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Matt's Home MX-850 Configuration
For: HTM MX-700 (System)
By: Matt Sciarrotta
This config allows the wife to view in 2 differnet places as all AV components are located centrally in main theater room. Family room is a nightly desired viewing area. Everything is behavior based. No need for much else. What do you think?
Updated: October 23, 2005  Size: 94kb
Mayra Ramos' Remote
For: HTM MX-700 (System)
By: Mayra Ramos
A very simple setup for the following devices.
Updated: November 07, 2005  Size: 19kb
Mike's MX-900 File
For: URC MX-900
By: MikeV
System includes all soundfield discrete macros for Marantz SRxx00 series receivers. Discrete FF/REW and upconvert commands for the LG DV7832NXC (Zenith DVB-318) included. Use of Press and Hold macros and other notes are explained in the readme file included in the zip.
Updated: December 25, 2006  Size: 29kb
Mitch G's Family Friendly Setup
For: HTM MX-700 (System)
By: Mitch G.
Using ideas picked up in various places, I created what is generally a family-friendly remote where I use two device buttons to provide displays that say "Watch TV" or "Play DVD" or "Tape Show" etc. When pressed, they go to a simple menu focused on these activities. That simple menu includes a "DONE" button which is used to shut things down when done. The actual devices are displayed on page 2 with a square next to them. This basically tells the non-power users in the house to not push those buttons. Additionally, I have a couple of "Hop 2" commands in there which I use to bounce between devices when I want to, say, watch TV while listening to the radio or a CD.
Updated: March 23, 2004  Size: 18kb
Mitch Wayman's MX-900 System Setup
For: URC MX-900
By: Mitch Wayman
Lots of discretes and macros. I did extensive testing and troubleshooting to make sure it all works as flawlessly as possible. I prefer having a "Main" page vice the activity based layout - that's why the "Watch" and "Listen" pages are identical. One less step to get to where you want to be. If my wife can use it anyone can use it! Feel free to post your questions, comments, and suggestions.
Updated: September 03, 2006  Size: 30kb
Neil Evans' MX-950
For: URC MX-950
By: Neil Evans
This is a combination of learned and stocked codes. All devices have discrete power except for the DVD, which use a workaround. No images are used except for the "Macro in Progress." None of the components are particularly hard to find, but there are a few specific aspects of the programming that may be useful by example to other programmers:

1. The use of variables to track the power state of various components, reducing macro time. This is particularly helpful with amps and televisions that have a longish "warm up time."
2. The use of variables to create "FAV" style pages for lighting control and other advanced control pages. IE, after adjusting the lights, just press "Jump" and you're back to controlling the TiVo, or wherever you were when you accessed the Lights pages.
3. Help screens for guests or technically challenged owners.
4. The use of LCD backlight color to differentiate the different remote modes (ie, on Watch/Listen, on a device, or on auxillary screen).

Updated: March 05, 2007  Size: 103kb
Oren Teich's MX-700 MXF
For: HTM MX-700 (System)
By: Oren Teich
Macros on the main page to make sure everything is setup right, with discrete power codes.
Updated: September 07, 2002  Size: 10kb
Pat Snyder's System MXF
For: HTM MX-700 (System)
By: Pat Snyder
A complete MX-700 system layout with the following components.
Updated: December 15, 2002  Size: 18kb
Paul Craycroft's MX-700
For: HTM MX-700 (System)
By: Paul Craycroft
A complete system layout for the following components.
Updated: April 03, 2005  Size: 21kb
Rick Wilson's MX-700 File
For: HTM MX-700 (System)
By: Rick Wilson
A complete MX-700 layout including special SideKick programming for the TV, DSS and receiver.
Updated: October 09, 2002  Size: 30kb
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