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5 Room Whole House System
For: URC MX-950
By: Byron Anderson-Lister
This complex system file allows me to control 5 rooms worth of equipment. Essentially I have 3 identical remotes that are deployed into the 3 rooms. Users select a room and can then choose to listen or watch what's available in that room.

Some rooms turn on equipment (B speakers for the kitchen or 2nd/3rd zones) from the main receiver which adds some complexity. Since I couldn't get hold of an MC-400 you can't move a remote from room to room without it wiping the variables associated with the old room. This is an acceptable compromise is my situation.

I've setup on/off menus that give the user various options with regards to what they want to turn on or off (or even reboot) and there is rudimentary help menu. When switching activities in a room (using the jump button to go back to the main activities for a room) the remote checks if devices have been left on and asks the user if they want to turn it off or not).

I thought it worth posting this as it shows some complex programming (albeit not that neat). I make extensive use of variables and press hold functionality to all me to easily add a new device.

Updated: December 29, 2009  Size: 340kb
Damian Anzelmo's MX-850
For: HTM MX-700 (System)
By: Damian Anzelmo
The 1st LCD page has the macros on the left of the LCD screen and the device components on the right. Buttons right of the LCD control the macros and buttons left of the LCD control the device components. After the macro executes it defaults to the deviceís LCD control page. Favorite channels are for the Dish Network DSS system. This is my 1st attempt at programming the MX-850, Iíve had it for a week.
Updated: August 09, 2005  Size: 17kb
Glenn Arsenault's MXF
For: HTM MX-700 (System)
By: Glenn Arsenault
Complete system file, with macros, database ir codes and learned codes for the devices. Main page 1 is activity based, main page 2 is device based.
Updated: March 30, 2004  Size: 35kb
Jim Anderson's MX-700 Setup
For: HTM MX-700 (System)
By: Jim Anderson
A complete system file for the following components.
Updated: December 26, 2003  Size: 13kb
Robert Allen's MX Layout
For: HTM MX-700 (System)
By: Robert Allen
Complete system file including top level hard key menus for on/off of each device, as well as macros to setup TV & A/V inputs automatically based on media selected. I have some but not all discrete power codes.
Updated: December 26, 2003  Size: 20kb
Sedat Aluf's System
For: HTM MX-700 (System)
By: Sedat Aluf
A complete system MXF file with the following components.
Updated: December 26, 2003  Size: 15kb
Yasin Ashraf's Home Theater
For: HTM MX-700 (System)
By: Yasin Ashraf
A complete system setup for the following devices.
Updated: July 30, 2004  Size: 27kb
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