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For: Philips ProntoPro NG
By: Robert Grim
Grim Cinemas
My PCF file consists of Daniel's bitmaps and a very easy-to-use layout. All devices have their own IR code pages that are hidden in the layout.
Updated: September 04, 2006  Size: 1.09mb

For: Philips Pronto NG
By: JohnL28
John's Multizone PCF Setup
A modified version of Daniel Tonks' excellent TSU3000 configuration. Very strong multi-zone support with access to 11 pieces of equipment from 10 TV's thoughout the house. 95% of the IR codes were generated using makehex and are VERY clean. For the AVR-4306, 95% is the work of Dave Swindell. I added a handful of missing discrete volume controls and cleaned up some duplicates. I also set up a pretty good "surf area" that will access TIVO, DVR, TV stations and also operate the 200-disc CD changer.
Updated: September 04, 2006  Size: 1.05mb

For: Philips Pronto NG
By: Jonathan Schalliol
Jonathan Schalliol's System
A complete system featuring a keyboard for the SlimDevices SqueezeBox and Macros for setting of inputs on three zones. Thanks to johnsfine and Bruce Hartly for all the assistance.
Updated: September 04, 2006  Size: 502kb

For: Philips Pronto NG
By: Torsten Laake
Torsten Laake's System
Here is a small PCF from Germany using various PCF designs from the files area.
Updated: September 04, 2006  Size: 581kb

For: Philips ProntoPro NG
By: Wayne Kramer
Wayne Kramer's Super Minimal
This is my first attempt at a PCF. I did a lot of testing and learned a lot from everyone else's designs, so thanks a ton for that. Clearly this design is heavily influenced by contest entry #3 so props to Brian for it. I have been lurking on Remote Central for the longest time and this is my way of saying thanks.

I have tried to do three things with this design. One, I found most designs to be visually overwhelming so I tried to keep this one as minimal as possible. There is a slight transparency to everything that allows a background image of my old Mitsubishi TV to come thru. Its supper subtle so, I didn't bother changing it when I upgraded my TV last year. Everything was created as squares and rectangles in Photoshop without any outerglows, embossing or drop shadows. I have included 2 PSD templates if anyone wants to modify or update an image.

Two, anyone can use it with no more than 15 seconds of tutoring. I have had the design evolve over the last 2 years and after countless guests and a live in girlfriend, I am very confident of the navigability and flow. I have also kept all of the back end config options of replaced remotes out of the design. I am the only person that... (more)

Updated: September 04, 2006  Size: 1.57mb

For: Philips ProntoPro NG
By: Edward Lee
Edward Lee's ProntoPro PCF
This PCF includes all discretes for the Pioneer 84TXSi (not available from Pioneer at this time) and the Toshiba HD-A1, which will also control the RCA HDDVD player and the Toshiba HDXA1.
Updated: August 01, 2006  Size: 820kb

For: Philips Pronto NG
By: Steve Avery
Steve Avery's PC-Style PCF
PC application menu style overlays screens. Activity based. PVR activity based so curser keys control most relevent function based on whether you are watching live TV or recorded automatically. Uses Daniel's bitmaps.
Updated: August 01, 2006  Size: 344kb

For: Philips ProntoPro NG
By: Scott Slater
Scott Slater's XP Styled Layout
This design uses an XP theme with a Start menu to assist in transitioning to different activities. All On and All Off buttons are always available. Many of the graphics and icons were found in commercial icon packs which I own however a lot of the device control button were borrowed from Daniel's excellent library. This is my second custom layout and my first on my new 7500.
Updated: July 20, 2006  Size: 1.36mb

For: Philips ProntoPro NG
By: Marcus Jones
Marcus Jones' PCF File
I have spent many an evening fiddling with my PCF. Although not one of the most graphical availabe, I have spent a lot of time utilising other peoples PCFs to make my own (THANK YOU ALL!). The longest thing to program was the Bose system. All the PCFs I could find wouldn't work properly so I spent hours searching, downloading and clipping various IR codes to get them to work. The end result? In my opinion the best Bose PCF there is on here, with none of the reported problems with twitchy volume up and down etc, mine is as smooth as a whistle! I have tried to make it as easy as possible for people to use my PCF and "modify" it for their own needs. I have wanted a ProntoPro NG for ages and if it wasn't for this site and its members I would never have taken the pluge and finally got rid of the inferior Harmony 885!
Updated: July 13, 2006  Size: 603kb

For: Philips ProntoPro NG
By: Chris Morse
Chris Morse's Screen Stars
A very simple big buttoned theme that is easily customisable.
Updated: July 11, 2006  Size: 2.34mb
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