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Home Theater Master MX-700 Review
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MX-800 Release | Software & Training | MX-700 Release

Revolutionary New Home Theater Master™ MX-800 Whole-House Control from Universal Remote Control Wins Praise from Custom Installers

Problem-Solving Power Plus Intuitive PC-Based Programming And Reliable RF Make Universal's Versatile Handheld the #1 Choice Among Many Custom Installers

HARRISON, NY, July 21 2003 - Universal Remote Control, Inc., one of the world's leading suppliers of remote controls and other wireless input devices, is receiving overwhelming praise and support from the field for its newest handheld device, the Home Theater Master® MX-800 PC Programmable RF Remote Control and companion MRF-200 Base Station, winner of the prestigious 2003 CEA Innovations Award.

"My clients and installers love this remote," said Mickey Valetta, owner of Towne TV of Rotterdam, New York, in a typical comment about the remote. "It's simple to program, easy to operate and a tremendous value. The RF has been extremely solid, making it possible to set up 'invisible' installations inside cabinets, utility closets, and other rooms-and use only a single remote."

Custom installers are eagerly embracing the new capabilities of the MX-800, repeatedly citing simplified PC programming, reliable RF capabilities, and ability to solve many of the challenges presented by complex whole-house installations quickly.

The combination of the MX-800 Remote and the MRF-200 Base Station allows users complete control of up to 20 audio/video components, regardless of where equipment is placed in the home. The MX-800 sends radio frequency (RF) signals to the MRF-200, which converts the RF commands back to infrared signals (IR) to control A/V components. Multiple MRF-200 base stations installed around the house enable the MX-800 to turn off every TV in the house with a one touch macro.

"RF is extremely important today," explained David Barrickman of Worldwide Stereo, based in Hatfield, PA. "Over 70 percent of our customers want installations that hide their components. We were already hooked on the MX Editor that comes with the MX-800, as it was available on the previous model. The addition of RF at the same competitive price point made our lives as installers that much easier."

Travis Benelli, Installation Manager at Convoy Audio Video, based in San Diego, CA., had a similarly positive reaction. "We've been able to utilize the MX-800 to its fullest potential," he declared. "The RF works better than any other brand we've used and the MX Editor is as simple as can be to program. Universal Remote really got it right."

Whether equipment is behind closed doors, inside cabinets, in other rooms of the house or even outdoors, the MX-800 will send the necessary commands without pointing the remote controller at any A/V components. The MX-800 and MRF-200 consistently achieve a range of 75 to 100 feet without any interference, even in hostile RF environments with multiple satellite receivers, computers and several key A/V components.

The MX-800 incorporates the same unique MX Editor PC software program introduced in Universal's acclaimed Home Theater Master® Model MX-700. The MX Editor software automates complicated routines as MACROS. Each macro is a series of commands that is activated with a touch of a button. By utilizing macros, one no longer has to use multiple remotes to operate various A/V components. The MX Editor PC programmable software packaged with the MX-800 is considered by custom installers to be the easiest and quickest software available for advanced remotes.

For more information on Universal Remote Control's full product line visit


Continues to Support Dealers with New Interactive Software Program and CEDIA Trainings

HARRISON, NY, AUGUST 27, 2002 - Universal Remote Control, Inc. has implemented a multi-faceted dealer support program for their award-winning Home Theater Master® MX-700 Dual Remote System. The new MX-Editor Custom Software Program and brand-new MX-Editor Tutorial will be featured at the company's four training sessions held at the CEDIA EXPO, September 25-29, 2002.

The MX-700 master remote, which features an LCD display, joystick, and hard button layout (optimized for one-handed operation), automates up to twenty different home theater devices. The complementary SideKick™ remote control is designed to provide casual users with a simple remote solution for their home theater system.

Noted for it's many innovative design features and programming capabilities, the Home Theater Master® MX-700 Dual Remote System received CES Innovations Design and Engineering Award honors in January 2002 -- and was recently chosen as an Electronic House Magazine 2002 Product of the Year (within the home control product category).

MX-Editor Custom Software Program
A member of CEDIA, Universal Remote Control, Inc. is strongly committed to providing the custom market with innovative new installation tools designed to help installers increase profitability and dramatically decrease programming time. The MX-700 System features MX Editor™, a unique new custom software program that is operated from a PC computer via a serial cable. MX-Editor allows programming of complex systems ten times faster than competing systems. Product Manager Hank Eisengrein says, "The new MX Editor program has been extremely well received by custom installation professionals as a fast and easy way to program powerful remotes." The MX Editor program is available via download at:

MX-Editor Tutorial
Universal Remote Control, Inc. understands that installers and integrators are very busy and don't always have the time to read through hardware and software manuals. To help make the most of their time, and simplify the custom programming process, the company has created the new MX Editor Tutorial. This tutorial, designed for a PC, is a frame-by-frame movie that addresses topic-by-topic, the MX Editor software. This allows the custom installation dealer to quickly train their entire staff to program complex system remotes. The MX Editor Tutorial is available for download at:

Four CEDIA Trainings
Eric Johnson, a leading home theater technology training consultant, will be conducting four classes at the CEDIA Expo. The classes feature the MX Editor software and will debut the new MX Editor Tutorial. Says Johnson, "the MX-700 designer software allows programming of complex, activity-based macro commands within minutes, versus the hours other products take. This time and cost savings benefit both the expert installer and the new user with little field experience."

Class times are 5:00 p.m. on Thursday September 26th, and Friday September 27th; 1 p.m. and 2:30 p.m. on Saturday, September 28th. Each attendee will receive a free MX Editor programmer's kit which includes an MX-200 SideKick valued at $ 119.95, and entered into a drawing win an MX-700 Dual Remote System. To reserve a class time, call Sheila Baskin at (914) 835-4484, ext. 320, or mailto:[email protected]


Delivers Unique "Dual" Remote Control Solution to the CEDIA Marketplace

INDIANAPOLIS, SEPTEMBER 6, 2001 - Again demonstrating its leadership role in remote control technology, Universal Remote Control, Inc. today expands its line-up of widely acclaimed home theater remote control products with the introduction of the Home Theater Master® MX-700 System. Featured at the CEDIA EXPO 2001 in Indianapolis, the Home Theater Master® MX-700 system incorporates two sophisticated remote controls in one package. The MX-700 master remote will automate up to twenty different home theater components via its extensive IR database and extraordinary macro capability. The MX-700 can perform over 900 macros (with up to 190 steps each), rivaling automation systems costing thousands of dollars. The new SideKick(TM) complements the master MX-700 remote control. The SideKick is designed to give kids and casual users of complex, custom installed systems a simple remote for watching TV, Satellite, or Cable programs. The SideKick may look simple, but it delivers the automation necessary to fully turn on, off and configure a complex home theater with one touch. The SideKick is capable of multiple 190 step macros and IR codes.

Universal Remote Control, Inc. Product Manager Hank Eisengrein says, "The Sidekick was developed as a result of lifestyle research. We learned that some people are intimidated by remote controls with too many buttons. The Sidekick is the perfect solution for those members of a household who require one touch automated macros to turn on and configure the home theater, but don't want to deal with a lot of buttons".

The Home Theater Master® MX-700 master remote features a hybrid LCD and hard button design with an extensively researched hard button layout optimized for one-handed operation. "The easy ergonomics of finding a button by touch, rather than the typical three step of most macro capable touch screens (tap to activate, look to see where the button is, then tap the button), makes the one touch MX-700 system a dream to operate in a real home theater environment" said Eisengrein, adding "People don't like to constantly check their remote, they are watching the screen of their TV. The inclusion of Universal Remote Control's fabulous thumb centered "joystick" for navigating on-screen menus is sure to impress anyone who has ever used a traditional touch screen product."

The Crystal Clear LCD display screen and GemStone™ hard buttons combine to give the MX-700 an extremely readable and easy to use look and feel. GemStone surfacing gives all of the hard buttons a sleek, glossy look that makes the shapely remote extremely elegant on any coffee table. Both the LCD display and the GemStone buttons incorporate "EL" illumination technology, which provides very bright, yet energy efficient illumination. Powered by four Duracell Ultra "AAA" alkaline batteries, the remote control features a built-in "smart" memory back up system designed to retain memory for ten years.

Programming the MX-700 System can be done via the remote controls on-board menus or via a unique new custom software program that is operated from a PC computer via the included serial cable. "This designer software program allows programming of activity-based macro commands with hundreds of steps within minutes versus the hours we typically take with other products" said Eric Johnson, a home theater industry remote control training consultant. "This time-saving benefits both the expert installer and the new user with little field experience."

The new software revolutionizes home theater installation with the world's first one-click Discrete Code IR Database. This database enables programmers to program all of the IR codes and LCD labels for a component with one mouse click. The database represents the culmination of Universal Remote Control's ten-year research program collecting the infrared codes of all brands and models of home theater components (televisions, projectors, VCR's, CD players, DVD players, Personal Video Recorders, Surround Receivers, Preamps, Cable and Satellite Receivers, etc.). "The inclusion of secret, discrete ON, OFF and input infrared codes makes programming bullet-proof one-touch macros incredibly fast and easy for the programmer" said Johnson, adding "This is an extraordinary database, extending back over twenty years and including hard to find codes."

The software includes two programming interfaces, the Editor and the Programming Wizard. The Editor enables experienced installers to quickly make changes or customize existing systems, while the Programming Wizard steps inexperienced programmers through the process of automating a home theater. "The Programming Wizard actually automatically programs Power On and Power Off macros for the programmer," said Fred Bolton (Director of Sales), "Via the Programming Wizard, an inexperienced programmer gets hints on how to automate difficult brands and models."

The Home Theater Master® MX-700 system (including the Master MX-700 remote, the SideKick remote, serial cable, Duracell Ultra batteries and CD-ROM software) will be available in the fourth quarter of 2001, for a suggested retail price of $499.95. For information on Universal Remote Control, Inc.'s full product line, call (914) 835-4484, or visit

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