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Unofficial Philips Pronto/Marantz RC5000 FAQ
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Section B2: Working With ProntoEdit:
Software & Firmware

B2-01   What are the current software versions?

    Current PC software versions as of April 17, 2004:

    US Pronto TS-1000: ProntoEdit v4.0.5
    US Pronto TSU2000: ProntoEdit v4.0.5
    US ProntoPro TSU6000: ProntoEdit v4.0.5
    European Pronto RU890: ProntoEdit v4.0.5
    European Pronto RU940: ProntoEdit v4.0.5
    European Pronto RU970: ProntoEdit v4.0.5
    Marantz RC5000/RC5000i: Touch Screen Setup v2.0.4
    Marantz RC5200/9200: Touch Screen Setup v2.0.4
    Onkyo CHAD USR-5RF: CHAD Edit v1.0.0
    Yamaha RAV-2000: RAVedit v1.0.0

B2-02   What are the current firmware versions?
    Hold down the icon of the Pronto/RC5000 on your remote for three seconds to get to the Setup menu. Screen number three contains the version numbers of the firmware contained on your particular remote.

    Current firmware versions as of July 1, 2004:

    US Pronto TS-1000: App v4.85 / Sys v3.62
    US Pronto TSU2000: APP v5.3 / Sys v4.8
    US ProntoPro TSU6000: APP v1.4 / Sys v1.4
    European Pronto RU890: App v4.85 / Sys v3.62
    European Pronto RU940: App v4.86 / Sys v4.8
    European Pronto RU970: App v1.4 / Sys v1.4
    Marantz RC5000: App v5.2 / Sys v4.92
    Marantz RC5000i: App v5.1 / Sys v4.91
    Marantz RC5200: App v1.4.1 / Sys v1.3.2
    Marantz RC9200: App v1.2.2 / Sys v1.3.1
    Onkyo CHAD USR-5RF: App v1.2 / Sys v1.2
    Yamaha RAV-2000: App v1.0 / Sys v1.0

    All remotes use their own firmware update files. You cannot load the firmware from one remote to another. Be sure when updating that you select the correct model.

    Always check what version of firmware your remote has and compare it to what the PC offers before attempting to upgrade. Very often remotes direct from the factory will have a newer firmware version than is available to download.

B2-03   What are the differences between the various firmware & software versions?
    For the most part, both software packages are identical. However, Philips and Marantz have individually seen fit to include a number of proprietary features which can only be used on their models.

    All Philips Pronto Models:

  • Custom Beeps -- allow for the creation of songs and sound effects which can be run from timers, during macros or just for fun.
  • Timers -- allow for the creation of timers which run a macro at a preconfigured time. This allows for the automation of system functions which do not themselves have timed capabilities.

    Philips Pronto TSU2000 & ProntoPro TSU6000:

  • Code Database -- includes a built-in preprogrammed code database licensed from UEI (makers of the One For All line of remote controls). Note that this database is NOT included with the 2mb RU940 European Pronto.

    All Marantz RC5000 Models:

  • Jumps in Macros -- any number of panel jumps can be placed in a macro sequence, allowing the remote to display various screens while a macro is running. This can also be used for the creation of crude animations.
  • Panel Memory -- users can configure any button to scroll to the last 5 previously accessed panels, or forwards the same number again.
  • Custom Scroll Arrows -- the up/down scroll arrows can have any bitmap assigned to them. This can also be used to effectively hide them, while still having the functionality available to users who know they're there.
  • Disable Device & Macro Menus -- configurable from the remote, the Device and Macro Menus may be disabled. Note that this does not allow for any additional user screen space.
  • Configure Left & Right Buttons in the Macro Menu -- instead of being configured solely for macro functions, the left and right hard buttons can now be assigned to any function in the Macro Menu, as they can be in the Device Menu.

    Marantz RC5200 & RC9200:

  • Supports a larger editable screen -- these sport a compact static interface that allows for a 240x270 pixel editable screen region, instead of the normal 240x219.

    Onkyo CHAD USR-5RF:

  • Functionally identical to Pronto TSU2000 -- but features a brand new user interface and RF capabilities.

    Yamaha RAV-2000:

  • Functionally identical to Pronto TSU2000 -- but features a brand new user interface.

B2-04   I'm told the software will not work with Windows XP. Is this true?
    Although Marantz claims that Touch Screen Setup will not work with Microsoft Windows XP, that is incorrect. They will not provide support for any issues encountered while running under Windows XP, however the software should work without issue. This information applies to all recent software versions describer earlier.

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