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Logitech Harmony 1000 Review
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Logitech Harmony 1000 Features:

LCD touchscreen: The Harmony 1000 features a bright, 3.5” touch-sensitive LCD display with 320x240 resolution and 65,000 color support.

Backlit hard buttons: A total of 15 hard buttons are provided on the Harmony 1000. 13 of these may contain user-customizable functions. All hard buttons are reverse backlit by blue LEDs.

Online setup: All programming of the Harmony 1000 is accomplished over the Internet. All settings and customizations are stored on Logitech’s servers.

Activity-based concept: The Harmony 1000 was designed with quick “activity” control in mind. Instead of operating your components one by one, the Harmony blends the most commonly used functions from each device into activities such as “Watch TV” or “Listen to Music”. Numerous options allow each activity to be customized to your particular home theater equipment and preferences. Up to 255 activities can be configured on the Harmony.

Automatically configured macros: The Harmony 1000 will automatically create macros to control your equipment’s input and power states. If a device does not support discrete infrared commands, the Harmony’s patented “Smart State Technology” uses internal variables to remember the status of devices.

Preset components: The Harmony 1000’s online database features over 225,000 models of A/V equipment that have been configured for proper operation by Logitech and other Harmony owners.

Code learning: If an appropriate database match cannot be found for a particular piece of electronics, all codes can be manually learned via the learning eye located on the bottom of the remote. In addition, missing commands can be easily filled in using your original equipment remote.

Device control: When the situation demands more than the “commonplace” commands assigned to an activity, the remote offers a special device-based mode with the full complement of controls supported by your equipment. Up to 15 devices can be controlled by the Harmony.

Favorite channels: Up to 24 favorite channels can be assigned to each television viewing device, and may be customized with a user-uploadable station icon.

Built-in help: The on-screen [Help] button will assist users in correcting any power or audio/video synchronization issues.

Rechargeable battery & docking station: The remote’s user-replaceable lithium ion battery is kept recharged when the remote is docked in the bundled charging station.

Pickup sensor: The Harmony 1000 will automatically activate the LCD screen and hard button backlighting whenever the remote is picked up or tilted.

USB interface: The Harmony 1000 includes an industry standard Mini USB port with protective cover, for communications with a PC or Mac.

RF operation: 900Mhz Z-Wave RF technology is utilized by the remote for communications with the optional RF basestation. Note that direct communications with other Z-Wave enabled devices is not possible. The RF basestation offers an integrated wide-area blaster, four separately addressable wired outputs, plus a USB port. Dual emitter cables are provided.

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