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Section A5: Hardware Questions:
Batteries & Docking Station

A5-01   Should I buy the docking station for my remote?

    The answer to this question is completely dependant on your pocketbook. Although it seems that youíll save money by not needing to replace alkaline batteries, the cost of the docking station is far greater than the lifetime cost of batteries the remote would ever use.

    The docking station is a convenience item (no worrying about how much you use the remote or when to replace the batteries) and a stylish place to store your remote when not in use.

A5-02   Why does the remote appear to behave erratically when battery power is still 50%?
    The Pronto does not actually like low battery levels and may begin to behave quite erratically when levels are less than 50% -- even though the low battery caution does not appear until far lower. If remaining power is less than half and you are experiencing problems, I recommend replacing the batteries or recharging the remote immediately.

A5-03   How often should I recharge the remote?
    The rechargeable battery pack uses NiMH batteries, which are much less likely to develop a "memory" problem than the older NiCad style. I have been using one remote since 1998 and it has sat on the charger almost every night since then without any noticeable effect on battery life (and yes, Iíve had it off long enough to know!)

    Whenever you feel like recharging the remote, do so.

A5-04   Why does my rechargeable battery read only half full even when I know it's full?
    This is a known issue on the remote control. If you're sure the battery is fully charged - you've put it on the charger but it stops charging after a few minutes, remove the battery from the remote and then put it back. It should now read full. This condition appears to be triggered by letting the battery levels get fairly low. Instead, always keep your remote topped up every few days. Since it uses a NiMH battery, "memory" effects are very minimal and you should not see any degradation in performance.

    If this does not correct your problem, clean the battery's power contacts with an abrasive erasor, along with the internal battery compartment contacts. You can also try bending the remote's contacts outwards further (but be careful, they can snap off).

A5-05   Why is my desktop charger's light blinking?
    This text does not apply to the Philips ProntoPro, Marantz RC5200, RC9200, or Yamaha RAV-2000:

    The blinking light indicates that there is a bad connection between the charger and the remote control. Often, this is not actually the case. Many brand new Pronto owners report this problem during the first few charges, but find it disappears after a short time. Give it a week or two, the problem should stop.

    If you experience this for a longer time span, try pressing the RESET button on the back of the remote. You may also try reseating the battery. Both of these solutions have been found to also correct another situation where the remote insists the battery is dead even when it is fully charged.

    If your problem continues, try cleaning the remote and battery pack's contacts with an abrasive erasor.

    The following applies to the remote models excluded above:

    Like with the older dock design, a blinking light on the dock for the ProntoPro or RAV-2000 indicates some sort of problem. This could be a charging problem or a communications problem.

    If your remote is not taking a charge, take a close look at the fine pins on the docking station and ensure that none are bent, covered in dirt or corroded. Also look at the remote's connector for similar problems. Blowing out both connectors with compressed air may help the problem. Also ensure that you are docking the remote correctly, and not forcing it.

    A few individuals (including myself) have discovered a ProntoPro, left sitting in the charging station, with the charger's lights blinking. The remote has become extremely hot to the touch and the charger will not shut off. No permanent damage has occurred from this experience, and the remote does not appear to get hot enough to cause a hazard, however if this occurs you should immediatly remove it from the charger and allow it to cool. In my case, the problem happened once and has not repeated in several years since.

A5-06   I already have a docking station, can I buy another rechargeable battery?
    This tip only applies to black & white remotes:

    The answer is yes -- see the price list posted in section A6. Unfortunately, you may pay nearly as much as the street price for the battery and station. Remember that you can use your own rechargeable AA batteries, albeit not with the docking station.

A5-07   My ProntoPro's docking station is dead. Help!
    This tip only applies to docking stations with a multi-pin latching connector:

    First, make sure that the basics are covered: that your AC/DC converter is operating properly, that the cables and connectors are good, and that you have the remote seated properly in the station. If everything checks out, then an internal fuse might have blown.

    Remove the four screws hidden under the station's feet, and gently pry the top case half off of the bottom. There are three plastic latches that need to be detached before the two halves will separate. The fuse is found in the top left corner of the circuit board. It is 125 volts, 1/2 amp. Remove it and take it to an electronics repair shop to find an exact replacement.

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