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Sony RM-AV3100 Remote Control Review
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Thanks, I wasnít clear on that...
Which leads me into a few of the things that havenít changed. Despite rapid improvement between earlier generations, the preprogrammed code list has been left unchanged from the RM-AV3000. Not even new Sony devices are represented, such as AV2 mode receivers (years overdue), DVD/VCR combo units, or integrated home theater systems. Plus, the two or three bad commands under the bundled X-10 code are still incorrect.

Sony RM-AV3100
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Over the course of several years, a few bugs were discovered in the RM-AV3000. Several of them have been fixed with the RM-AV3100, notably when the remote instantly flashes ďNGĒ during code learning, or where user programming might be lost during excessively quick battery changes (normally a way to prevent programming loss). Still, every gnat may not have been crushed: some users have reported that the RM-AV3100 could lock up on incorrectly learned codes, although I was unable to reproduce this. As a general pointer, always hold the source button down until the remote finishes capturing the signal!

The RM-AV3100ís manual is now 8 pages longer than the RM-AV3000ís. New or updated information has been inserted wherever appropriate, however the awkward, wordy phrasing elsewhere remains identical. And it now tells us a total of 39 times that holding the [Commander Off] button for two seconds during programming will turn the remote off, instead of just 36 times. For instructions that might be easier to digest, try the quick reference manual located at the end of this review.

A second round of final thoughts.
Of course, what also hasnít changed on the RM-AV3100 are all of the previous modelís good points: loads of devices, plenty of macros, timers, strong learning and customizable keys, all wrapped up with a stylish and sturdy design. Thereís something unusually alluring about Sonyís armrest-sized touchscreen remotes... the RM-AV3100 is the kind of remote that not only looks like it should control everything, but actually does!

If you already own the Sony RM-AV3000, there are few reasons to upgrade to the RM-AV3100. Aliases, key macros and snazzier backlighting aside, the two models are virtually identical. If, however, you are shopping for a brand new universal remote control and like how the RM-AV3000 sounds, I recommend that you consider the improved RM-AV3100.

- Daniel Tonks (Remote Central)

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