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For: Philips ProntoPro NG
By: Gary Hamilton
Gary Hamilton's "Out Of This World" PCF
I wanted to build a monochromatic theme with fairly large buttons, logical and simple approach, mostly symmetrical, and some fun on the way. Intro at start opens drapery and arrives at our home theatre…then you "launch" to Outer Space theme. Worlds “move” when pressed…adding depth to graphic. New SAT channel buttons designed to coordinate with overall “space” theme. I worked hard at making it “guest” proof but I’ve also included an extensive help menu with greatly improved text graphic throughout. All equipment buttons are “aliased” (pro 6000 term) or “linked” (7000 term) to Device Codes folder making it easy to change, upgrade, or compulsively buy something else in the future for the pronto to control! CD covers will be added when extra 16mb are released. Kudos to D. Tonks, Lyndel McGee, & Peter dewildt (just to name a few) for all the great help offered on the Remote Central site.
Updated: December 04, 2004  Size: 2.61mb

For: Philips ProntoPro NG
By: Gary Hamilton
Gary Hamilton's Second PCF
This is my second 7000 PCF design. This time I thought I would work on a design that used the colors found on the remote housing, plus some contrasting color that shows up well in the daytime. The background screen on buttons reminds one of the old tuner "eye" on ancient stereo equipment (now you know I'm over 50) so I call this a retro design. I was unable to get this to work in remote with latest firmware so I use it with V1.6.5. Current menu scrolls across top of screen as choice is implemented. All new button design took the most time because of highlighting. Dishnetwork channel logos (Dallas/Ft.Worth) are included in Themes.
Updated: November 24, 2004  Size: 1.05mb

For: Philips ProntoPro NG
By: Gary Hamilton
Gary Hamilton's Second TSU7500 PCF
This straightforward PCF came about as a result of the need for a design which handles the addition of long strings of text and ongoing button realignment without difficulty. In the past I have concentrated on a customized label for each button because the text looks so much better, but the shear volume of text used in this PCF made the model insupportable. So I ended up settling on a simple button and frame design so that on going additions are made easier. I even developed a simple repositioning graphic (behind the frame) to aid in this constant and frequent process. I then focused on buttons and various frame openings being perfectly aligned so page jumping is visually less tiring and annoying. The priority has become the burgeoning growth of my DVD collection. As if continually adding movie thumbnails to the file and various genres wasn’t enough, I came up with the idea of adding two new search engines! For those who don’t readily recognize the picture on a DVD cover, I added Search by Title and Search by Actor. All of the artwork for this PCF’s design evolved from the needs of the DVD Lobby area and then migrated to the rest of the file for a consistent and professional look... (more)
Updated: July 11, 2006  Size: 9.37mb

For: Philips ProntoPro NG
By: Gary Hamilton
Gary Hamilton's TSU7500 PCF
This time I was inspired by fellow Remote Central Pronto NG community member Lowpro and (in particular) by the way his movie library page functions. I eventually decided to convert my whole PCF to operate in this same manner because it allows me to have all 17 activities and control of my theatre readily at hand without making buttons or text too small. At over 700 PAGES and 300 DEVICES, this design is still simple to use and comes in under 7 megs and 69% free memory! The cosmetics reflect a snazzy PDA / Cell Phone. All of the artwork in the PCF is mine except for a couple of buttons borrowed from Daniel Tonks. PCF includes: complete control of 17 theatre activities; really cool (I think) customized loading pages for each activity; a DVD Library of 500 films (and growing); extensive interactive help screens; cable logo access buttons for Dallas area; an easy to use device teaching menu; X10 lighting control with active graphic of my theatre room and a slideshow area of theatre pictures and family photos. Special thanks and recognition to Lowpro, Lyndel McGee, and the great software upgrades from the Pronto Team. Needless to say, I would never have attempted this without the new shortcuts plus drag and drop provided in the new Pronto Edit software. As Lowpro says, "Enjoy"!
Updated: January 19, 2006  Size: 6.97mb

For: Philips Pronto NG
By: Gary Rodgers
Gary Rodgers's First PCF
This is my first attempt at this. The system is very easy to navigate through. It is almost complete. I have borrowed all of the buttons from others but created my own layout that seems to work really well. The good thing about it is my wife understands it and can now watch the TV when I am not at home.
Updated: September 23, 2003  Size: 583kb

For: Philips Pronto NG
By: Geert Reuvekamp
Geert's System PCF
I created this setup for my Pronto. learn function of my Pronto. It works well, the next step is creating some macros and a television station guide for Holland.
Updated: October 21, 2005  Size: 89kb

For: Philips Pronto NG
By: Gerald Maxwell
Gerald Maxwell's Layout
A neat GUI that I snagged from, so I can't take credit for any of the graphic work other than remote buttons. The rest is a complete file, including macros already set up - simply drop in your IR commands and you "should" be ready to go! Drop a line on the email to let me know what you think... Thanks!
Updated: February 17, 2004  Size: 935kb

For: Philips Pronto NG
By: Gernot Zipperling
Gernot Zipperling's TSU3000
Plain and simple--it's (mainly) in black and white. Although the RU950/TSU3000 can display grayscales I was never really happy with them in point how they look on the RC itself (they DO look better in ProntoEdit, imho) and especially I wasn't happy with the visibility in a semi-dark or dark room (the backlighting doesn't help much, imho). So there are lots of prettier system files, but I did go primarily for usability. The system file is very dry and functional, no gimmicks whatsoever. The file itself is small too (about 100kb), so it will load fast to your Pronto, which is an advantage when playing around with updated versions. The majority of the pages will give you the possibilty of a direct jump to the other devices, which is another advantage in daily use. Please note that the labels are in semi German/English language as I am a German citizen. I don't think editing this should be a problem. So, It may not look as good as other but it's very functional.
Updated: April 17, 2008  Size: 94kb

For: Philips ProntoPro NG
By: Robert Grim
Grim Cinemas
My PCF file consists of Daniel's bitmaps and a very easy-to-use layout. All devices have their own IR code pages that are hidden in the layout.
Updated: September 04, 2006  Size: 1.09mb

For: Philips Pronto NG
By: Steve 'Grog' Burns
Grog's Hard Button Layout
Great for a broken touchscreen! Goals for this layout:
  1. Use hard buttons ONLY for control - yes, it can be done! I was gifted a TSU3500 with a busted touchscreen. Layout on screen is a map of the hard button layout.
  2. High contrast, large buttons on screen for readability. Clear text instead of greyscale bitmaps. Each hard button maps to its one screen button.
  3. Task oriented, e.g. 'Watch DVD' and 'Listen Radio'
  4. Universal 'All Off' and 'Home' buttons that work in all screens
  5. Fast download time to remote / small file size (no fancy bitmaps)
This is the simplest, most functional, least fancy layout I could create. It also works great on my TSU3000 (with a working touchscreen.)
Updated: April 17, 2008  Size: 29kb
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