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Sony RM-AV2500 Remote Control Review
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Sony RM-AV2500 Features:

Controls up to 12 devices: The RM-AV2500 features direct hard button access to TV, Cable, Satellite, DVR, VCR, Amp, CD, MD, Tape, DVD, M1 and M2.

Supports 42 commands per device: The RM-AV2500 includes 13 configurable hard buttons per device, plus 29 LCD squares. Hard keys include volume plus mute, channel plus recall, and a 5-way cursor with menu and exit buttons. LCD-based keys cover television PIP, DVR transport functions, receiver inputs and much more.

Infrared code learning: The RM-AV2500 can learn up to 528 infrared codes from your existing remote controls. Codes can be up to 500KHz in frequency and 300 bits in length, and placed on any key.

Preprogrammed codes: The RM-AV2500 includes a database with more than 500 non-Sony preprogrammed code sets. Preset codes are included for analog cable boxes, CD players, digital cable boxes, DSS receivers, DVD players, digital video recorders (TiVo and Replay), MD/DAT decks, mini systems, receiver/amplifiers, tape decks, televisions, TV/VCR combos and VCRs. A built-in code search feature allows for easy code number discovery.

Adjustable key hold times: Absolutely any key on the RM-AV2500 can be configured with a hold time delay – meaning that the key will need to be held for 0, 1 or 2 seconds before its contents are transmitted.

12 System Control macros: With 3 direct-access System Control macro hard buttons and a further 9 LCD macros, each with up to 32 commands, the RM-AV2500 is capable of automating almost any task.

12 Component Select macros: Similar to System Control macros, Component Select macros will run each time a device is selected (or if the device key is held for a certain length of time). These may each contain up to 32 steps.

Adjustable macro delays: All macros can be customized with an inter-command delay time of 100 through 900 milliseconds, set in 100 millisecond increments.

Favorite channel macros: Certain LCD-based buttons for the TV, satellite and cable devices can be configured with a 4-step favorite channel macro.

Key aliasing: Any of the RM-AV2500’s in-device buttons can set to reference (or “alias”) another in-device button. This allows you to copy individual functions to multiple devices, without learning the command over and over.

Large LCD touchscreen: The RM-AV2500’s high-contrast LCD display can be configured to automatically switch off after 10 to 90 minutes – or even set to remain on indefinitely.

Automatic backlight: The RM-AV2500’s bright aqua blue LCD backlight can automatically activate on any button press. Also available are 11 brightness levels and an auto off time ranging from 10 to 90 seconds.

Customizable LCD labels: All fixed LCD squares have multiple label options, with up to 4 icons or labels available on each.

Hide buttons from view: Unused LCD squares can be made invisible during normal use.

Volume punchthrough: Allows all devices to control either the television or amplifier’s volume controls.

Copy one remote to another: The entire remote or single devices can be duplicated wirelessly from one RM-AV2500 to another.

Copy devices: If a device isn’t where you’d like it, it can be copied to a new position on the remote.

Audible feedback: The “beep” sound on key presses can be enabled or disabled.

Memory backup: Maintains settings even when batteries are removed.

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