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URC Atlas - OK/SELECT lock??
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Post 31 made on Thursday October 1, 2009 at 00:57
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August 2009
Here's some more. I didn't need to experiment; the site Edmund linked above lists "upgrades" for all sorts of components. The TV section has lots of upgrades for LG TVs, and LG tends to keep their EFCs constant across models. To see the EFCs, you need to download the program RemoteMaster (free).
You didn't say which setup code you are using with your Atlas, but 0178 or 1178 are probably the best starting points. Actually 1423 mentioned above is better, but I don't think your remote has that.

COMPONENT-1-----034 (typo on your list?
arrow up----------165
Q Menu (duplicate)168
arrow down-------169
POWER ON-------172
HDMI-1-----------174 (different than your list)
Audio level increment-175
POWER OFF------176
Input select sub-menu--178
Audio level decrement---179
channel up--------181
arrow right--------182
vol up-------------183
channel down------185
arrow left----------186
vol down-----------187
AV1 Discrete-------231
Post 32 made on Friday October 2, 2009 at 22:29
Lurking Member
October 2009
On May 9, 2009 at 17:40, The Robman said...
Try these instructions...

1) Press DVD or AUX
2) Press and hold SETUP, 2 flashes
3) Type 994, 2 flashes
4) Press (don't hold) SETUP
5) Type 082 or 00082 (see note below)
6) Press OK/SELECT, 2 flashes

Note: I don't know if your Atlas uses 3 or 5 digit "advanced codes" so you'll need to figure out whether it accepts 082 or 00082

I have the same problem. Damn those new Comcast remotes with the red Ok/Select button. Thanks for the fix Robman. But, does anybody happen to know the IR "Enter" code for a Panasonic DVD-CV47? I've been trying all different codes from 00010 - 00090 and have found other functions which I am documenting but no "enter" function as of yet.

On May 24, 2009 at 16:07, diske said...

Holy crap, did I spend HOURS scouring the internet looking for how to unlock the OK Select Button, WOW! Now my remote sends the OK button commands to the DVD menu.

Hopefully others can link to this page, and add more keyword or comments, so this is the first result people see when searching for how to unlock the Ok Select button.

More keywords: How to unlock the Ok/Select button.

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Post 33 made on Saturday October 3, 2009 at 11:53
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August 2009
What setup code are you using? Ordinarily, you should be using 20490, and the enter key would be 00191. Other setup code (21362, etc.) are Panasonic MIX setup codes, which are typically useful for DVD-VDR or other combo devices.
Post 34 made on Saturday October 3, 2009 at 14:17
Lurking Member
October 2009
Thanks 3FG. That 00191 code was the right one for the enter key. Would you happen to have a link to where you got it from? I would like to be able to see the codes for the other functions just in case I want to program in some of those as well. I was accidentally using my old remote before and thought that other code was the right one but it wasn't. Kind of embarrassing. And yes, I am using the 20490 setup code.
Post 35 made on Saturday October 3, 2009 at 16:15
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August 2009
I'll provide a set of function codes here, but here is how you could do this yourself. There is a wealth of information at [Link:].  There are software tools which are intended to allow you to customize the behavior of the remote by connecting it to a PC via the JP1 connector inside the battery compartment.  One of the tools, called RemoteMaster, will tell you which EFC to use, assuming your DVD or a similar model is in the Files Section.  So you would go to the Software forum, download and install RM, along with files which describe the internal workings of the remote and images of the remote.  (If you are using a cable, you can use the image of the remote to assign functions to a particular key by drag and drop.)  Then you would look in the File Section, Upgrades, DVD, and find instances of Panasonic DVDs.  In this case there is a master file which covers pretty much all Panasonic DVD players, but I have used one which is specific to 5 disc changers.  After downloading the upgrade and opening it in RM, the EFCs are shown.  If you want to try this, please read the sticky in the Beginners Forum entitled Read this First.

Panasonic protocol, device 176
0 249
1 117
2 121
3 119
4 123
5 116
6 120
7 118
8 122
9 245
power 024
AV enhancer 200
FL select 158
Open close 185
Multi remaster 081
Depth enhancer 237
repeat 060
play speed+ 203
play speed - 196
positiom memory 166
cancel 195
ten 2 digit 065
quick replay 067
skip backw 041
skip forw 039
slow backw 180
slow forw 184
stop 181
pause 182
play 055
direct navi 003
play list 189
enter 191
display 127
up 192
down 190
left 194
right 061
return 193
subtitle 129
audio 155
angle page 125
setup 124
play mode 064
slepp 083
zoom 177
Post 36 made on Saturday October 3, 2009 at 21:22
Lurking Member
October 2009
Awesome.  That site is great.  Thanks for the easy to follow instructions.  I am now able to view all of the EFC/5's using Remote Master.  Can I ask you what model dvd player you used and how did you know it was a 5 disc changer?  Was it by any chance the Panasonic DVD-CP72?  That's what I used anyhow.  It seemed to be the most similar.

The JP1.2/3 cable looks really cool.  It's a little pricey for me though as I probably wouldn't get the chance to use it all that often unfortunately.  But man this stuff is fascinating.  Thanks for taking the time to help.

It's funny that you used the "wealth of information" line. LOL. I always tell people there is a wealth of information on the internet and whenever they have a question about anything they should just google it. But I suppose most people aren't willing to invest the time that it would take to research and read everything. Oh well. What can you do?

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Post 37 made on Saturday October 3, 2009 at 21:30
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August 2009
Yes, I used the CP72. It says 5 disc changer on the download page.
Post 38 made on Saturday October 3, 2009 at 21:37
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October 2009
Ahhh. Excellent. I missed that.
Post 39 made on Saturday October 17, 2009 at 04:28
GI J0ker 911
Lurking Member
October 2009
Like tanky, I am having a XBOX 360 problem

Remote: ATLAS OCAP 5 / 1056 (this is the remote for my Timewarner DVR
cable box)
Device I am trying to control: XBOX 360
Code: 1972

I programed my remote under DVD for my XBOX 360 using code 1972, which works for scrolling up, down, left, right, the play will start a DVD but I am unable to select anything else and open it (i.e. Netflix) to start it. I used the steps mdavej provided to get my select/ok to work under DVD but it does nothing that I can tell. I did try the the code tanky used for his remote but his is the 1056B01 model where mine is the 1056. Any help would be accepted with this problem. Thank you.

Also looking for the code for a HCT 32" model HLD-320SW LCD Flat Screen tv. I do not know who makes HCT but I bought it in the USA at a US Army PX and have not seen them sold anywhere but Military PX's (AAFES)


Last edited by GI J0ker 911 on October 17, 2009 04:39.
Post 40 made on Saturday October 17, 2009 at 15:15
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April 2002
See if it accepts DVD code 1708 for the xbox 360?
Post 41 made on Saturday October 17, 2009 at 21:10
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August 2009
I think Edmund is correct that 1708 is better than 1932 for the Xbox 360. The Atlas remote may have the OK/Select key channel locked to the cable button, so using the 994 procedure explained in this thread may be necessary. The two obvious EFCs to try are 035 (should be Select) and 170 (Enter). Follow the insructions to assign a EFC, not the instructions to clear one.

By the way, tanky was using an Xbox rather than a Xbox 360. The IR protocols are completely different, so it is no surprise that what worked for him didn't work for you
Post 42 made on Saturday October 17, 2009 at 23:18
GI J0ker 911
Lurking Member
October 2009
Let me start off by saying thank you to edmund and 3FG for such a quick reply to my post. I changed my code to 1708 as suggested then followed the instructions on reprograming the select / ok button, but some where I messed a step up some how I programed the 0 (zero) key to work as the enter or "A" button for the XBOX 360 which for what I want to use the remote for under DVD for the XBOX 360 it ended up working out fine with me.
So the remote now controls my XBOX 360 just fine the following keys do the following:
Power = On / Off
Exit = "B" (back command)
Play, rewind, FF, Pause, and Stop = Controls DVD and Media Play back functions
0 (zero) = "A" select
Arrows = scrolling functions
These are the only buttons that work for my XBOX 360 the others do nothing at all. But this is all I need for a remote the only fuction that would be nice but not required is the Guide fuction of the 360. But with what I have is great and saved me $45.00 for a XBOX 360 brand remote.
And I was able to get my HCT brand tv programed using the scan function of the remote. So Thank you again you two for your help.

Post 43 made on Sunday October 18, 2009 at 01:09
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August 2009
All right, here is a list of EFCs, which were derived from learned signals from a Xbox 360 remote. Note that in a previous post, using a different list, that I said Enter should be EFC 170. The below list shows Enter as 090, while 170 is said to be the key 100.   Not sure which of these would correlate with Guide, but look at info, title, or DVD menu.
0 018
1 010
2 034
3 026
4 242
5 234
6 002
7 250
8 082
9 074
100 170
vol up 146
vol down 138
mute 066
ch/pg + 162
ch/pg - 154
power 050
enter 090
dvd menu 243
up arrow 194
down arrow 186
left arrow 019
right arrow 011
select 035
display 056
play 130
pause 210
rewind 106
fast fwd 114
stop 202
record 122
input toggle 098
next track 226
prev track 218
open / close 083
A / green 001
B / red 235
X / blue 081
Y / yellow 003
back 027
title 136
start 042
info 058
Post 44 made on Sunday October 18, 2009 at 12:07
GI J0ker 911
Lurking Member
October 2009
Outstanding 3FG, thank you. This has helped me out more then you could imagine. Once I got the hang of programing the remote and figured out the best mapping of keys on the remote your list was invaluable. Thank you so much for the work on this and the speedy posting.
Here is a quick break down of what does what for anyone wanting to program their remote for a XBOX 360.
00241 silver / guide
00001 “A” / green
00235 B / red
00081 X / blue
00003 Y / yellow
00027 Back
00226 next track (next chapter in DVD or media)
00218 prev track (prev chapter in DVD or media)
00241 SILVER = (Guide dashboard)
These where the most important features to me.

Thank you again.

Post 45 made on Monday November 9, 2009 at 16:02
Lurking Member
November 2009
I have a Panasonic th-50px60u plasma tv, and an atlas dvr-1056 remote. I used code 0650 for the television, everything works fine except the select/ok button which reverts to the cable box. I read where i need to do this:
Press TV button
Hold Setup (2 Blinks)
type 994 (2 blinks)
press setup
type code (?)
press select/ok

Problem is i cannot find the code for my television, can some one that knows please help???

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