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Unofficial Philips Pronto/Marantz RC5000 FAQ
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FAQ documents are collections of answers to Frequently Asked Questions. This particular FAQ file covers the operation of all remote control models related to the Philips Pronto. To view the answer to a particular question, click the number on the left side. A separate FAQ is also available for the new Pronto NG series.

For additional information on these remotes please be sure to read our in-depth reviews of the Pronto TS-1000 & Marantz RC5000, the Pronto TSU2000 & Marantz RC5000i, the Yamaha RAV-2000 and the ProntoPro TSU6000.

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Unofficial Philips Pronto & Marantz RC5000 Intelligent Remote Control FAQ
Compiled by Daniel Tonks and the online Pronto community.
Requests for suggestions, additions or modifications are welcome!

Version 1.09d
November 1, 2004

Please note: although this document refers to the "Philips Pronto TS1000" and "ProntoEdit", unless directly specified all information also applies to the Philips ProntoPro TSU6000, Philips ProntoPro RU970, Philips Pronto TSU2000, Philips Pronto RU890, Philips Pronto RU940, Marantz RC5000, Marantz RC5000i, Marantz RC5200, Marantz RC9200, Onkyo CHAD USR-5RF, Yamaha RAV-2000, Yamaha RAV-2000Z1, Marantz Touch Screen Setup, Onkyo CHAD Edit and Yamaha RAVedit.

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©1998-2004 Daniel Tonks. All Rights Reserved.

Table Of Contents


    General Description
    A1-01   Briefly, what is the Philips Pronto remote?
    A1-02   How many brands and models are there?
    A1-03   Approximately how much does it cost?
    A1-04   Where can I go to buy one?
    A1-05   What are the ProntoNEO and RC3200?
    A1-06   What are the Pronto NG and ProntoPro NG?

    Physical Characteristics
    A2-01   What are the hardware differences between models?
    A2-02   How much free memory is there?
    A2-03   How much memory do I really need?
    A2-04   What processor does the Pronto use?
    A2-05   How large is the remote?
    A2-06   How big is the screen?
    A2-07   How many colors can the screen display?
    A2-08   Can I put a different/better display into the Pronto?
    A2-09   How can I tell whether my remote has a light sensor or not?
    A2-10   How can I tell whether I have the Marantz RC5000 or RC5000i?

    Basic Hardware Interaction
    A3-01   What frequencies can the remote learn?
    A3-02   Can I use the Pronto with Sony *G (or VisionTouch) receivers?
    A3-03   Can the Pronto work with RF equipment?
    A3-04   Can the Pronto work with IRDA equipment (ie. Pace cable boxes)?
    A3-05   How can I control my X-10 system?

    Using The Remote
    A4-01   Why does the backlight stay on as long as the LCD does, even though it's only set for half the time?
    A4-02   I've got a TSU2000. Why does my TV keep turning off?
    A4-03   Why is the REVERT button grayed out?
    A4-04   I hear there's a hidden game on the remote?
    A4-05   In the Macro Menu, why does the left hard button read "OPEN"? Can I change this?
    A4-06   Why doesn't the backlight come on when I set the arrow all the way to the left, as described in the manual?
    A4-07   Why do my Device and Macro Menu buttons not work?
    A4-08   What happened to my Mode button?
    A4-09   What happened to the Macro Menu's REC command?

    Batteries & Docking Station
    A5-01   Should I buy the docking station for my remote?
    A5-02   Why does the remote appear to behave erratically when battery power is still 50%?
    A5-03   How often should I recharge the remote?
    A5-04   Why does my rechargeable battery read only half full even when I know it's full?
    A5-05   Why is my desktop charger's light blinking?
    A5-06   I already have a docking station, can I buy another rechargeable battery?
    A5-07   My ProntoPro's docking station is dead. Help!

    Diagnosis and Repair
    A6-01   My remote is dead! What can I try to fix it?
    A6-02   My remote is rebooting all the time... help!
    A6-03   What can I do if the remote will not power up and I hear 4 beeps?
    A6-04   How do I connect to the remote with Hyperterminal?
    A6-05   What can I do if my buttons stop working?
    A6-06   I've broken the LCD screen and it's out of warranty. Can I replace it?
    A6-07   Why does the screen's contrast keep changing?
    A6-08   Can I buy spare parts for the Pronto?
    A6-09   What's that buzzing sound I can hear?
    A6-10   What else can I do to troubleshoot random problems?

    General Description
    B1-01   Briefly, what does the software allow me to do?
    B1-02   Is there editing software available other than ProntoEdit?
    B1-03   Where can I download the software?
    B1-04   Can I take screen captures of my file?
    B1-05   How can I change the program that opens CCF files?
    B1-06   I'm getting an "Invalid Configuration File Version", "File is not a valid configuration" or "CCF file is invalid or corrupt" message. What can I do?
    B1-07   Can I use Pronto NG .PCF files? How about .ICF and .NCF files?

    Software & Firmware
    B2-01   What are the current software versions?
    B2-02   What are the current firmware versions?
    B2-03   What are the differences between the various firmware & software versions?
    B2-04   I'm told the software will not work with Windows XP. Is this true?

    Remote Communications
    B3-01   Where can I get a serial cable for the Pronto?
    B3-02   What does "Invalid Software Version" mean, and what can I do about it?
    B3-03   I'm getting a "Failed to get valid information from Pronto" error message when transferring CCFs, or timeouts when learning IR codes.
    B3-04   Can I make ProntoEdit, Touch Screen Setup, CHAD Edit or RAVedit work on a Macintosh Computer?
    B3-05   Can I hook the Pronto up to a USB port?
    B3-06   Why can't I get my computer to talk to the Pronto?

    Learning & Infrared
    B4-01   How can I tell whether my learned codes are "clean" or not?
    B4-02   Why won't my codes repeat when held down?
    B4-03   What does 0000, 8000, etc. mean in a hex code?
    B4-04   Why can't I get the Pronto to learn a particular device?
    B4-05   Why won't my buttons work twice in a row?
    B4-06   How can I copy the IR code from one button to another?
    B4-07   What is the password for the rcir.mdb infrared database file?
    B4-08   Why won't just tapping the button always work?
    B4-09   "Test IR" doesn't always work right. Why?

    Discrete Codes
    B5-01   What are discrete codes?
    B5-02   How do I find or create them?
    B5-03   How can I use them?

    Managing CCF Files
    B6-01   What are CCF files?
    B6-02   What does 'CCF' stand for?
    B6-03   How can I get rid of the "+" symbol before device names?
    B6-04   What do the short letter designations ([C], [D] etc.) mean?
    B6-05   What do all the symbols before device or page names mean?
    B6-06   Why can't I open the CCF file I downloaded?
    B6-07   How can I best merge CCF files?
    B6-08   With ProntoEdit v4.0, why can't I modify the gallery files?

    Designing Layouts
    B7-01   Why won't my panels or buttons show? (or How can I preview my CCF file without learning any IR codes?)
    B7-02   Why doesn't my home panel look or act like I designed it to?
    B7-03   How do I copy a device, panel or button from one file to another?
    B7-04   How can I design my CCF so when I make changes I don't need to relearn my remotes?
    B7-05   How do I add plain text to panels?
    B7-06   Can I add more fonts to the Pronto?
    B7-07   How can I group buttons together?
    B7-08   Can I create a "back" button to return to the last page accessed?
    B7-09   Can I create multiple text lines on a single button or otherwise position text?
    B7-10   How do I define a custom grid?
    B7-11   What keyboard shortcuts are there?

    B8-01   What are macros? How are they different from regular commands?
    B8-02   What would a macro for a system on/off button look like?
    B8-03   How can I get the Pronto to "hold" a button for several seconds in a macro?
    B8-04   How can I enter multiple digits on a single button, say for a favorite channel icon?
    B8-05   Can I use more than one page jump in a macro?
    B8-06   Can I have delays shorter than 0.1 seconds?
    B8-07   Can I change the default delay time from 0.1 seconds?
    B8-08   Why aren't the commands I assigned to each device being sent when I use my custom Home panel?
    B8-09   Why are some of my macro commands not being received?
    B8-10   How can I handle switching Video Inputs?

    Custom Bitmaps
    B9-01   Where would I use bitmap files?
    B9-02   How can I create my own bitmaps?
    B9-03   Can I use transparent or animated bitmaps?
    B9-04   Why are my bitmaps/icons truncated?
    B9-05   How can I create a really large gallery file?
    B9-06   How can I best create color graphics for the ProntoPro?
    B9-07   How do I convert color CCF graphics to black and white?
    B9-08   Is it possible to change system-level bitmaps, such as the device bar and Home icon background?

    Memory Optimization
    B10-01   How can I optimize memory usage?
    B10-02   What are aliases and how are they used?
    B10-03   General ProntoEdit & RC5000 Setup Tips
    B10-04   What exactly does the "CCF Optimizer" utility do?

    Other Functions
    B11-01   What is mouse mode for?
    B11-02   Why do my custom beeps not make any sound?
    B11-03   How do I use and activate timers?
    B11-04   Why won't my timers change to a new page?
    B11-05   Can I password protect pages?
    B11-06   On Marantz remotes, how can I use the page memory feature?
    B11-07   Can I use the built-in database codes with my own custom files?

    Problem Diagnosis
    B12-01   Why do my RF codes not work?
    B12-02   What happens if I get a "Configuration is xx% too big to fit in Pronto" error message?
    B12-03   Why does the emulator complain that it "Can't open configuration file"?
    B12-04   Why does the alias list show strange symbols? (Plus other font troubleshooting.)
    B12-05   Why does ProntoEdit not install correctly or give strange errors right after installation when I try to run it?
    B12-06   Why does ProntoEdit crash when learning IR codes in Windows XP, 2000 or NT?
    B12-07   I'm getting an error with MFC42.DLL. What can I do?
    B12-08   In ProntoEdit v2.0, why can't I edit hex codes?
    B12-09   Why can't I change IR code labels?
    B12-10   I'm getting a "none or invalid pronto.ini file" error message.


Thanks to everyone who has helped make the Pronto such a great remote, namely the regulars in Remote Central's Pronto Forum! Plus special thanks to Andrea Whitlock, Tom Held and Robert Wallace for developing alternative printable versions.

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