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Sony RM-AV2500 Remote Control Review
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The actual process of turning these multi component devices into normal component keys proved less than straightforward. The RM-AV2500 has fairly strict requirements on what changes can be made to already customized devices: if aliases or learned signals have been added, the preprogrammed code can no longer be changed. Using the built-in “clear all aliased keys” option did indeed indicate that all keys had been reset, but the remote still refused to let me enter a code number. I also had to perform the “clear all learned keys” procedure which, as it turns out, can also be used to reset aliased keys (although resetting aliased keys does not likewise reset learned commands).

Advanced bells & whistles.
One of the RM-AV2500’s more interesting second-tier features is “Channel Macros”. Although essentially a super-light version of “real” macros, channel macros can still prove useful in the right place.

For television, cable and satellite devices, six LCD squares can each have a short 4-step macro assigned. These can be positioned only on keys that normally relate to the six transport functions (which may already be in use depending on your setup), and can only reference the same device’s numeric keypad and [Enter] commands. Unfortunately, not even the label can be customized – you’re stuck with transport-based icons for cable and satellite, or PIP-based ones for television. This is particularly odd since those same six buttons already have straightforward “A” though “F” labels that would have made more sense.

Sony RM-AV2500
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To continue, a special “power on” function can be activated for Sony coded devices, where selecting that device automatically transmits the “Power On” command. This feature only operates independently and cannot be combined with a component macro or learned signal. It is not available for other brands.

If a component has already been set up and you’d like it moved to a different button on the remote, the RM-AV2500 has a procedure to copy the contents of one device to another key. Additionally, if you have multiple RM-AV2500 remotes, it’s possible to transfer all or part of one remote to others. So many of Sony’s high end remotes have come with this feature, but it still only works between identical units – it’s impossible to transfer an RM-AV2100 to an RM-AV2500. If this feature could be improved to work over multiple models, it would provide additional incentive for current owners of older units to buy the latest version. True, features and capabilities do change between units and some sort of capabilities handshake would be needed, but where there’s a will there’s a way!

Really advanced bells & whistles.
In order to prevent accidental use or changes, the RM-AV2500 has two types of locks. The operation lock is activated by holding [Commander Off] and tapping the LCD’s [Power] square. The screen now displays an “Off” symbol and will do nothing until the procedure is repeated. The programming lock is enabled with [Commander Off] and [Muting], followed by pressing the same [Power] key. Until that is repeated, absolutely no setup changes may be made to the remote.

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