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Forum Reorganization & Topics Expansion
Everything you need to know to make the most out of our expanded forum topics.
Posted by Daniel Tonks on November 27, 2009 at 7:09 AM
RC News Story
For the past couple of days I’ve been implementing a major reorganization and expansion of our forum system, into what I hope is a more logical and useful selection of topics and where it will be quicker to find the exact forum you need. There are new boards, renamed boards and top category changes. Here’s a complete rundown of everything that’s new!

Forum category changes.
The biggest changes are with how remote-specific forums have been arranged. Previously there were some remotes brands listed under “Custom Installation World”, two brands that had their own top categories, and the rest were placed under “Other Remote Manufacturers”.

Now, there are exactly two categories where you’ll find dedicated remote control forums: “Professional Remote Controls” for lines that are solely or primarily marketed to custom installation professionals; and “Consumer Remote Brands” for all consumer-oriented models. Other, more general, remote control topics can be found under either “Custom Installation World” or “Consumer Remote Controls”, depending on their target audience.

New forums topics.
I’m pleased to announce the formation of seven all-new forums, to help expand and fill in our topic offerings in much needed areas.

  • The Lost Manual Crew – we know it happens. Finally getting to open up a brand new universal remote control is a truly joyous occasion, so it’s no surprise that the instruction manual disappears the moment you turn your back on it. Don’t worry – The Lost Manual Crew is here to help match you with a manual! Special thanks to new forum moderator djy for agreeing to help out here.

  • Displays & Projectors – the original Home Theater forum has been split into separate audio and video forums, and this complements the audio side by covering everything related to display technology.

  • Graphics & Layout Design – targeted to CI professionals but open to anyone with an artistic side, this new forum is for sharing tips, tricks and techniques for creating the best graphical user interfaces possible. And don’t forget to show off your work in our file area!

  • General Pro Remotes – a forum covering all professionally-oriented remote controls, including manufacturers that don’t already have their own dedicated forums here on RC.

  • The Job Marketplace – need work or a new employee in the Custom Installation or A/V Electronics industries? Post your company’s open positions for free in this new forum!

  • Original Equipment Remotes – love them or hate them, these are the millions of basic universal remote controls that ship every year with televisions, receivers, cable boxes and so forth. Figure out how to make the most of them here.

  • Everything Else – due to an unfortunate naming accident with the Intermission forum, what had originally been meant as a general discussion forum for all RC members has slowly dissolved and then re-congealed into what is now more accurately described as a “fun and games” forum. No worries – here’s a brand new forum for all non-goofy general discussion topics. Learn more about your fellow RC members!

Forum renamings & merges.
A number of forums required name changes to keep up with continuing technology changes, although their general topics remain the same.

  • General Consumer Remotes replaces the former Other Remote Controls. Sure, you can still discuss “other” remote controls here, but this is also a great place for topics relating to multiple brands.

  • iPhone & WM Remote Apps replaces the former PDA Remote Controls. Because the iPhone is the new Palm when it comes to remote control apps!

  • Audio, Receivers & Speakers replaces the former Home Theater, in conjunction with the all-new Displays & Projectors forum.

  • HDTV Reception replaces the former HDTV, Satellite & Cable forum. Same topics, shorter name.

  • HTPCs & Media Servers replaces the former HTPC Remote Controls forum. Because PC remote controls are no longer an issue, but HTPCs and Media Servers... now those are worth talking about.

  • Lighting & Home Control replaces the former X-10 & Home Control, since there are far more systems out there than X-10.

  • Sony Technical Support has been fully merged into the Sony Remote Controls forum, as it no longer made sense to have two separate forums for what was essentially the same topic.

I hope these changes will make things both a little more organized and a little more useful for our valued members!

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