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Logitech Harmony 1000 Review
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Final thoughts.
Throughout this review I’ve pointed out issues and areas of potential improvement for the Harmony, but it should be understood that these come from someone familiar and comfortable with the programming of advanced universal remote controls using tools that, while less restrictive and typically quicker to use, generally offer no guidance on how to do something or what to do next. These are tools that the average home theater owner would likely find convoluted and exasperating. So, for that average consumer, is the Harmony worth the expense and effort?

It depends on what kind of user you are. In designing the Harmony 1000, it’s almost as if Logitech wanted to package one of their hard buttoned remotes in touchscreen format but took that to mean duplicating those hard buttoned remotes. By using predesigned screens and offering limited user customization of command layouts and functionality, the Harmony 1000 fails to embody the most compelling reasons to buy a touchscreen remote control in the first place. If you have an inkling that you might care whether your devices show the right icon or that you can’t put your DVD player’s “Audio” function somewhere close to the transport controls, you just may find the Harmony 1000 more frustrating than fantastic.

On the other hand, by keeping the number of options and customizations to a minimum Logitech is attempting to ensure that the amount of time and technical prowess required to set up the Harmony is kept in check. While I would prefer that a solution be found where screens could be made more flexible while still avoiding the sometimes bewildering freeform capabilities of competing remotes, much of the reasoning behind Logitech’s decisions is perfectly understandable. The resulting process may not be trouble-free, but should you need a helping hand in setting up the Harmony their customer support will be there. And rather than merely telling you what needs to be done to fix something, they’ll often do it for you.

If you’re set on the Harmony concept but not on touchscreens in general, you may want to look at one of Logitech’s other hard buttoned models where the capabilities are nearly the same, the price is lower, and the customization restrictions make more sense.

The Logitech Harmony 1000 is an entry level color touchscreen remote with attractive pricing that would make a good choice for consumers who aren’t technically savvy, and don’t mind that they’ll have minimal input into how their remote control will look and operate. In the end, even if it takes longer than it should, the Harmony will do exactly what it promises and create simple, reliable operation of your entire home theater system from a single remote control.

- Daniel Tonks (Remote Central)

Logitech Harmony 1000
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