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Sony RM-AV2000 Remote Control Review
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Important programming key combinations:

Save each change by pressing [COMMANDER OFF].

Learning & Deleting Codes
[COMMANDER OFF] + [COMPONENT SELECT]: Sets the remote to learn mode. To delete a previously learned key press [RESET] + desired [KEY], to delete all learned keys for the device press [RESET] + [COMPONENT SELECT]. To program the RECORD button press [REC] + [PLAY] at the same time. To remove an unused button from display first delete any learned code on it and then press [RESET] + [KEY]. Button that do not blink have a learned code on them, buttons that blink every time have a pre-programmed command on them, while buttons that blink every other time are unused and will not be displayed.

Using Built-In Codes
[COMMANDER OFF] + [MUTE]: To configure a preset code. Press a [COMPONENT SELECT] button and then enter the two-digit device code from the Component Codes Table, followed by [ENTER]. Note: when you set the code of a DVD or DBS/CBL device press the Component Select button repeatedly until the desired component is displayed. To display the currently entered code follow the steps above but press the [DISPLAY] key instead of entering a code.

Programming Macros
[COMMANDER OFF] + [SYSTEM CONTROL (1, 2, 3)]: Program a macro. Follow by navigating through the AV2000 and selecting the components/buttons you want to store. Save the macro by pressing [COMMANDER OFF], or to delete the current macro press the above combination to display the programmed commands and then [RESET] + [SYSTEM CONTROL (1, 2, 3)] to delete them. If you wish to restore the pre-programmed macro for [SYSTEM CONTROL 3], which is a series of Sony device explicit Power On codes, follow the directions above to clear any macro sequence and then press [RESET] + [SYSTEM CONTROL 3] again. The programmed operations should be displayed in order.

Using the OPTION Button
[COMMANDER OFF] + [OPTION]: Assign a component to the OPTION button. Press [OPTION] + [COMPONENT SELECT] to set the desired component. For LD/DVD or CBL/DBS devices press [OPTION] + [COMPONENT SELECT] repeatly until the desired component is displayed.

Changing Devices for Component Buttons
[COMMANDER OFF] + [COMPONENT SELECT] (original), then [COMPONENT SELECT] (original) + [COMPONENT SELECT] (new component): Assigns other components to various Component Select buttons. To save press [COMMANDER OFF], or to reset back to default enter LEARN mode as described above and press [RESET] + [COMPONENT SELECT]. Even though the old component name will be shown on the LCD, all buttons labels and codes will reflect the new device.

Adding a Learned Signal to Component Buttons
[COMMANDER OFF] + [CH+] + [VOL+]: Programs a single command to Component Select buttons. Follow by selecting the desired component and learning a signal from another remote. To reset this feature for a device press [RESET] + [COMPONENT SELECT]. In this mode you may also learn a single IR code on the SYSTEM CONTROL buttons, which will override (but not erase) any assigned macro sequence.

Changing Volume Priority Mode
[COMMANDER OFF] + [VOL+] + [VOL-]: Change the volume control setting between Amplifier and Amplifier/TV (where video sources are adjusted by the TV and audio sources by the Amp). The display will read V+V-AMP when set to Amp control and V+V-TV when set to TV/Amp.

Sony System Power Off
[COMMANDER OFF] + [CH-] + [VOL+]: System Power Off function for Sony devices only. When the top right LCD button displays [POWER OFF], holding the [COMMANDER OFF] button for three seconds will initiate a macro of explicit Power Off commands. To disable this feature follow the above steps until the top right LCD button reads [POWER].

Sony Component Power On
[COMMANDER OFF] + [VOL-] + [COMPONENT SELECT]: For Sony components you may assign an automatic POWER ON command to each Component Select button. When the POWER ON command is programmed the display will read [POWER ON] as you hold down the above combination of buttons. To clear this function repeat the procedure and the display will read [POWER].

LCD Auto-Off Time
[COMMANDER OFF] + [CH+] + [VOL-]: Sets the auto power off time of the LCD screen between 10 and 90 minutes, or always on (0).

Backlight Auto-Off Time
[COMMANDER OFF] + [LIGHT]: Sets the backlight auto off time between 10 and 90 seconds, plus the brightness level between low and high.

Locking the Remote from Use
[SOUND] (top left LCD) + [COMMANDER OFF]: Puts the RM-AV2000 on "hold" so that no buttons can be pressed ("OFF" will be displayed in the top right LCD panel). To unlock press [OFF] (top right LCD) + [COMMANDER OFF].

Locking the Remote from Changes
[COMMANDER OFF] + [MUTE], then [OFF] (top right LCD): Locks the RM-AV2000 so that no changes can be made to your configuration. Repeat to unlock.

Direct-Input Selection Keys
[TV/VIDEO] + [0 - 6 KEYS]: Direct selection of Sony TV inputs. You may also learn to these keys while in LEARN mode, as described above.

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