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Sony RM-AV2100 Remote Control Review
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Mamma Mia, more and more macros!
The original AV2000 included three macro or "System Control" buttons, each allowing up to sixteen commands to be played back in order. Recording a macro is as simple as navigating the remote and pressing the buttons you want stored (note that the selection of a new device counts as one command). The only flaw was that macros ran very slowly and that, well, there were only three of them! The AV2100 has addressed the macro shortage concern with the addition of twelve more sixteen command sequences, one on each of the component select buttons. To run them, just hold the key for two seconds Ė during normal use the remote merely changes to the component. A new feature allows for the adjustment of delay intervals between commands and may be set individually for each macro. Options include a speedy 125ms or slower 400ms and 700ms variations, plus a positively plodding 975ms. The original AV2000 ran with approximately 700ms delays. Perhaps as a side effect, all functions appear to operate faster, snappier. Thereís more to this new model than meets the eye.

Sony RM-AV2000
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Instead of a macro, component select buttons can alternatively hold a solitary learned command. Basically unchanged from the AV2000, a single attached command such as "power" or a specific receiver input is broadcast whenever a component button is held firmly. If the button is quickly tapped the attached signal is not sent. This function is almost replaced by the new component macro feature, however it does allow for further customization of single-signal commands since you can now select between "instant" and "two-second" hold options. Sony owners can instead chose to configure the remote to send a discrete "power on" command for that component when it is selected. The system control buttons may also be programmed with a single learned function as an alternative to a full macro sequence.

The macros donít end there! Another new feature allows for between four and six additional macros on either the TV, Cable or Satellite devices, each with a four-command "favorite channel" sequence. These are added to the top right LCD squares, which normally control PIP functions on a television or are otherwise unused on cable and satellite devices. Unfortunately these keys do not have specific "favorite channel" labels and they canít coexist with another function on the same key. So, users not familiar with the remote may suddenly find themselves watching CNN when they attempt to issue the non-existent PIP command.

The AV2100 comes pre-programmed with two macros: SC1 includes discrete "power off" commands for all Sony components, while SC3 includes discrete "power on" commands. If you wish, the remote may also be configured to send the power off macro when the COMMANDER OFF button is held down for three seconds, however it should be noted that this function can only be used on Sony components: there is no way to customize it to include other brands.

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