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Section B11: Working With ProntoEdit:
Other Functions

B11-01   What is mouse mode for?

    It is for controlling the Philips DVX-8000, a convergence product that combines a computer system, receiver, DVD player and line double in a single package. It can also be used in combination with Philips' infrared keyboard for controlling your current PC with the Pronto.

    You can also use mouse mode as a "clean the screen" button. The only way to exit mouse mode is by pressing the backlight button.

B11-02   Why do my custom beeps not make any sound?
    First, custom beeps cannot be used on the RC5000, even when running the latest firmware. They will be stripped out when downloading to the remote.

    Basically, a beep tone cannot be set to a 100% duty cycle, since on a square wave 100% duty cycle results in a flat line. Set the duty cycle (volume) to no more than 75%.

B11-03   How do I use and activate timers?
    In ProntoEdit or RAVedit: A timer can be configured to run at a certain time on certain days. If the "Weekly" option is not configured the timer will only run for 7 days, unselecting each day as it is run. As long as a timer has enough information -- time, days, action to run -- it is active on the remote. You do not need to press the button to activate it, and there is no way to disable a timer once it is set without modifying the program.

    On the remote: in ProntoEdit or RAVedit, create a new Macro Group on the Macro side of the remote. Right-click over the new group's name and select "Is TimerGroup". Then, create a few panels and add blank buttons on them. Now, each time you select "EDIT" from the Pronto's Mode Menu and then select a button under that group, you can create a new timer and configure it to do whatever you like. In addition, as long as the button is located under the Macro Menu and is the only function for that button, you may edit it on the remote even if it is not located in a "TimerGroup". Since timers can only hold one alias, you should create the macro for the timer to run somewhere else on the remote and alias the timer to that. Note that timers cannot be used on the RC5000.

B11-04   Why won't my timers change to a new page?
    A timer is nothing more than an alias that runs at a certain time. If you recall, aliases cannot execute page jumps. Thus, timers cannot execute page jumps. Timers are completely separate from the button they are stored on, so page jumps configured there will not do anything.

B11-05   Can I password protect pages?
    Although the answer is "no", this function can be easily simulated.

  1. First, hide all pages you want to password protect. This will mean that you can only access them with a direct link from another button.
  2. Next, create a new panel with a keypad on it. Have only one of those button link to "correct panel 2". Have the rest link to "incorrect panel 2" -- except for the first panel, all password panels should also be hidden.
  3. On "correct panel 2" once again only have one button that leads to "correct panel 3", and have the rest lead to "incorrect panel 3". All buttons from "incorrect panel 2" will also lead to "incorrect panel 3". The reason for this is so the user has no idea when they enter an incorrect number.
  4. Continue doing this for however many digits you want the password to be in length.
  5. On the very last panel, link the correct button to the panel you wanted to keep secret.

    If you want, you can get fancy and have asterisks (*) appear at the top of the screen as each digit is entered.

    One major caveat is that hidden panels are not strictly hidden. They are really "scroll-through" panels. This means if every panel under a device or macro group is hidden, you will still be able to access the very first panel. Also, if you return to a device where the last panel accessed was hidden, you will still be able to access it.

B11-06   On Marantz remotes, how can I use the page memory feature?
    In RC5000 Setup v2.0 and newer or Touch Screen Setup, the backwards/forwards page jump feature is selectable from the top of the JUMP menu. Note that you can jump back to a maximum of the last 5 pages, and forwards to a maximum of 9. By using this function in macros you can automate jumping back several pages after stepping the user through a number of questions. This feature is not available for the Pronto or other models.

B11-07   Can I use the built-in database codes with my own custom files?
    Yes, but only with remotes that originally feature a built-in database - these entries will not function on other models. If you want to create a device that uses a specific component, you can merely use ProntoEdit's "Set IR" function to assign the proper codes. But if you're designing layouts for other users to set their own brands with, you can assign the appropriate database functions to each button using the "Non Applicable" brand name, which contains all possible functions. To duplicate the Pronto's "Would you like to program this device?" message, right-click over the device name and select "Needs Programming".

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