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Early CEDIA Press Releases Posted
Five press releases on new remotes from Niles, UEI, Philips and Xantech.
Posted by Daniel Tonks on September 5, 2007 at 1:00 AM
RC News Story
Enjoy the latest press releases from new universal remote control products that will be shown at this year's CEDIA Expo... or at least "nearly new" products, as the case tends to be.


Custom installers can now offer control of both whole house audio/video and home theater systems from a single touch screen interface

DENVER, COLORADO – September 6, 2007 – Niles Audio Corporation, The First Name in Custom Installation®, today announced the introduction of the iRemote® TS, an easy to use system control remote with color touch screen. The iRemote TS is an elegant user interface for operating the award-winning IntelliControl® ICS whole house distributed audio/video system and automating sophisticated home theater systems. It employs reliable ZigBee® 2-way wireless technology to provide users with all the necessary metadata to scan, select and play program material from menu-based digital sources, like iPODs®, music servers, HD Radio™, XM® and Sirius® satellite radio, from their whole house audio/video system. It also integrates with Niles HT-MSU home theater main system unit to manage all components in a home theater system including television, home theater receiver and up to 14 additional sources like digital video recorders, DVD players and cable/satellite receivers with the single press of its touch screen interface. With the Niles iRemote TS, custom installation professionals can now offer their clients unified operation of virtually every audio/video component in their home from one elegant and intuitive user interface.

Niles iRemote TS
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“Now Niles IntelliControl ICS customers can control their distributed audio/video system and their home theater from a single color touch screen remote,” said Frank Sterns, president of Niles. “The iRemote TS, HT-MSU and IntelliControl ICS combine to create a completely integrated distributed audio/video and home theater control solution,” Sterns added.

The iRemote TS controls the IntelliControl ICS system and the HT-MSU via reliable ZigBee radio commands. Additionally, it can control non-ZigBee equipped devices via infrared commands which it stores and transmits in sequence to local components such as flat panel televisions, lighting control systems, motorized shades, etc. While the iRemote TS performs complicated control tasks, it is simple to set up and install by professional integrators. Configuration is performed quickly and easily using Niles IntelliFile® 3 wizard-based software. During system configuration, the integrator answers a series of logical questions, after which the iRemote, IntelliControl ICS whole house system and the HT-MSU home theater main system unit are automatically configured. The iRemote TS, HT-MSU and IntelliControl ICS system are on display at the CEDIA Expo in Booth 606 and will be available in January 2008.

Talking Points

  • The MSRP for the iRemote TS is $1,299.95
  • The iRemote TS, HT-MSU and IntelliControl ICS combine to create a completely integrated distributed audio/video and home theater control solution
  • When used in conjunction with the IntelliControl ICS whole house audio/video system, the iRemote TS uses the same menu structure as the Contact wall mount keypad
  • When used in conjunction with the HT-MSU home theater main system unit, the iRemote TS provides one-touch home theater automation
  • The iRemote TS package includes three components: a hand held user interface featuring high-resolution 3.5” color touch screen, a stylish charging station and a power supply
  • The iRemote TS system utilizes ZigBee wireless technology to ensure consistently reliable operation
  • iRemote system setup is accomplished in minimal time using IntelliFile 3 wizard-based software

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Universal Electronics Announces NevoQ50 - Superior A/V System Control in a Simple, Customizable Touch Screen Interface

New addition to the award-winning Nevo® line brings simplicity and economy to intelligent home control devices

CYPRESS, CA September 5, 2007 — Universal Electronics Inc. (NASDAQ:UEIC) today announced three new products for the custom electronics installer: NevoQ50™controller; NevoConnect™ NC-50 base station; and NevoStudio Pro™ programming software. These products are the latest members in the Nevo family of universal control devices and software that intuitively deliver complete audio/visual control for the home. The stylish one-handed controller and base station includes Z-wave™ functionality to enable bi-directional RF control and sensing of home theater and audio entertainment devices as well as traditional IR capability.

NevoQ50 Hand-Held Controller With the introduction of NevoQ50, professional installers will have another Nevo choice to offer consumers along with the advanced NevoSL. Set at an attractive manufacturer suggested price of $699, NevoQ50 brings affordable one-handed control to the custom electronics professional channel. NevoQ50 is designed with a 2.5 inch customizable color touch screen along with thirty-one programmable hard keys, blending form and function in an attractive device consumers and professionals have come to expect from UEI.

Nevo Connect NC-50 Base Station NevoQ50 works seamlessly with the new NevoConnect NC-50, an intelligent base station, to send IR signals, one-way serial output signals, and sense voltage or video state from connected devices. In addition to traditional IR, NevoConnect NC-50 also utilizes Z-Wave bi-directional RF to take full advantage of Z-Wave “mesh networking” technologies, improving range and increasing reliability of signal transmissions. This RF capability allows the controller, in conjunction with the base station, to transmit to hidden equipment behind walls, inside cabinets, or in other rooms.

NevoStudio Pro Programming Software Along with the release of NevoQ50 and NevoConnect NC-50, UEI will also be releasing new installer programming software; NevoStudio Pro. NevoStudio Pro provides professional installers with greater flexibility, faster programming, increased user interface design efficiency, and the ultimate in after-installation service and support. NevoStudio Pro has been updated with an easy wizard interface, simple drag and drop programming, and the ability to generate configuration files for both the remote and base station simultaneously within a single, powerful application.

UEI will also offer other NevoConnect accessories such as video sensors, power sensors, and serial modules to compliment this exciting A/V control system solution.

Recent research from Parks Associates forecasts 20% annual growth until the end of year 2010 for the advanced universal remote control market. “Easy to use, unified control at an affordable price is what the consumer wants,” says Tricia Parks, founder and CEO of Parks Associates. “UEI has taken a big step towards meeting those needs with the NevoQ50.”

“As consumer demand for media entertainment and home control continues to grow and evolve, it is important to constantly offer new products to meet their ongoing needs,” says Ramzi Ammari, vice president of product development for UEI. “Our new products: NevoQ50, NevoConnect NC-50, NevoStudio Pro, and related accessories, demonstrate our ongoing commitment to the customer and the custom installer. We look forward to unveiling these products at CEDIA as we continue to add to our growing portfolio.”

These products are slated to begin shipping in October 2007.

Learn more about the Nevo family of products at

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Philips' Prestigo SRU8015 remote places entertainment lovers in control

DENVER, September 5, 2007 – Philips extends its range of Prestigo premium universal remote controls with the launch of the new SRU8015 model, showcased today at the Custom Electronic Design and Installation Association (CEDIA) EXPO. The SRU8015 can control up to 15 home entertainment devices - including certain HVAC and lighting systems - and includes favorite channel icons that provide instant access to network programs. Combining the features of multiple remotes, the newest member of the Prestigo family boasts an elegant and slender design that complements stylish modern living.

Philips Prestigo SRU8015
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The intelligent device features a full-color, 2" LCD screen and white key backlighting for intuitive navigation. With its advanced on-screen set-up wizard, the universal remote can be programmed without a PC, a complex manual or technical support. Once set up, the rotary control wheel provides simple and instant access to video and audio entertainment.

The FAV button immediately directs users to a favorites screen where up to 100 preferred channel icons can be added from a choice of 400, allowing users to select programs by simply clicking on a channel icon instead of pushing digit keys. By pressing MORE, users can access a page of special functions that ensure all existing remote control functionality is available in the SRU8015. The HOME button provides an icon-based overview of devices that can be controlled or activities to be selected.

Designed to be compatible with future consumer electronics purchases, the Prestigo SRU8015 supports almost any product and easily learns the commands of other remote controls. Just point the Prestigo at any remote and the SRU8015 learns its functions. Users can also enter text to label device names, activities and functions.

"With an ever-increasing number of cutting-edge home entertainment audio and video technologies, consumers expect a simple yet rewarding experience while controlling their devices," said Xavier Delmeiren, general manager Home Control, Philips. "The Prestigo remote range removes the need for multiple remotes through devices that make style statements while offering the ideal balance between high-end functionality, everyday ease-of-use and simplicity in setup."

The Philips Prestigo SRU8015 will be available in October 2007, and will be priced at $179.99.

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Philips expands the Pronto™ portfolio with the new ultra sleek TSU9400 control panel

DENVER, September 5, 2007 – Philips, a world leader in remote controls, is again redefining wireless command with its latest and most dynamic entry yet - the Pronto TSU9400, showcased this week at the 2007 Custom Electronic Design and Installation Association (CEDIA) EXPO. The vertically aligned TSU9400 handles like a classic remote control – but with more functionality. In addition to controlling your audio-video equipment, the control panel can also receive system feedback telling you whether the lights are on or off, whether the temperature is set right or even what the weather is going to be like.

Philips Pronto Professional TSU9400
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The slender and contemporary Pronto TSU9400 features a bright vivid flush-mounted 3.5" QVGA (320X240) color touch screen, ensuring easy readability with personalized backgrounds and graphics. With a bold, aluminum-black design with white back-lit buttons, the controller is styled for the most modern of interiors. The buttons and Pronto logo emit a soft glow giving the TSU9400 an ultra-cool finishing touch when placed in its matching docking station to recharge.

To create the ultimate in customization, the Pronto TSU9400 also comes with the recently updated ProntoEdit Professional™ software. The new editor software makes more efficient use of configurations already programmed, cutting down on repetitive work. For simple programming, the ProntoEdit Professional offers access to one of the largest databases of up-to-date model-number equipment codes. In addition, the editor features one of the most extensive channel icon libraries North America. The built-in channel wizard guides you through the setup of your favorite channels in a matter of minutes.

The latest release of ProntoEdit Professional also features the exclusive ProntoScript programming functionality, which enables two-way real-time interaction and the creation of a dynamic user interface. The TSU9400 can receive feedback from RS232- or IP-controlled devices in real-time, providing an advanced two-way functionality beyond controlling home entertainment and automation systems. In addition, the latest Pronto editor features embedded software modules, enabling out-of-the-box control for Escient FireBall audio and video servers, the Imerge SoundServer S3000 and other XiVA supported music severs (Elan, SpeakerCraft, Xantech, Niles and Revox) as well as Lutron RadioRa lighting systems. For those who would like to integrate a computer, the TSU9400 - like the TSU9600 - can access digital files from any Windows MCE (Media Center Edition) computer. ProntoEdit Professional also supports operations in Microsoft Vista.

To support total home control, multi-room wireless and wired remote control installations, the TSU9400 integrates seamlessly with the two optional extenders: The RFX9400 and the RFX9600. The RFX9400 provides reliable premier Wi-Fi and wired network compatibility along with individual addressable IR ports, while the RFX9600 RS232 output can be hard wired to equipment to ensure commands are carried out exactly as they are programmed. In addition, the RFX9600 boasts power sensing equipment and contact closure for maximum reliability.

The Philips Pronto TSU9400 has a suggested retail price of $899.99.

For further product information, please consult the Philips Pronto website at

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Touch Wheel Control Offers Quick Scrolling Through Menus and Commands

Xantech XTR39 Sylmar, Calif. – September 1, 2007 – Xantech’s new XTR39 is a stylish, yet simple-to-use LCD touch-screen remote control. Unlike other touch screen remote controls, the XTR39 can be used with one hand and offers the end user incredible feel and balance, along with a vivid 3.9-inch brilliant color touch screen that can be personalized - perfect for the home theater environment.

Installed template projects make set-up quick and easy, thanks to the comprehensive built-in database of more than 10,000 unique IR control codes for most audio or video sources and televisions.

The XTR39’s button layout is fully customizable and icons can be created for virtually any function or command. Multiple screen pages allow less frequently used buttons to be concealed. A convenient touch wheel control sets the XTR39 apart, allowing quick scrolling through menus and commands.

“XTR39 allows users to control virtually every major home system from the palm of their hand,” according to Graham Hallett, Xantech’s president. “AV systems, lighting, and climate control systems can all be controlled from the XTR39 in an easy-to-use visual interface.”

The XTR39 uses Universal Dragon™, Xantech’s proprietary programming software. Using the current version of Dragon 2.1 and the installed templates, makes set-up quick and easy. Dragon 2.1 includes a set-up Wizard, which drives the customer through a series of questions about each device the XTR39 is being programmed to control. Dragon also empowers the installer or programmer with more advanced integration needs and nearly endless ways to customize and individualize each XTR39 for each client. Learning IR commands is also easy for older legacy components.

The XTR39 can be combined with the RF2IR base station for advance, no-line-of-sight experience. When coupled with the RF2IR base station, the reach and power of the XTR39 controller becomes endless. The RF2IR base station extends wireless control through walls beyond 100 feet. A single XTR39 can be coupled with up to 256 base stations, making this a formidable control solution. Included are 4 routable emitters, or the integrated Blast IR can send commands to a stack of components. The RF2IR base station also enables the XTR39 to control a myriad of RS232 devices, like projectors, lighting controllers, plasma or LCD televisions with reliable discreet commands.

The XTR39 can also be used as a wireless touch panel interface to Xantech’s best audio and audio/video distribution platforms, the MRC88 and the MRAUDIO8X8. Offering a Graphical User Interface (GUI) on the XTR39 that matches the in-wall LCD touch panels, makes whole-house control of home entertainment or other systems extremely easy for the user to quickly transition back and forth between touch screen controllers. The XTR39 uses Xantech’s proprietary RC68 control codes to improve control reliability when used with a Xantech system.

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