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For: Philips TS-1000
By: Angelo Giaquinto
Angelo Giaquinto's Theater
A complete system CCF file for the following components.
Updated: August 01, 2005  Size: 31kb

For: Philips TSU2000
By: Mike Gibson
Mike Gibson's TSU2000 System
A complete system CCF file based on actions and remotes. This is my first attempt, it has discretes for the 808 sources and pseudo on/off for the Toshiba TV. Some codes and most layouts taken from this site.
Updated: October 02, 2001  Size: 83kb

For: Philips ProntoPro
By: Jason Gillette
Jason Gillette's ProntoPro
Complete CCF using an Intellicontrol and a TSU6000. Includes a CCF with DirecTV logos, and an Intellicontrol file will all source and input macos as well as sync for all sources.
Updated: March 09, 2003  Size: 73kb

For: Philips TS-1000
By: Patrick De Giorgi
Patrick De Giorgi's CCF
A complete system CCF file in French from Switzerland.
Updated: December 21, 2000  Size: 57kb

For: Philips TS-1000
By: Giorgio
Giorgio's Italian Pronto
A complete system CCF based on the map of my house with all components for all rooms. Also includes the complete channel lineup for Argoment.
Updated: May 07, 2001  Size: 28kb

For: Philips TS-1000
By: Guido Godrie
Guido Godrie's Dutch CCF
Update of my CCF with more Dutch TV channel icons. Interface has redesigned Windows style pushbuttons. AutoZAP function on TV (controlled by Ocelot). Teletext and menu support for the TV, and programming and menu support for the VCR. In radio and CD mode it automatically switches to multi source (kitchen), in TV and VCR modes to Dolby surround. All buttons are aliased to a set of panels I placed in a macro group.
Updated: October 09, 2000  Size: 30kb

For: Philips TS-1000
By: Ivan Gonzalez
Ivan's CCF & Jukebox Generator
Basic graphic design borrowed from Daniel Tonks, however I removed the navigation bar on the left and replaced it with tabs on top. Includes a Jukebox Generator developed with Excel plus extensive home automation using Home Vision. Listening mode selector panel shows which speakers will be used graphically, Volume Center uses graphic buttons and Calendar with notes section.
Updated: December 05, 1999  Size: 238kb

For: Philips TS-1000
By: Clive Goodall
Clive Goodall's CCF File
Full CCF file includes control of many components and an easy-to-modify 2000 calendar.
Updated: February 21, 2000  Size: 60kb

For: Onkyo CHAD
By: Nate Goplen
Nate Goplen's Onkyo CHAD
This is a complete working CCF that does everything for you. So simple, my 4 year old boy can work the entire system! (Amazingly enough, so can my wife!) Includes lots of discretes, a full CD list & good DSP control. P.S. Like everyone else, I am claiming no originality on the graphics.
Updated: August 12, 2002  Size: 78kb

For: Philips TS-1000
By: Harvey Gordon
Harvey Gordon's Jukebox CCF
This template contains my complete system. The "Jukebox" device and its' associated macros are used to select a specific disc on my Sony 200 disc Megachanger. This implementation of categories saves rewriting as there is no attempt to alphabetize discs. Also, the use of categories saves the user from scolling through multiple panels.
Updated: March 19, 1999  Size: 67kb
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