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Sony RM-AV3000 Remote Control Review
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Sony RM-AV3000 & RM-AV3100 Features:

Controls up to 18 devices: The RM-AV3000 and RM-AV3100 feature direct hard button access to TV, STB (Set Top Box), VCR, DVD, CD and AMP devices, with additional on-screen access to MD, Tape, Cable Box, DVR, LD (RM-AV3000 only), DAT and Lighting. Devices can be custom labelled with an 8-character name.

Supports 53 commands per device: 13 configurable hard buttons are provided per device, along with 28 LCD squares and 3 pages of 4 LCD buttons featuring customizable text labels. Hard keys include volume, channel and 7 menu access buttons, while LCD-based keys cover television PIP, DVR transport functions, receiver inputs and much more.

Infrared code learning: These remotes can learn nearly 1000 infrared codes from your existing remote controls. Codes can be up to 500kHz in frequency and 300 bits in length, and placed on any key.

Preprogrammed codes: The RM-AV3000 and RM-AV3100 include a database with more than 500 non-Sony preprogrammed code sets for all of the remote’s devices. Device types include cable boxes (digital and analog), CD players, DAT decks, DSS receivers, DVD players, DVRs, LD players, lighting, MD decks, mini systems, receivers, tape decks, televisions, TV/VCR combos and VCRs. A code search feature allows for easy code number discovery.

15 System Control macros: With 3 direct-access System Control macro hard buttons and a further 12 LCD macros – each with up to 32 commands – these remotes are more than capable of automating almost any task. On the RM-AV3100, Sony-specific discrete power codes may be accessed during macro recording.

18 Component Select macros: Similar to System Control macros, Component Select macros will run each time a device is selected (with 0, 1 and 2 second hold time options). These can also contain up to 32 steps and may reference System Control macros. On the RM-AV3100, Component and System macros may reference key macros, extending their length up to a theoretical 128 steps.

12 Timer macros: These macros can be configured to run at a specific time on any day (or days) of the week and, once again, can hold up to 32 steps. Timer macros may also reference System Control and Component Select macros.

Adjustable macro delays: All macros can be customized with an inter-command delay time of 100 through 900 milliseconds, set in 50 millisecond increments.

Favorite channel macros (RM-AV3000 only): LCD Label buttons from TV, STB and Cable devices can be configured with a 4-step favorite channel macro if desired.

Large LCD touchscreen: The remote’s large LCD display supports contrast level adjustment and has an auto-off time of 10 through 30 minutes.

Automatic backlight: The RM-AV3000 includes a bright blue LCD backlight that can automatically activate on any button press. Also available are two brightness levels and an auto-off time adjustable from 1 to 60 seconds. The RM-AV3100 adds 10 brightness levels and a special brightness ramping feature.

Customizable LCD labels: Fixed LCD squares can display one of up to four preset labels, while the four lower LCD Label buttons can each contain an 8-character customized label with uppercase and lowercase letters, number and icons. Up to 258 of these editable buttons are possible.

Hide buttons from view: Unused LCD squares can be hidden during normal operation.

Volume punchthrough: Allows all devices to control either the television or amplifier’s volume controls.

Copy devices: Entire devices can be copied to a new position if you would like them rearranged.

Copy one remote to another: Individual devices or the entire remote can be duplicated wirelessly from one RM-AV3000 or RM-AV3100 to another.

Audible feedback: The “beep” sound on key presses can be enabled or disabled.

Lock the remote: two separate locks prevent changes to the remote’s configuration or use of the remote until a specific key combination is entered.

Memory backup: Maintains settings even when batteries are removed.

Strong IR broadcasting: Four IR emitters ensure a strong and wide infrared beam.

Sony RM-AV3100 Adds:

Key hold time: Absolutely any in-device command key can have a 1 or 2 second hold time applied. This prevents the key from operating until it has been held for that length of time.

Key aliasing: Any key can be set to reference (or “alias”) any other key. This allows device functions to be copied about the remote without learning the command over and over. Changes to the original source button are automatically reflected on all aliased keys.

Key macros: All LCD-based in-device keys can contain a short 4-step macro with commands from any of the RM-AV3100’s other devices.

Micro macros: Similar to key macros, LCD keys may optionally contain a sequence of up to four learned commands.

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