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Philips Pronto TS-1000 Review
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Marantz RC5000/RC5000i FAQ:

Marantz RC5000
The RC5000. Click to enlarge. (60kb)
The following is a simple FAQ covering common questions and statements that have been heard when comparing the Marantz RC5000 to the Philips Pronto, plus a few other topics relating specifically to the RC5000 and RC5000i:

  1. "So what's this 'RC5000i' I've been hearing about? What's different between it and the regular RC5000?"

    Since the firmware of the RC5000 and RC5000i support exactly the same features, the only real difference is in the amount of memory. The RC5000 includes 1 megabyte, while the new RC5000i includes 2 megabytes. What does this mean for real-world use? Well, the RC5000 has a total of 380k of user space. The RC5000i has 1404kb. A lot more -- but the majority of users will not need it. It's major benefit would be if you are trying to enter in catalogues for CD jukeboxes. The RC5000i costs $50 more than the regular RC5000.

  2. "I was told by my dealer that the RC5000 is better than the Pronto because it is faster and has more memory."

    Depends. The 1mb Pronto and RC5000 models share the same hardware -- exactly. The only differences are the case color and brand name silkscreened on the outside. In addition, the remote's base feature set is the same. However, the 2mb RC5000i does have about 50% more usable memory than the 2mb Pronto TSU2000, simply because it lacks the built-in database of infrared codes.

  3. "I've heard that the RC5000 has a brighter/different color backlight."
    False. Same answer as above. The Pronto & RC5000 share the exact same LCD screen and aqua-colored backlighting.

  4. "The RC5000 has newer firmware than the Pronto."

    Varies. Currently, the RC5000's APP v5.0 is newer than the Pronto's APP v4.85. However, both feature a number of unique features:

    Pronto: Custom beeps, timers.

    RC5000: Jumps in macros, custom scroll button artwork, backwards & forwards panel memory, ability to shut down the Device & Macro menus, Left & Right hard buttons programmable in Macro Menu.

  5. "If the RC5000 (or Pronto as the case may be) has newer firmware, can't I just update it with the other's PC software?"

    No. Due to internal model tagging you cannot cross-load RC5000 and Pronto firmware. If you do your remote may become inoperational.

  6. "RC5000 Setup is different/better than ProntoEdit."

    False. For all practical purposes, both RC5000 Setup and ProntoEdit are identical. In fact, if you look at the actual file names of the Marantz software you'll find "ProntoEmulator.exe", never mind the fact that Philips Electronics N.V. continues to develop the firmware and PC software for both the RC5000 and Pronto. Currently, the Pronto supports several features that the RC5000 does not, while the RC5000 supports its own set of proprietary functions.

  7. "The RC5000 is a better value than the Pronto."

    Maybe! Although the base cost of the RC5000 is higher, it includes some valuable additions over the Pronto. It already ships with the recharging station and NiMH battery pack. It also features a 3-year warranty (2-years in Europe/Overseas) over the Pronto's included 1-year. The only drawback is that the gold coloring of the RC5000 is painted on, revealing white plastic if you scratch the case, while the Pronto's quasi-blue color is solid throughout. The European Pronto features a silver color painted over gray plastic, plus a 1-year warranty.

  8. "I just flashed the latest Pronto firmware to my RC5000 and I'm now getting a 'Invalid software version' message. How can I fix this?"

    Although in the past the firmware for the Pronto could be cross-loaded on the Marantz RC5000, this is not the case any more. Please do NOT upgrade the RC5000 with Pronto software.

    If you have already tried this you will need to download the latest version of RC5000 Setup and run the "UPDATE RC5000" command from the TOOLS menu. You may then continue to use RC5000 Setup to create and transfer CCF files, no matter which software package they were saved from.

For additional questions and answers, please check the Unofficial Philips Pronto & RC5000 FAQ.

- Daniel Tonks (Remote Central)

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