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Philips PHDVR8L Remote Control Reviewed
Simple learning remote offers control over 8 devices
Posted by Daniel Tonks on December 7, 2005 at 1:00 AM
RC News Story
Philips PHDVR8L Tired of inexpensive universal remote controls that only support 5 or 6 devices? Feel like controlling all of your deviceís functions without reverting back to the original controls? Then the Philips PHDVR8L just might be worth looking at!

This sleek, lightweight learning remote can operate up to 8 different devices and includes features such as infrared learning, macros, a television sleep timer and EL keypad backlighting. Even better, it supports up to 45 functions for each device and also includes advanced DVR buttons. But what level of control does it truly offer?

Iím pleased today to present our complete review of this remote, which is also more readily available as the Philips/Magnavox PMDVR8. As usual the review is packed with detail and photographs Ė so be sure to check it out!

Read all about the PHDVR8L!

Forum updates...
Over the past while Iíve made some significant changes behind-the-scenes to our forum system, which has been built in-house from the ground up. First and most significantly is a complete revamping of our moderation system, which will [eventually] allow the appointment of other moderators to specific forums. Tied in with the new moderation system are two other important features, one of which you may already have noticed: stickies, along with moved threads.

Yes, Iíve finally broken down and added sticky support for important topics. Since I donít want to load up the forums with dozens of stickies Iíve so far only created a few, but if you know of a thread that deserves a special place please do let me know.

Finally, Iíve converted the two remaining ďhard codedĒ dates, quotes and edits, to display properly in your local time zone and clock style preference.

Although there does not appear to be much of an outward difference, in total over 110,000 new characters of code had to be created!

Pronto NG updates...
Late last week Philips released new updates for their Pronto NG series of remotes: the TSU3000, TSU3500, RU950, RU960, TSU7000, TSU7500, RU980 and RU990. That's a lot of remotes!

The black-and-white models have had their firmware updated to v3.9.8, which now features new screen activation controls along with several bug fixes including a macro cancellation issue (macros can no longer be cancelled once they start running), potential double-press freezes, long label truncation, as well as some performance improvements to certain IR code formats including Sony. The ProntoEdit NG software package has also been updated to v3.1.3, although the major change there is just support for the new TSU3500 and RU960.

The color models have had their firmware updated to v3.8.14, with fixes for macro cancellation, double-press freezes and label truncations.

Download the new updates here!

...And finally...
If youíve already taken a glance at the new review youíre probably wondering what in the world is going on Ė well, with that review Iím testing a new look for Remote Central. Itís been some time in development and, yes, it is wider than before. I do apologize to anyone still running in 800 x 600 resolution (upgrade to 1024x768 and youíll be fine!), but with the added width and by utilizing newer techniques Iím able to create a layout thatís more open and modern and easier to maintain. Plus, if your browser properly supports CSS, reviews will finally fit width-wise on a page when printed!

Iíve verified that the design looks correct with Microsoft Internet Explorer v6.0+, Mozilla FireFox v1.0.7 and v1.5, Opera v8.5+ and even the Sony PSPís browser, but if you spot something that doesnít look quite ďrightĒ please do let me know.

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