reviews, please feel free to send us a comment.

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ATI Remote Wonder
ATI Technologies
Looking for an intuitive way to control a home theater computer? Then you'll want to take a look at the ATI Remote Wonder, a standard-sized remote that can control a PC's mouse cursor along with common functions from TV, DVD and web browsing, all via non-directional RF. Read more...
ATI Remote Wonder II
ATI Technologies
The ATI Remote Wonder II PC remote control upgrades the original model with a new cursor control system, redesigned button layout and new background application control, all with non-directional RF communications. Easily watch TV, control a DVD or surf the web from your couch! Read more...
Logitech Harmony 659
The Logitech Harmony 659 (formerly Intrigue Technologies SST-659) is a complete redesign of the previous model and this time it's got even more hard buttons, full backlighting and an improved interface. The Harmony is a unique internet-powered remote that merges all of your components into "activities" with the most needed functions from each device. Read more...
Logitech Harmony 768
The Logitech Harmony 768 (formerly Intrigue Technologies SST-768) is a complete redesign of the original Harmony remote. By incorporating more buttons, the still compact Harmony adds even greater ease-of-use while merging all of your components into "activities" that include the most needed functions from each device. And don't forget the built-in TV guide! Read more...
Philips ProntoPro TSU6000
Philips Electronics
The Philips ProntoPro TSU6000 is aiming to be the most sophisticated remote for under $1000. With a bright high-resolution 256-color screen, pickup sensor, optional RF station, more hard buttons and an updated version of the ProntoEdit software package, this remote is the answer to many Technicolor dreams! Read more...
Philips Pronto TSU2000
Philips Electronics
The Philips Pronto TSU2000 is an upgrade over the TS-1000 with a new built-in code library plus more memory. The Pronto also features full learning, nearly unlimited devices and macros, custom editing via ProntoEdit and more! Read more...
- Also covered: Marantz RC5000i.
Radio Shack 15-2133
Radio Shack
The Radio Shack 15-2133 is a 6 device universal remote with a twist: it doesn't have an LCD screen or hard buttons! Instead, it utilizes an interactive illuminated "Kameleon" panel from UEI. The remote also features code learning, macros and phone-based upgradability. Read more...
Sony RM-VL710
Sony Electronics
On a budget but still want a full-featured universal remote? Then look no further than the Sony RM-VL710, a hard buttoned model that upgrades the RM-VL700 with a new design. You get control over 5 devices, full learning capabilities, a code database and 9 macros! Read more...
Sony RM-V502, RM-V402, RM-V302, RM-V202 & RM-EZ2
Sony Electronics
Don't need a powerful remote? Then maybe one of Sony's preprogrammed-only models will do the job. The RM-V402, RM-V302 and RM-V202 each cost less than $20 and offer stylish control over 7, 5 and 4 devices, respectively. Read more...
- Updated with the Sony RM-V502.
Sony RM-AV3000
Sony Electronics
Want a really powerful remote? Then take a closer look at the Sony RM-AV3000. Not only do you get control of up to 18 devices, but it also includes full learning, editable labels, 33 macros, 12 timers, a large backlit LCD touchscreen, hard button menu keys, new slim design and much more. Read more...
- Updated with the Sony RM-AV3100.
Sony RM-AV2100
Sony Electronics
Sony's RM-AV2100 LCD touchscreen remote is an upgrade of their previous model with twice the memory for learning signals, five times the macros, a better built-in code library, greater customization and many more improvements! Read more...
Sony RM-VL700
Sony Electronics
Looking for a simple remote control? Then the Sony RM-VL700 could be right for you! This economical model features control of 5 devices and both a preprogrammed code database and full learning capabilies! You also get a great ergonomic design, dedicated keypad, transport & menu sections and more. Read more...
Sony RM-VL900
Sony Electronics
The Sony RM-VL900 is an economical all-button universal remote that can control up to 8 devices. It has multiple macros, full learning capability on every key, plus a great ergonomic design. Read more...
Streamzap PC Remote
Streamzap Inc.
Offering customizable activity buttons, mouse cursor control and buttons for the most popular multimedia functions, Streamzap's PC Remote Control is an economical way to add infrared-based wireless control to your existing computer system. Read more...
Soundgraph iMon Plus
Soundgraph Inc.
Soundgraph's iMON Plus computer remote control is extremely customizable, supporting different button functions under an unlimited number of Windows programs. Other features include a 17-way cursor joystick, on-screen display, macros and code learning for more customized commands! Read more...
Sunwave SRC-3810
Sunwave Technology Corp.
The Sunwave SRC-3810 is a compact remote control that offers a lot of features: an LCD touchscreen and hard buttons, control of 16 devices, 48 commands per device, code learning, a preprogrammed database, unlimited macros, bright blue backlighting and an editable screen! Read more...
Universal Remote's Home Theater Master SL-9000
Universal Remote Control Inc.
The Home Theater Master SL-9000 is a universal remote control that breaks the traditional mold with 55 buttons, extensive preprogrammed signals, full-featured learning capability, 10 macros and excellent backlighting. Read more...
Fobis Technologies Weemote
Fobis Technologies Inc.
If you've got kids, the Fobis Technologies Weemote kids' remotes are the perfect decoy from your deluxe learning model. Not only is the Weemote fun for kids to use, but it lets parents make decisions as to what their children can watch. Read more...
- Also covered: Weemote 2 and Weemote Sr.
Xantech URC-2
Xantech Corp.
The simple exterior of the Xantech URC-2 (& URC-2P) belie what this 8-device remote is capable of. Learn codes on every button. Program macros on any button, steps and quantity limited only by memory. Connect to a PC with the Dragon Drop-IR package for dual code tiering, CCF file imports and more! Read more...
Yamaha RAV-2000
Yamaha Electronics Corporation
The Yamaha RAV-2000 is based on the Philips Pronto and sports a new physical design and user interface. Based on one of the most powerful remotes available, it includes a high resolution graphical touchscreen, learning and macros on any button, plus complete computerized setup through the RAVedit package. Read more...

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