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Philips Pronto TS-1000 Review
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Undocumented User Tips (Base Remote):
  • Assign a macro to a device: An added feature that isn't covered in the manual is that instead of assigning only one signal per device (for example, to switch inputs on the receiver), you can instead assign a complete macro. The normal method to program an item on the Device menu is to hold down the Left or Right button and select the device from the drop-down menu. Instead, hold down both the Left or Right button and the Backlight button. This will bring up the Macro menu, with the name of the macro being the device you selected. Here, all macro features apply with the inclusion of one bonus: the signal you may have previously assigned to that device is still available for use in the Macro.

  • Assign a hard macro button: In addition to assigning a macro to the on-screen soft buttons, you can also use MUTE, CHAN UP/DOWN and VOLUME UP/DOWN. The macro assigned will only be valid for that particular Macro Group, and only while in the Macro Menu. You cannot select the LEFT or RIGHT buttons, as they are already assigned control functions.

  • Cleaning the screen: Since the Pronto activates whenever you touch the LCD, cleaning the screen can result in various undesired operations. Instead of pulling the batteries, try this: turn the unit on and switch to a component that has a hard button with an assigned signal but no active function. For instance, VCR mode and the LEFT button - this send out the "stop" command and has no effect when the VCR is off. While holding this button the Pronto will ignore all soft button commands you make as you wipe the screen with a lint-free cloth. Remember not to use any liquids or abrasive materials as you may damage the LCD.

  • Fourth keyboard: Check your Pronto Application version by holding down the Pronto icon for three sections, then scrolling to the third screen. Is it version 4.1? If so, you're missing out on a fourth letter/symbol keyboard! Using ProntoEdit, select the Update Pronto command from under the Tools menu and follow the instructions. This will upgrade your unit to the latest software revision, which also includes several new features and bug fixes -- it will also correct any strange blocky symbols you may see as button labels from CCF files downloaded over the Internet.

Easter Eggs (Pronto & RC5000):

  • Yes, like all serious programmers, the developers of the Pronto (and, of course, the Marantz RC5000) wanted to leave a personal mark on their product in a fun and interesting way. But in this case they went a bit farther than normal, creating an easter egg that's all that much more amazing. Now, put down that cup of coffee -- this'll be a two-handed operation. Grab your Pronto and follow these steps exactly:

    1. Press and hold the BACKLIGHT key and the LEFT key and the RIGHT key.
    2. While holding those three keys, press and release (in this order): MUTE, CHANNEL+, MUTE, CHANNEL+, VOLUME-.
    3. Release the LEFT and RIGHT keys.
    4. Release the BACKLIGHT key.

    To exit, press the MUTE button. The other hard buttons all have specific functions here, so experiment with them. Just what is this easter egg? You'll simply have to try it out!

    I'd like to give huge thanks to Jan Van Ee for revealing this entertaining little tidbit.

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