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URC Digital R50 Remote Control Review
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Universal Remote Control Inc. Digital R50 Features:

All hard buttons: the R50 includes a total of 48 hard buttons, 43 of which can hold user programmable functions. Of the five non-programmable buttons, one selects the Main Menu, one jumps to the Favorite Channels section, another two multi-purpose keys generally navigate through LCD pages, and the final one activates the backlighting.

Color LCD screen: The R50 features a 2.0" full-color TFT LCD screen with 176 by 220 resolution. In addition to displaying colorful icons and logos and configuring the remote, the screen also provides soft labels for 6 adjacent hard buttons and 2 lower multi-purpose keys.

Full backlighting: All hard buttons are backlit by soft red LEDs. The automatic timeout for the LCD and backlight can be adjusted between 5 and 60 seconds. The button backlight can be set to activate only when the [Light] button is used, or whenever any button is pressed.

Menu pad: The R50 incorporates a 5-way menu cursor ring with a separate center [Select] button for quick and reliable cursor control.

Standalone programming: All programming for the R50 is done directly on the remote control using wizard-style on-screen setup menus – no computer is required. On-screen tip screens replace the traditional printed user manual.

Controls up to 18 devices: The R50 can operate 18 different devices (additional commands may also be assigned to the Main Menu). Devices can be personalized with a 14 character name and one of 30 graphical icons.

Customizable labels: The 6 LCD-adjacent buttons (3 located on each side) use the screen to display custom 14 character alphanumeric labels, with 7 characters and 2 lines of text.

Full learning: Every user-programmable button can hold an infrared command captured from another remote. Each device supports up to 85 unique commands, split into 37 hard functions plus 8 pages of LCD keys for a further 48 custom-labeled soft functions. That’s up to 1585 learned commands across the remote!

Preprogrammed database: The R50 includes a large built-in database of preprogrammed codes for a wide variety of devices including audio, cable, CD, DVD, DVR, laserdisc, lighting, satellite, tape deck, TV, VCR, Web TV and auxiliary. Preprogrammed codes are selected on-screen by brand name; full search capabilities are also provided.

Full macros: Every user-programmable button can hold a macro with up to 255 steps – that’s up to 1585 macros! Two types of macros are supported: “standard” (macro runs instantly), and “press and hold” (macro runs after the key is held for a length of time). Macros can be assigned to a device to automatically transmit whenever that device is selected.

Favorite channels: The R50’s dedicated [Fav] hard button leads directly to the Favorite Channel section, which holds 48 favorite channel macros across 8 LCD pages. Each macro can operate a different device with up to 10 steps (from the numeric keypad only). Favorite channel buttons can be customized with one of 52 television network logos, or 8 generic colored buttons, along with a text label.

Copy & Paste: Groups of buttons can be “punched through” to operate a different device, for example have all volume buttons operate a receiver. This is available for the two power keys, volume and mute, channel and jump, the nine menu related keys, eight transport keys, plus the numerical keypad.

Hide buttons, pages & devices: The R50 supports hiding various elements from view without affecting their content, including individual buttons, pages of buttons, and entire devices. Functions on hidden elements can still be referenced from other macros, making this an ideal way to hide advanced functions.

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