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Philips Releases ProntoEdit Professional v2.4.18
Upgrade adds redesigned user interface, gestures, wheel enhancements, UDP communications and more.
Posted by Daniel Tonks on December 16, 2009 at 2:47 PM
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ProntoEdit Professional v2.4.18
Philips has just released a major software and firmware update for their Pronto family of remote controls, including the TSU9300, TSU9400, TSU9600, TSU9800 as well as the RFX9400 and RFX9600 extenders.

The biggest change involves an updated user interface for ProntoEdit Professional, which now supports the simultaneous editing of multiple pages along with movable, resizable and dockable windows. Itís been a long time coming! Other enhancements include improved font style and size selection, reusable macros, customizable actions for the rotary wheel, iPhone-style gesture support, faster file downloads and more dynamic elements for ProntoScript. Also new are UDP network communications and UPnP/DLNA support.

Hereís a complete rundown of everything thatís new, as provided by Philips:

ProntoEdit Professional v2.4.18:
  • Display and editing of multiple pages on a single screen to help with smoother, faster programming workflow.

  • Re-sizeable and dockable window panes to assist in more complex programming tasks, such as, creating user interface graphics. You can also move a pane to an external second monitor to create more space.

  • Re-usable macros; once set up and used, programming macros can be simply stored and re-used when configuring repeated actions in multiple locations in a project.

  • Rotary wheel enhancements; actions can be ascribed to the rotation / counter-rotation of the controllerís rotary wheel eg controlling volume or light levels.

  • Improved font selection; any Windows PC font can now be easily selected and used in PEP2.4.

  • Faster download time; When downloading the configuration file after the first download, the time it takes is significantly reduced.

  • Faster installation of the editor; the installation is not only faster but it provides you also with more options to skip parts like specific galleries.

  • New channel icons; for many countries new channel icons have been added or updated. During the installation you can select which channel icons you wish to have installed in the library.

  • Increased font sizes; now any font size up to 255 is supported.
New ProntoScript Features:
  • Dynamic user interface; PEP2.4 brings improved dynamic graphic (dynamic widgets) and text property control, adjustment and object manipulation through improvements to ProntoScript.

  • Text is now more dynamical as the following text properties can now be changed in ProntoScript: color, font type, font size, bold, italic, alignment.

  • Automatic library inclusion; instead of adding the required library in each activity you can now simply tick the box and it will be included automatically.

  • Scripts can now be contained completely in ProntoScript libraries, allowing easier re-use.

    Important: The PEP2.4 software requires the use of the latest control panel firmware.

Firmware v7.2.22:
  • Rotary wheel enhancements; actions can now be ascribed to the rotation/ counter-rotation of the controllerís rotary wheel, eg for controlling volume or light levels.

  • UPnP/ DLNA; The UPnP/DLNA engine now incorporated into the Pronto platform will make it possible to hook up instantly with other UPnP enabled components. One interesting example is Sonos for which a dedicated ProntoScript module is created.

Firmware ProntoScript Features:
  • Gestures; this feature will allow the creation of an iPhone style interface on any Pronto. Homeowners will be able to adopt a finger-slide approach to Pronto operation, covering a range of common system functions, such as, the super-fast scrolling of song lists and sliding volume control.

  • Network communication with IP-based devices can now be performed using both TCP and UDP transport protocols, allowing control of an even wider range of network-enabled devices. Multicast UDP (used in dynamic discovery protocols such as SSDP or mDNS) is now also available in ProntoScript.

    Important: This firmware also requires an update of the editor to PEP2.4. It is not garuantied to be compatible with PEP1!

Download the new versions from Philips' site, or right here from our own Pronto Professional file area.

For more on the Pronto, visit our Pronto Professional forum.

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I hope this fixes my problem of pronto code data server not starting on Windows 7 64-bit.
What's your exact error? I made a posting in the forum regarding an issue with that (though not Windows 7 or 64-bit related, but it would mysteriously fail to start).
Hi Daniel,

Haven't got the exact error. I would select start on the service and windows would tell me it couldn't start. I uninstalled the previous one and installed latest (v2.4.18). This has fixed the problem completely. Also made a post to this effect in forum on main thread about this version.
Does this also offer an integrated interface to the logitech soundserver?

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