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Unofficial Philips Pronto/Marantz RC5000 FAQ
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Section A1: Hardware Questions:
General Description

A1-01   Briefly, what is the Philips Pronto remote?

    The Pronto (and its siblings) are universal learning remote controls that offer large, righ-resolution dot-matrix LCD touchscreen displays along with a number of hard buttons. Their open-ended internal design allows for complete customization of the user interface, providing users with the opportunity to design a remote that's as simple and automated or as complex and "technical" as desired.

A1-02   How many brands and models are there?
    There are currently fourteen models, based around the same Pronto concept:

  • North American 1mb Philips Pronto TS-1000
  • North American 2mb Philips Pronto TSU2000
  • North American 8mb Philips ProntoPro TSU6000
  • European 1mb Philips Pronto SBCRU890
  • European 2mb Philips Pronto SBCRU940
  • European 8mb Philips ProntoPro SBCRU970
  • OEM Philips Pronto (TS1003, sold with Philips HDTV sets only)
  • Worldwide 1mb Marantz RC5000
  • Worldwide 2mb Marantz RC5000i
  • Worldwide 2mb Marantz RC5200
  • Worldwide 8mb Marantz RC9200
  • Worldwide 2mb Onkyo CHAD USR-5RF
  • Worldwide 2mb Yamaha RAV-2000
  • North American / European 2mb Yamaha RAV-2000Z1

A1-03   Approximately how much does it cost?
    Different models of the Pronto come with different capabilities. MSRP prices range from $399 to $1299, although street prices are generally much lower. Black and white remotes go for up to $599, while color models retail for up to $1299. Most models also offer optional accessories.

A1-04   Where can I go to buy one?
A1-05   What are the ProntoNEO and RC3200?
    Even though the ProntoNEO and RC3200 sound similar to their more expensive counterparts, these are in fact totally different products incompatible with the "normal" Pronto's standards. Yes, they can be similarly customized with macros and bitmaps, however these newer models cannot use standard Pronto CCF files (they employ a new NCF format), or Pronto-formatted IR hex codes. Currently, there is no way to convert a CCF to NCF format, or vice versa.

A1-06   What is the Pronto NG and ProntoPro NG?
    The black and white Pronto "Next Generation" TSU3000 and SBC-RU950, along with the color ProntoPro NG TSU7000 and SBR-RU980, are very different remotes from the original Pronto hardware designs. They feature a completely new hardware platform with better screens, additional hard buttons, more memory, USB communications and a wealth of operational enhancements. In other words, progress!

    The software programs ProntoEdit NG and ProntoProEdit NG will be instantly recognizable to original ProntoEdit users, and can import Pronto CCF files and use regular Pronto hex codes. The new models share that distinctive "Pronto" feel that made the originals so popular. If you'd like more information on the Pronto NG, be sure to browse Remote Central for full reviews, a discussion forum, and a completely new file area.

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