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Sony RM-AV2100 Remote Control Review
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Twelve little buttons, all in a row.
The AV2100 can control up to twelve separate components, including a double-well cassette deck. Component labels include TV, VCR1, VCR2, VCR3, DVD, Cable/Satellite, Amplifier/Receiver, CD, MD/DAT, Tape A/B, Tuner and DSP. There are two ways to configure the AV2100 to work with your home theater components: using the built-in codes, or learning from an existing remote. The former method should always be explored before using the latter. One of the weaknesses of the previous model was the extremely limited built-in library of infrared codes. Not only were there few brands to choose from, but save for the Sony settings most featured only basic controls. The AV2100 has addressed this concern with a library that now features over 500 component codes, each with more built-in functionality (though itís still fairly limited).

Sony RM-AV2000
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There are two ways to enter pre-programmed codes. The first is by finding the corresponding number on the included brand code sheet, pressing a key combination, then entering the three digit number. A second new method is via code search. Instead of entering a specific number, the channel up/down keys scroll through each code for a particular component. By pressing the POWER button you may test to see if the code works. If it does, pressing ENTER saves the setting and displays the selected code number by blinking the numbers on-screen. Though this option would have been quicker to use if the signal was sent out when the channel buttons were pressed, itís still very handy when youíre not sure which specific code your device uses.

The learning function allows users to enter IR signals for entire components or specific buttons missing from the pre-programmed database by copying them from an existing remote control. Learning is remarkably easy Ė press OFF and the desired component button at the same time, then select the LCD or physical button you would like to learn on. If a button already holds a code it must first be deleted by pressing and holding the RESET button and the desired button. Point the two remotes head to head and hold the source button. The AV2100 will beep, and itís all finished. When finished, press the OFF key and everything is saved.

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