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Sony RM-AV2100 Remote Control Review
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RM-AV2100 Features:

Controls up to 12 devices: The RM-AV2100 can control up to 12 devices. Buttons are labeled for TV, VCR1, VCR2, VCR3, DVD, Cable/Satellite, Amplifier/Receiver, CD, MD/DAT, Tape A/B, Tuner and DSP components. Components may be reassigned or copied, for instance convert "VCR3" into a second CD player.

15 system control macros: Each can be up to 16 steps long. Three are available at all times on dedicated System Control buttons. Another twelve may be assigned to the Component Select buttons and run when the button is held down for two seconds. Delays between commands may be configured for each macro, to either 125ms, 400ms, 700ms or 925ms.

Favorite channel macros: The "TV", "Cable" and "Satellite" devices can have between four and six short macros with 4 steps aliased to the keypad.

Preprogrammed codes: The RM-AV2100 features a large database of IR codes for a wide variety of devices. The full list is available on the next page.

Code learning: With twice the learning memory of the RM-AV2000, the RM-AV2100 can learn onto any LCD or physical button in any device. Learning frequencies extend up to 500KHz.

Strong IR broadcasting: Four IR transmitters ensure a strong and wide infrared beam.

34 LCD & 22 physical buttons: 33 of the LCD buttons and 5 of the physical buttons have any signal learned to them. Each of the 12 component buttons and 3 system control can have a 16-step macro assigned, as described above, or hold a single learned button.

Dual key assignments: Some LCD buttons can hold a dual-key sequence; for instance INPUT plus a keypad button from 0 to 6 will directly select the input on a Sony television. A similar feature is available for Sony VCRs. For owners of other equipment these keys may still be learned on. For RECORD functions, you may select between an instant REC button, or a safer REC+PLAY combination.

Customize LCD buttons: Each LCD square holds up to four labels. One is displayed according to which component is active. However, you may select which of these labels to display for button that holds a learned code. The RM-AV2100 has a total of 96 possible labels; the RM-AV2000 had 68. You may remove any unused button from view.

Full DSP control: Under DSP mode, the keypad takes on new labels for center, rear and subwoofer volume levels, front and real balance and effect level.

The LCD panel can be adjusted to automatically turn off between 10 and 90 minutes, or left on all the time. The blue backlight can be configured to turn off from 10 to 90 seconds after first activation.

Simple & complex views: The RM-AV2100 allows for "simple" and "complex" displays, where advanced or unneeded buttons are hidden from the simple view. This mode is changed from a dedicated LCD button.

Volume buttons may be configured so they adjust the television’s video for video devices and the receiver’s for audio, or the receiver’s for both. The volume buttons may also be learned over for each component if desired.

The remote may be locked so no changes may be made, or so the remote is completely inoperational until a specific key combination is pressed.

Copy one remote to another: The RMAV2100 can be duplicated to – or from – other remotes with the [T] symbol on them.

Audible feedback: the "beep" sound for all LCD and hard buttons may be enabled or disabled.

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