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Jensen SC-595 Remote Control Review
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Jensen SC-595 Remote Control

A preprogrammed remote that can operate 10 devices.

Jensen SC-595
Click for a large (72kb) version.
The Jensen SC-595 controls up to 10 system devices Ė more than any other pre-programmed remote control Iíve seen and one of only a few to include DVD functionality. It comes packaged in a remarkably large box that contains the remote, an RF transponder, a compact AC/DC adapter and two manuals. The manuals each consist of a single piece of paper, which seem way too easy to misplace. The first assists in setting up the transponder. The second comes folded map style covered with 4-point type and covers operating instructions, component codes and key assignments.

The physical remote features one of the most interesting button configurations Iíve seen. There isnít a "square" button to be found Ė everything is curved into what seems to be very usable stylistic designs. The keypad consists of 36 component keys, plus 5 component selection buttons and an "Action" key that works like a shift key to provide a second level of functions on each button (which will shut off after 8 seconds of inactivity). Dedicated transport, volume, cursor and keypad sections are included, however I still would have preferred to see 10 dedicated component buttons rather than 5 dual-mode ones. All buttons are easily identifiable by touch alone, a nice feature since the keypad isnít backlit.

Jensen SC-595
Click to enlarge. (50kb)
The case is pleasantly curved underneath with three smooth indents for finger placement. Construction quality isnít as high as some other remotes: while the overall case seems sturdy and resistant to twisting, some slightly burred edges along mold lines could be uncomfortable if held the wrong way. Also, when pressing the large circular menu button the surrounding smaller buttons wiggle in their sockets.

The first thing youíre likely to notice upon inserting the 4 (not included) AAA batteries is that the SC-595 must be programmed before it will do anything. Each device has a corresponding list of 4-digit codes which are entered by holding one of the component buttons for three seconds and then typing it on the keypad. To program the alternate function for each component button hold it down and then press the "action" key, which turns on both red and green LEDs. When a code has been successfully entered the component key lights will blink in a really neat upward motion. If however you enter a code for a component different from the button you are programming no lights will flash. A code "read back" feature is provided if you decide to use the Auto Scan method to program your equipment. Both the manual and the remote provide a place to record which code number was entered for what device.

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