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For: Philips ProntoPro NG
By: Mark Patton
Mark Patton's Tropical PCF
An updated activity based Tropical themed TSU7000 config. This update is to include a bunch of new AV equipment. Still a true one touch config that does not need to ask the user any questions to switch from 1 activity to another. Most pages are hidden to simply the user experience. So easy to use that vistors have zero problems with 1st usage. Feel free to try it and offer your feedback!
Updated: April 23, 2008  Size: 1.18mb

For: Philips ProntoPro NG
By: Splankiss
Splankiss' Black & Blue
A simple PCF from Brazil with black and blue buttons.
Updated: April 23, 2008  Size: 297kb

For: Philips ProntoPro NG
By: Stephan Couillerot
French PCF from HCFR Forum
I hope you enjoy this amazing PCF designed by COUILLEROT and the French team from! (Amplifier, DVD, HD-DVD, BRD, Lights, TNT, Projector, Divx, Freebox, PS3, xBOX, SAT, DVD recorder...)
Updated: April 23, 2008  Size: 2.00mb

For: Philips ProntoPro NG
By: Aldo Morell
Rolex Controller
This is an original system design with custom graphics. The system is activity based, but from each activity section you can switch to another activity, another page of the activity or to a specific device control section. It is so easy to use that my wife says she can finally use the controller. The graphics are based on stainless steel background and gold trim like a Rolex Datejust watch. At the top of the activity pages there are tabs with icons for other activities such as watch DVD, listen to CD, Steam Music etc. On the left side there are tabs with icons for each device. And along the bottom, above the hard button labels, there are tabs with icons for each page of the activity section.
Updated: April 23, 2008  Size: 2.55mbb

For: Philips Pronto NG
By: Dana Rodakis
Dana's Home Theater
Thanks to other submissions that gave me ideas and graphics. Thanks to Daniel Tonks for this site and his help layout.
Updated: April 17, 2008  Size: 370kb

For: Philips Pronto NG
By: Gernot Zipperling
Gernot Zipperling's TSU3000
Plain and simple--it's (mainly) in black and white. Although the RU950/TSU3000 can display grayscales I was never really happy with them in point how they look on the RC itself (they DO look better in ProntoEdit, imho) and especially I wasn't happy with the visibility in a semi-dark or dark room (the backlighting doesn't help much, imho). So there are lots of prettier system files, but I did go primarily for usability. The system file is very dry and functional, no gimmicks whatsoever. The file itself is small too (about 100kb), so it will load fast to your Pronto, which is an advantage when playing around with updated versions. The majority of the pages will give you the possibilty of a direct jump to the other devices, which is another advantage in daily use. Please note that the labels are in semi German/English language as I am a German citizen. I don't think editing this should be a problem. So, It may not look as good as other but it's very functional.
Updated: April 17, 2008  Size: 94kb

For: Philips Pronto NG
By: Steve 'Grog' Burns
Grog's Hard Button Layout
Great for a broken touchscreen! Goals for this layout:
  1. Use hard buttons ONLY for control - yes, it can be done! I was gifted a TSU3500 with a busted touchscreen. Layout on screen is a map of the hard button layout.
  2. High contrast, large buttons on screen for readability. Clear text instead of greyscale bitmaps. Each hard button maps to its one screen button.
  3. Task oriented, e.g. 'Watch DVD' and 'Listen Radio'
  4. Universal 'All Off' and 'Home' buttons that work in all screens
  5. Fast download time to remote / small file size (no fancy bitmaps)
This is the simplest, most functional, least fancy layout I could create. It also works great on my TSU3000 (with a working touchscreen.)
Updated: April 17, 2008  Size: 29kb

For: Philips Pronto NG
By: Phillip Saturday
Phillip's Simple & Easy
A simple but easy layout that works.
Updated: April 17, 2008  Size: 554kb

For: Philips Pronto NG
By: Steve Corder
Malform's Burning Theme
I saw some layouts that used tabs for component pages, and I thought that was a brilliant idea. So here is my latest layout that was made with ease of use in mind, and of course tabs. The style of this setup borrows from some skins I made a few years back called "burning the house down".
Updated: April 17, 2008  Size: 207kb

For: Philips Pronto NG
By: Steve Corder
Malform's Thredz Theme
I know I'm a bit late to be jumping on the tsu3000 customization bandwagon, but I just got mine 2 weeks ago! This is a port from the classic Thredz theme. I knew when I found out there was a remote like the Pronto TSU3000, I would have to get one and make a Thredz theme. This PCF was made only for the TSU3000, but the elements that construct each screen can be easily reconfigured and moved around so that anyone can make their own version of the same idea.
Updated: April 17, 2008  Size: 127kb
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