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Sony RM-AV3000 Remote Control Review
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Sony RM-AV3000
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The RM-AV3000 packs in four IR emitters rated at 32.8 feet (don't you just hate exacting metric-to-imperial conversions) and should be enough for serious device management. Stealing away to our secret test lab, I started off at level one - but why even bother? The RM-AV3000 exhibited absolutely no reduction in control reliability or range. Level 2 once again saw an absolute victory. Level 3 managed to draw a bead of sweat, as a slight restriction in spread, but as long as the remote was pointed in the general direction everything continued to work. Level 4 was more troublesome. If I aimed the remote exactly at the receiver I could obtain approximately 90% command reliability - but since the angle was so limited the final garnered rating is 3.75. That may not set a new benchmark, but it's nevertheless extremely impressive.

Indeed, in unobstructed testing even 15 feet away, with the remote pointed in the complete opposite direction out a door, the receiver still saw everything! Naturally, your footage may vary.

Some decoding necessary.
The quality of Sony's manual seems to have regressed over previous remotes. Yes, all pertinent information is there replete with nice diagrams and step-by-step instructions, but the actual wording is often difficult and confusing to read, with important details hidden in fine print. For example, in reference to timers the manual says:

"Some programs cannot be executed at the set time because the execution time of the remote control output is different depending on the contents of the timer execution. Or, if the execution time arrives while the previous timer program is outputted, the timer program begins after the execution of the previous one. In this case also, the program cannot be executed at the set time. So, set the timer regarding the contents and the duration of the timer execution."

...but could have read...

"When configuring, please note that two timers cannot be programmed to run at the same time. In addition, a timer may not be able to run at the exact time specified if the previous timer is still in the process of executing."

Some information also seems contradictory or repetitive. Three extra-long notations on page 45 appear to say the same thing, but in three dissimilar ways. Study it deeper and you'll discover what's trying to be said. And, do we need to read that holding [Commander Off] during programming will turn the remote off, 36 times? Given a good editor, this 104 page manual could have been half the length!

Fortunately, most of the processes involved in programming the RM-AV3000 are self explanatory - and using the remote afterwards couldn't be simpler. The code list is printed on paper separate from the manual and could be easy to lose. I'm not sure why Sony doesn't incorporate this in the bound manual.

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