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For: Philips ProntoPro NG
By: David Shaw
Contest Entry #15: One For All
If you're looking for animations and wild colors, then this PCF is not for you. It was designed with the older generation in mind, with nice big buttons, large text and a simple but effective layout. All buttons have a pressed and released state image. As on all of my PCFs, I have included the cursor buttons on the screen as well as the hard buttons. XaraX was used entirely for the design.
Updated: March 11, 2004  Size: 970kb

For: Philips ProntoPro NG
By: Ari Sinisalo
Contest Entry #20: Blasenkammer
This ProntoPro NG layout is named 'blasenkammer' after an inspiring picture of bubble chamber experiments I found some times ago in the net. (Blasenkammer = bubble chamber auf deutch.) Parts of that picture, heavily edited, are used as background in this layout.

The usability model of my layout is action or mode based and it originates from my ProntoNEO layout that I have found practical among users of different ages (5 - 77). Use of the hard keys at the bottom of the screen (Firm1-Firm4) differs from almost all of the layouts that I have seen. The middle ones are used in all modes to power up, configure and switch down the whole system. I call these buttons green and red buttons (in fact I painted the hard buttons on my ProntoNEO green and red accordingly). Leftmost hard button is used to accees menu functions for main device in current mode. Righmost is used to go back to home page and to re-select the mode.

To start up the system select first from the home (mode) page what you want to do: watch TV (actually DVB or Digi TV), watch DVD, watch VCR or listen to CD. The selected button takes you to mode pages. Note that the system is not automatically turned on. In order to do... (more)

Updated: March 11, 2004  Size: 5.83mb

For: Philips ProntoPro NG
By: David Shaw
Contest Entry #25: Black Lightning
I decided to do something a little different on this PCF! You will find very few buttons that are ovals, circles or rectangles. Each type of button has its own unique shape and shading. Most of the text is on a curve to match its button. Almost every button is semi transparent to some degree using the PNG alpha-transparency. Most buttons have a pressed and released state. The pressed and released buttons are interchangeable, so you could change the color scheme of the PCF by changing these two buttons around.

There are sequences of lightning strikes that can be "animated" into your macros, so it looks like a lightning storm when the macro runs. The cursor buttons are both on the screen and the hard buttons.

Updated: March 11, 2004  Size: 1.96mb

For: Philips ProntoPro NG
By: Nick Satullo
Nick Satullo's Picasso Remote
This is a bad first effort, but I wanted to quickly develop a theme for the TSU7000. So let's call it the Picasso remote (although there is separate artwork for each device, from Picasso, Da Vinci, & Dali). I'm in love with the look of the equipment and the logos. Strange marriage of art and consumer electronics. Each equipment or logo on the Home Pages jumps to the device. Firm1 through Firm4 are devoted to daisy-chained DVD/CD changers with controlling hub.
Updated: January 25, 2004  Size: 1.82mb

For: Philips Pronto NG
By: Mark Smallman
Mark Smallman's S-Club PCF
This is an updated version of my TSU3000 setup. The layout itself contains only basic controls for everyday use of the components. The file also contains macros for all major components as well as discrete codes for the power section and a favourites section for Sky TV. I have borrowed a lot of buttons/elements from other peoples setups including a year 2004 calender. There is also a small photo gallery accessed by one of the hard buttons. The whole thing is based around pictures of three of the female members of the former group S Club 7!
Updated: October 29, 2003  Size: 675kb

For: Philips Pronto NG
By: Scott Siegel
Scott Siegel's TSU3000
This is an updated file of my configuration. I've borrowed several buttons and ideas from others along with some new buttons and original animations of my own. Thanks to those who I've borrowed from.
Updated: September 02, 2003  Size: 430kb

For: Philips Pronto NG
By: Clint E. Simester
Clint Simester's First PCF
This my first attempt at a custom taylored system for my home theater. Nothing fancy, but it will get you around just fine if you're in my HT. It took me about 5 hours on a Sunday afternoon to create and debug. There are no macros yet as I am still learning how the pronto works.
Updated: July 31, 2003  Size: 93kb

For: Philips Pronto NG
By: Richard Strudwick
Richard Strudwick's PCF
A RU950 system setup including a variation of others ideas and some new ideas of my own. Included is a CD album.
Updated: July 31, 2003  Size: 382kb

For: Philips Pronto NG
By: David Shaw
David Shaw's White PCF
This is a "White" version of my Midnite PCF. There have been some new bitmaps added, many modified, and a few minor changes.Just about any page is only 2 or 3 button pushes away. I even used rocker switches for my power on and off buttons! It has been cetified as wife friendly. The PCF has been tested in the 3000 remote and most of the bitmaps had to be darkened for best viewing. There is a lot of difference between the simulator and the actual remote views.
Updated: March 12, 2003  Size: 607kb

For: Philips Pronto NG
By: John Sully
John Sully's "Plain" PCF
This is just a plain vanilla TSU3000 PCF. It uses stock graphics and the stock navigation system.
Updated: March 11, 2003  Size: 57kb
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