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There are 718 Black & White System CCFs.
45 authors begin with the letter W.
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For: Philips TS-1000
By: Doug Wolff
Doug Wolff's CCF File
An updated activity-based CCF. All A/V sources are under Devices, and everything else that needs adjustment is under Macro Groups to allow switching back and forth easily when tweaking things. I'm happy to see my old tab gallery (Feb 99) has been useful to others.
Updated: April 30, 2003  Size: 64kb

For: Philips TS-1000
By: Doug Wright
Doug Wright's LCARS Design
This is a complete Star Trek LCARS look and feel system CCF. None of the ones out there had the look I wanted. I borrowed a couple graphics from other users and Vince Maskeeper's Trek theme song from his music CCF.
Updated: January 03, 2003  Size: 38kb

For: Philips TSU2000
By: Drury Woodson
Drury Woodson's Original System
This is a complete, from scratch system (other than the Nudelist graphics, everything is original). All codes were generated and all original device functions (and many discrete ones) are included. Includes a spreadsheet listing all codes and separate device files. My philosphy in creating this file was to make the system simple for everyday use. Check out the readme file for more detail!
Updated: August 13, 2002  Size: 225kb

For: Philips TS-1000
By: Eric Walter
Eric Walter's HTPC System
Complete ccf for HTPC based system. Uses various buttons from CCFs on this site. Includes software controls for Intervideo WinDVD 2.6, Cyberlink PowerDVD 3.0 and dTV 2.1.2.
Updated: March 08, 2001  Size: 46kb

For: Philips TS-1000
By: Gary Werth
Gary Werth's Custom Pronto
Complete CCF with macros on home panels. Unique channel logo set up withborrowed tabs from Daniels CCF that enable easier access to surfing.
Updated: February 28, 2000  Size: 54kb

For: Marantz RC5000i
By: Gary Wiener
Gary Wiener's RC5000i Setup
This is for the user looking for a simple and easy to use layout. Buttons are intuitive and easy to press (not small little designs but rather nice, large buttons). Macros make switching between devices very easy.
Updated: February 19, 2001  Size: 38kb

For: Philips TS-1000
By: George Woods
George Wood's Pronto Configuration
Complete system CCF containing discrete codes for TV, VCR, DVD, & Receiver. All channel logos have been re-sized to fit in a convenient 3x4 grid.
Updated: July 13, 2000  Size: 77kb

For: Philips TSU2000
By: Gilles Willer
Gilles Willer's French CCF
My first CCF file. Please email me with any comments!
Updated: December 16, 2002  Size: 41kb

For: Philips TS-1000
By: Graham Wright
Graham Wright's UK Pronto
Bottom hard buttons are used as pause and play. Thanks to everyone whose panels I've used!
Updated: February 19, 2001  Size: 17kb

For: Philips TS-1000
By: Greg Wilson
Greg Wilson's TAG CCF
A complete system CCF covering the following devices:
Updated: July 01, 2001  Size: 29kb
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