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New User Review Section
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Posted by Daniel Tonks on August 24, 2000 at 1:00 AM
RC News Story
New feature: That's right -- the new feature section I mentioned on Monday is now available online. After a lot of work, Remote Central's Remote Control User Reviews is here to help users share opinions and experiences on a wide variety of popular universal remotes. All reviewers are asked to rate the product on a five-star scale in three categories and write a short (or long) text review. To start with there are around 30 remotes implemented, but if you'd like others added all you need to do is email me. This is by no means a replacement to the message forums -- the User Review section is designed as an archive for only reviews, not question and answer discussions. I hope this new section will be of benefit.

Since it's brand new, I do expect a few bugs. So, if you spot anything that doesn't work or look right, please let me know. I've verified that the somewhat complicated pages look correct in both Internet Explorer and Netscape. You can also email me about things you'd like to see in the user review section -- I appreciate all comments!

CCF files: It's time again for a Pronto/RC5000 file update! New system CCF files are now available from Andrew Pratt, Bill Christian, David Smith, Don Cole, Guido Godrie, Guy Tanner, Marc-Etienne Huneau, Matt Elton, Matthew Taylor, Michael Boyle, Mike Bunting, Patrick Gamet, Richard Adler and Simon Long. Be sure to give them a look!

As for new separate component files, Eric Williams has uploaded a GE 1105P DVD player, Hansjoerg Watzl sent a file for a TechniSat Dresden 1 satellite receiver, Pers sent a Meridian 568 preamp CCF, Steven Montague sent a Philips DVD400AT DVD player, Erik Barry a new file for the ReQuest Multimedia AudioReQuest MP3 jukebox, Luke Henry submitted a Go Video file covering three VCR models, plus Mike Koeske sent codes for the Yamaha DSP-A1000 amplifier. Finally, Andrea Whitlock has updated her DSS logo collection to 178 images, covering both Dish Network and DirecTV channels.

Just a small note about CCF files. If you're using the latest ProntoEdit v1.05 and come across a CCF file that opens up as "invalid", chances are it was created in RC5000 Setup v2.0. The only fix is to download RC5000 Setup, install it, then open the file and re-save as "old format". ProntoEdit v1.05 will then be able to read the file correctly. The next release of ProntoEdit will properly handle new RC5000 Setup files, however I have no idea when it will be available.
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