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Ken Leung's MX-700
For: HTM MX-700 (System)
By: Ken Leung
Contains learned codes for my entire system. Note that only useful functions have been incorporated. The "power" and "night" macros should be all set. "Fav" macros and PVR-related macros are still being developed.
Updated: June 05, 2002  Size: 25kb
Kurt Lewis' MX-700
For: HTM MX-700 (System)
By: Kurt Lewis
I programed in all of the buttons for the new DirecTV HD-DVR. Works great, have fun!
Updated: December 25, 2006  Size: 50kb
Lvwill's System
For: HTM MX-700 (System)
By: Lvwill
A complete system setup for the following components.
Updated: June 24, 2005  Size: 27kb
Rob Lovelace's MX-700 System
For: HTM MX-700 (System)
By: Rob Lovelace
Complete system file. Good example for those just starting out.
Updated: August 12, 2002  Size: 20kb
Sean Logue's Home Theater
For: HTM MX-700 (System)
By: Sean P. Logue
Contains two sets of Showstopper ReplayTV device codes, with discrete power. Also has a complete set of discrete surround codes for the Sony receiver, and many discrete codes for the Sony TV, including inputs, stretch modes and power.
Updated: January 28, 2004  Size: 35kb
Xerxes Labrador's MX-700
For: HTM MX-700 (System)
By: Xerxes Labrador
This is a straighforward configuration having the activity macros on the first page and model names for the second page. Not so savy users need only to go to the first page and select the activity they want. The second page was intentionally meant for savy users when they need to individually jump to specific devices. Discrete power ON/OFF codes have been provided for most devices and macro power ON/OFF trick for cable box. I am still searching for discretes for the VCOD and I cannot use macro trick because it has a hard drive system. Any activity macro when selected will attemp to power off all devices and power on the selected device for the desired activity. Receiver input signal selection as well as monitor video type selection will also be handled by the macro. Since I am using Comcast with a 63 inch screen, I find it more convenient to use the cable menu or channel guide and then navigate through it because all channel and program information is browsable. My FAV button will just envoke the cable menu.
Updated: June 05, 2005  Size: 25kb
Xerxes's Logical MX-950 Configuration
For: URC MX-950
By: Xerxes Labrador
I lately replaced my MX-700 with the MX-950 because I got fed up with it not being able to handle the complete automation of my A/V equipment setup. Getting the MX-950 has been a boon to my A/V viewing and listening pleasure. Not only was I able to solve the problem of toggle ON/OFF power commands, but I was also able to program my remote to be 'smarter' than the average. I believe in "form follows function" so my programming is more of functionality rather than asthetics. Now, A/V activities are fool proof! So here is my setup which I am sharing with you and hopefully, you could appreciate some of the strategies that were implemented (see the included documentation for full details) and use them to cook your own flavored MX-950.
Updated: March 22, 2007  Size: 280kb
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