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Evan Marks' System Setup
For: HTM MX-700 (System)
By: Evan Marks
A complete MX-700 system layout with the following components.
Updated: December 01, 2003  Size: 13kb
Frank Miller's System MXF File
For: HTM MX-700 (System)
By: Frank Miller
Note that the Sherwood receiver lacks discrete video input codes. I've set up my own favorite channels for the time being within pages 2 and 3 of the SAT menu, but in the future I may move these to a FAV menu.
Updated: March 14, 2003  Size: 20kb
Glenn Arsenault's MXF
For: HTM MX-700 (System)
By: Glenn Arsenault
Complete system file, with macros, database ir codes and learned codes for the devices. Main page 1 is activity based, main page 2 is device based.
Updated: March 30, 2004  Size: 35kb
Hank Summy's MX-700 Setup
For: HTM MX-700 (System)
By: Hank Summy
This is a system MXF containing the following equipment.
Updated: February 12, 2003  Size: 21kb
Harvey Gordon's Home Theater
For: HTM MX-700 (System)
By: Harvey Gordon
Discrete codes for all devices except Cable and XBOX - which don't exist.
Updated: October 07, 2003  Size: 27kb
Helgardt Dippenaar's MXF
For: HTM MX-700 (System)
By: Helgardt Dippenaar
Discretes for all but VCR and DSS, macros for specific activities.
Updated: October 07, 2003  Size: 15kb
JGM's MX-800 Theater Program
For: HTM MX-700 (System)
By: Jeffrey Morrison
This configuration includes a number of pages to allow the remote to be used with multiple rooms. It features a common POWER page that combines the power functions for all devices in one location. It also features macros to toggle operating modes to and from watching the cable TV to the Roku Digital Media Server, the CD Player, or the Go Video DVD / VCR (no need to pwer the system down first and then bring back up in the correct mode). The DVD Macros change the inputs to the Denon receiver as well as configure the Sony HD television appropriately. The Power On Macros are will power up the correct components and set them to the correct operating mode. Select the function desired from the main (home) screen and the press the power button. All Power Off Macros return the system to watching Cable Television before powering off to ensure consistent operation.
Updated: March 05, 2007  Size: 27kb
James Ford's MX-700
For: HTM MX-700 (System)
By: James Ford
A complete system with a Home Theater Computer ("HTPC") which is used mainly for DVD playback (via WinDVD 5.0). Controls learned via a combination of Airboard infrared and iMon Multimedian infrared.
Updated: November 24, 2004  Size: 21kb
Jason Turner's System
For: HTM MX-700 (System)
By: Jason Turner
Time delay macros on device buttons to control sound mode and video switching. Separate devices created for shared components (DVD/CD, Processor/Radio). Setup autoplay for the "rental" slots on the DVD changer.
Updated: September 07, 2002  Size: 15kb
Jim Anderson's MX-700 Setup
For: HTM MX-700 (System)
By: Jim Anderson
A complete system file for the following components.
Updated: December 26, 2003  Size: 13kb
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